For Every Roger Federer, the World Needs a Rafael Nadal

Rohini IyerSenior Writer INovember 23, 2008

Yin and yang, black and white, and so and so forth. The world is full of such complimentary elements. When it comes to tennis, one pair best models this mystique right now: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Below you'll read why.


1. Seeing a person constantly win does become kind of predictable and the match somehow loses its shine. There needs to be some spicing. So enter Rafa, who can give Roger a run for his money and more rarely have a greater win-loss record against the tennis heartthrob.

2. Every right-handed player needs to be complimented by a left-handed one. Also, it is a case of history repeating itself. Wasn't Bjorn Borg succeeded as the World No. 1 by a left-handed player named John McEnroe?

3. Sir Issac Newton's third law of motion states: "To each and every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." But I say: "To each and every controlled emotion there is an outburst of overflowing emotion." Also, subtlety sometimes needs to be overshadowed by pure and naked aggression.

4. Every artistic and sublime fall to the ground merits a matching fall of absolute tiredness and hard-fought perseverance.

5. Any record equalled demands that an equally tough record be equalled.

6. The level of consistency and mettle contributed makes it absolutely necessary to have a player who can put in the same amount of consistency and mettle on the opposite side.

7. There needs to be no confusion regarding the champions in the natural surfaces: clay and grass. If there is one who rules the grass there has to be one to rule the clay, i.e equal distribution of surfaces.

8. Every kiss to a trophy needs to be counter-balanced by a bite to the same.

9. Sublime and classy shots need accompaniment in the form of ruthless and stubborn ones.

10. And finally and most importantly: "Two's always company" and so we need a Rafa to make a perfect "Awesome Twosome."