Are England Really That Fab Under Capello?

..... .....Correspondent INovember 21, 2008

Most Liverpool fans will tell you they are "Scouse not English." I am one of them; I'm not ignorant toward my place of birth when it comes to the International scene, it just bores me.

The pundits mainly club together and pick England to win the World Cup or the European Championships, so wasn't it nice to watch the Euro's this year knowing England wouldn't go out on penalties at some stage? I'm very glad Spain won, as it meant Fernando Torres' excellent debut season at Liverpool didn't end completely trophyless!

What really gets to me is the likes of Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville, and John Terry playing for England when every week they sneer and scream at their supposed England colleagues. Think of the team you support; could you really cheer your fiercest rivals' horriblest player if they won the World Cup? I couldn't, no way.

The lower-league teams have more of an affinity with the national side, but that's more to do with the fact they don't support very glamorous sides or have little to no success with their respective clubs.

Fabio Capello is a manager whom I admire and respect, and was shocked to see him take on an International job at this stage in his career, especially the England job. If anyone can get this rag tag bunch of prima donnas playing as one then it will be him, if he cannot then there is absolutely no hope for the English football side.

Players like David Beckham coming on for 10 minutes and receiving a full cap is absolutely preposterous, play the full game or even a half or nothing at all. At this rate Beckham will eclipse Peter Shiltons record of 125 caps, with a few meaningless substitute appearances against the likes of Moldova or Liechtenstein.

Then we have the much maligned Lampard/Gerrard debate which has grown so tiresome that it actually makes me feel like screaming. Both are fantastic players but they cannot play in the same side, as the other doesn't know when to attack or defend, which is a big tactical disadvantage. Both should play, so play Gerrard off Rooney, Barry and Lampard in the middle with Ashley Young and David Bentley on the wings. Simple.

How Ashley Young isn't a regular starter for England is a massive joke, and is another reason why I simply cannot fathom the England side. The best players who perform week in, week out aren't given the chance to shine. Instead, their more illustriously bigger named colleagues get the limelight for that 3-0 "drubbing" of San Marino.

Good luck to Fabio, I loved him at AC Milan, Roma, Juventus and Real Madrid but my disregard for the National side remains, despite who manages them.

This isn't a dig at people who support England, good on them, but its more of a statement of club ambitions ruling my heart and my head. Michael Owen is the prime example of why I feel this way, leaving Liverpool to play for a bigger club, winning nothing, coming home to Newcastle to boost his chances to play for England, now football's newest Tampon (in for a week, out for a month) hardly plays, yet has the cheek to be Newcastle captain.

Owen couldn't motivate a carrot. Owen often wonders why he wasn't accepted to the hearts of Liverpool fans like Robbie Fowler was—the difference is simple. Fowler was a Liverpool striker who happened to play for England; Owen was an England striker who happened to play for Liverpool.