Caroline Wozniacki: 4 Reasons World No. 1 Will Finally Win Her 1st Grand Slam

Andrew Dunn@atdu222Correspondent IISeptember 7, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki: 4 Reasons World No. 1 Will Finally Win Her 1st Grand Slam

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    It has been a long time coming for the lovely Caroline Wozniacki.  The current top-ranked woman in the world finished the 2010 US Open in the semifinals and was the runner-up in 2009.

    Every time she gets to the edge of getting her first Grand Slam, she falls just short.  In 2011 so far, she is 53-12 and 288-102 in her career.  No Grand Slam titles exist on her otherwise impressive resume.

    Tonight, Wozniacki will compete in the quarterfinals in Flushing Meadows, having a very tough opponent in Andrea Petkovic.

    I'm here to say now, the title is already in Wozniacki's hands.

Riding the Momentum

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    Having six singles title in 2011, Wozniacki has plenty of success to have built some momentum.

    One of those titles came in the tournament immediately before the US Open, and that tournament was the New Haven.  She dominated in that tournament, not dropping a single set.

    Having that load of confidence in tennis is key.  If Wozniacki's last tournament before the Open had been the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, she'd have been in some trouble, as she was eliminated in the second round.

    However, Wozniacki has plenty of success to keep in the back of her mind.  She's won several tournaments before, and she needs to keep that in mind. 

She Plays Better Than Anyone

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    Given her top world ranking, this reason may seem obvious.  However, just because someone is ranked as the best player in the world doesn't necessarily mean that they play better than everyone else.

    At 5'10" tall, she's a perfect height to play at any point on the court.

    Her backhand is one of the best in the game and is a killer when she drives the ball down the line.

    Her forehand has the power of some of the guys—yeah, it is that good.

    The placement of her serve is constantly on target.

    Wozniacki isn't the top-ranked lady in the world for no reason.  I understand that she's won no Grand Slams, and that is a bit troublesome.

    However, when she plays at her best, there's no one on this planet, or any other, that's beating her.

One of the Best Moving Women

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    The Williams sisters could always win with a power game.

    Martina Hingis had great accuracy.

    Wozniacki has both of those, but her top-notch skill is how well she can move around a tennis court.  She plays so well that she can make any ball into a good shot.

    If there's a cross court shot that most people couldn't get to, you better believe Wozniacki will.

    How do you beat a woman that you can't get the ball by?  In order to get it by her, you almost have to pray you hit the ball to one side of the court while her momentum is still carrying her in another. 

    Any player in this day and age that can chase down a shot is able to win.  Wozniacki does it in every game.

Simply, She's Due

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    At this point in her young career, how can you not cheer for the 21-year-old from Denmark?

    She leaves everything on the court when she plays, giving nothing less than her best every time she steps out to the court. 

    After 18 titles with no Grand Slams, it's time for her to step into the spotlight.  The time of the Williams has past, and it's time for Wozniacki to take her rightful place atop the tennis world.

    She has a tough match tonight against Andrea Petkovic, and if she should win, will have a tough semifinal round against either Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova or Serena Williams.

    No matter what, by the end of the US Open, Caroline Wozniacki will be raising her hands in victory in Flushing Meadows.