WWE: What's Creative Going to Do with NXT Winner Johnny Curtis?

Colin StoneContributor IIIAugust 22, 2011

Poor old Johnny Curtis.

After only two weeks of TV time on SmackDown, it looks like the former NXT winner could have a bit of a non-career in the WWE.

Curtis, who signed a contract with the company in 2006, won NXT Season 4 on March 1st of this year, beating Brodus Clay in the process. For winning NXT, the young wrestler was promised a tag-team title shot with his mentor R-Truth, but due to Truth's heel turn and subsequent breakdown, this never came to fruition.

Johnny Curtis made his first appearance on SmackDown on June 3rd with an unusual promo in which he poured milk over himself, explaining his feelings about the lost tag-team championship match in rather unusual—or stupid—terms. The subsequent promos of the new superstar seemed to be trying to take advantage of the popularity of Zack Ryder's YouTube videos, with references to "getting over" and poor attempts at humour.

These "play on words" promos were more bizarre than funny, and many people wondered when he'd actually wrestle a match.

After two whole months of promos and dark matches, Johnny Curtis finally made his long-awaited debut on August 12 against Mark Henry. He lost in under 54 seconds. And in last week's SmackDown Battle Royal, he was one of the first ones eliminated, just after Trent Barreta and Yoshi Tatsu.

Now, it's still early in Johnny Curtis's career, but it's not looking very promising for him. The man from Maine is still young and probably has a long contract with the company, but it's not exactly the same sort of push that the likes of Sin Cara, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus enjoyed.

His WWE career may well follow the path of former NXT winner Kaval.

Kaval, also known as Low-Ki, won the second season of the wrestling talent competition in the summer of last year, but requested his release after only four months on SmackDown. This was apparently due to Kaval feeling like he wasn't being utilized very well, as most of the matches he took part in he came out on the losing side.

From what I've seen on YouTube, Curtis is a talented wrestler. But at this early stage, WWE may not be wanting to promote young talent as much as they have done in the past. This is a real shame, as Curtis can cut a promo (albeit an unfunny one) and has good wrestling abilities too.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Curtis went down the same road as Kaval.

And that's the truth, 'cos Colin Stone said so!

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