2011 US Open: Why Roger Federer Can Win the Open for a Sixth Time

Haris Karasalihovic@@haristoparisContributor IIJuly 30, 2011

2011 US Open: Why Roger Federer Can Win the Open for a Sixth Time

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    Let's be honest. Federer is not the same maestro or genius at work on the court anymore, but what we saw at the French Open—the least favorite surface of Federer's—was a little flashback of that maestro that dominated the game for so long. 

    If he can translate that into hard court victories during the US Open Series, he'll have a shot at the title in Flushing Meadows.

    That being said, you're about to read five reasons why I think Federer can win the US Open for a record sixth time.

5. Nadal Isn't as Confident as Last Season

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    Last season Rafael Nadal looked like a man on a mission going into the US Open.

    This year, after losing Wimbledon to Djokovic, Nadal's total losses to Djokovic in finals went up to 5.

    That's not a good confidence booster. Nadal looks like a man left behind in the dust. If Federer meets Nadal down the road in the tournament, he'll have a good chance of defeating him. 

4. The Rest of the Field Doesn't Look Too Good

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    You might see an upset or two in this year's US Open championships but I believe Federer won't let that happen to him.

    Federer's mighty focused and players like Roddick and Murray aren't in the best of shape.

    The only REAL problem Federer had this season is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and that took an incredible comeback from two sets to love down at Wimbledon.

    Federer will make sure to learn from his experience at Wimbledon and won't let it happen in New York.

3. His Coach, Paul Annacone, Helped a Former Great in His Late Years

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    When Pete Sampras was getting into the later years of his career, mainly after 2001, Pete recalled Paul Annacone in July of 2002 for a second stint at coaching him to help revive the form he had that helped him win 13 Grand Slams.

    Later that year, Pete won his 14th major at the US Open.

    If Paul Annacone can help one former great, why can't he help Roger on his way to title No. 6? 

2. Roger Has Done It Five Times Already, He Knows How to Get It Done

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    Roger Federer is still hungry and he's still fit enough to compete at the highest level.

    All that's missing is seven great performances on his way to the title.

    Roger's done it before in New York, he knows how to finish the job. Roger's experience should come in handy as time goes on in this year's championships.

    If his fitness stays at the top for those seven matches, expect to see a similar picture come the final weekend of the tournament.

1. Novak Djokovic Lost Only Once This Season, and That Was to Roger Federer

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    No doubt about it, Novak Djokovic is having one of the best years in tennis history.

    There's only one slight blemish in his record this season. A semifinal loss to Roger Federer at the French Open in four hard fought sets. It's not like Djokovic played a bad match; Federer was just the better man on the day.

    If Federer finds the game in him from that match and transfers it to the courts of Flushing Meadows, he's sure to defeat whoever stands in his way at Flushing Meadows.