Notre Dame Is the Parasite of Big East Football

RG YohoCorrespondent INovember 4, 2008

Had Pittsburgh not beaten Notre Dame in football recently, it could have set up another nightmare scenario that would have possibly left the second-place Big East team out of the Gator Bowl in order to take the Fighting Irish. That would have been a travesty.

Once more, Notre Dame would be sticking it to their "good friends" in the Big East.

After Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College defected to the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese was forced to accept Notre Dame as a player in their bowl contract negotiations.

With the future makeup of the conference still in limbo, Tranghese couldn’t have successfully negotiated these bowl tie-ins without the prestige that Notre Dame football could bring to the table.

However, since the addition of Louisville, Cincinnati, and South Florida—and with its string of three straight BCS bowl victories—Big East football has rightfully earned its place among NCAA’s major conferences. They no longer need Notre Dame.

Therefore, I believe Notre Dame should be given an ultimatum by the league and the gutless officials of the NCAA: Get in a conference, or get out of the BCS bowl picture!

Other than their big name, you cannot give me one good reason why Notre Dame should be treated any different than any of the other football independents. Why should these lovable losers from South Bend be granted exclusive BCS status when other non-BCS conferences have to play their way into these games?

In 1995, Notre Dame joined the Big East when they thought the prestige of the conference would help their pathetic roundball program gain some much-needed credibility. They also needed the conference affiliation to get a boost to their non-revenue sports.

However, due to their unrivaled greed and arrogance, the Irish refused to enter the Big East Conference in football.

They were more than willing to siphon off the prestige of the league when it suited their purposes, yet they are unwilling to contribute anything significant to the league in football.

In fact, these parasites of the Big East have made themselves a sweetheart deal that allows them to snatch away prestigious bowl bids from the same conference that they need for everything else.

After they get done licking all of the meat from it, the Irish routinely toss the Big East a bone. Realizing that the rest of the league may be getting a little tired of their arrogance, they grudgingly agree to schedule some football games with the conference.

How magnanimous of the Golden Domers! Perhaps we should all bow down before them.

However, we all know that Notre Dame is pleased to pad their football record by sticking to their slate of service academies. Other than their occasional challenging, nationally-televised game with a big-money school like USC, the Irish want nothing to do with a competitive schedule, the likes of which they would face with a full slate of Big East games.

They have also conspicuously avoided a confrontation with West Virginia, the league’s best team.

The simple fact is that nobody is scared of Notre Dame anymore in football. Of course they have the premier name, the storied history, and the big NBC contract. However, they bring very little else to the table. Their legacy has gone the way of leather helmets.

In fact, Notre Dame needs a conference in football much more than any conference needs Notre Dame!

They simply are not champions anymore—of anything!

It has been over two decades since they won a National Championship. They have never won a BCS bowl. They are not conference champs. They are not bowl champs!

They are simply a parasite that bleeds the Big East conference dry and then steals bowl bids from them in the increasingly rare seasons that the Irish actually win enough games to qualify.

The Big East needs to get serious with Notre Dame!

If I were the commissioner, I would offer the Irish the chance to keep all of the cash from their Notre Dame Broadcasting Company contract. Everything else they must bring to the league.

Should they fail to meet these demands, then I would immediately grant their basketball team and non-revenue sports the same status that they desire for football...independents without a league home. In addition, I would no longer include Notre Dame in any further bowl contract talks.

The Notre Dame football program is a blight on the college football landscape and an insult to every non-BCS conference. They are also a parasite that feeds off the Big East conference and brings absolutely nothing to its host.  

The time has come for the Big East and the NCAA to cut off their feed source!