MMA Knockout of the Day: Dan Henderson Sends Michael Bisping Back to 1776

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2011

At UFC 100 Dan Henderson created a knockout that most casual fans know him by now. Personally, this is one of my favorite knockouts of all-time, and surprisingly I haven't done this yet so let us get to the action.

Henderson and Bisping were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom. So enter here the rivalry between the Colonies and the Crown where Bisping got under the skin of Henderson during the season. 

Henderson patiently waited for the bout to come and stored any and all comebacks for the fight. The fight came and in the second round Henderson set up his beautifully placed, 100 percent American muscle right hand into the chin of Bisping.

On top of that right hand, Henderson sent one more punch to a knocked out Bisping that in Henderson's words "was just to shut him up a little bit."

Now this knockout, and one hilarious picture of Bisping, has set up numerous Photoshopped pictures of Bisping. Like the one of Bisping dressed in true British redcoat attire, one of Bisping playing the part of "Peter Pan" in a play and the picture of Bisping as an overturned turtle.

This knockout earned Henderson Knockout of the Night and many Knockout of the Year honors. Since this fight Henderson has earned the Strikeforce light heavyweight belt and has gone 2-1 with none of those bouts coming in the UFC. Henderson is slated to fight all-time heavyweight great, Fedor Emelianenko on July 30.

Since the knockout, Bisping has gone 4-1 with his only loss coming against Wanderlei Silva. Bisping is coming off of a win against Jorge Rivera at UFC 127 and has left many fans outside of the United Kingdom hoping for someone to pull a Hendo and knock him out.

Bisping is set to fight Jason "Mayhem" Miller at the TUF 14 Finale in December and is coaching alongside Mayhem on this season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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