Biggest Blown Calls in Sports History

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Biggest Blown Calls in Sports History

While sports are meant to feature stellar athletes battling against each other in a match of wits, scratching and clawing for victory, there is often an outside force that affects the outcome...


It's a sad prospect that this neutral party, which is required to be fair and follow the rulebook, can greatly influence the outcome of a game.

In history, and seemingly in a plethora of crucial moments, these officials have chosen to ignore the rules, or perhaps just lose their sight, and blow a call that results in a significantly different conclusion.

The only solution seems to be superfluous replay technology, which ultimately eliminates the human element.

But that facet of sports is important, albeit imperfect, and clogging sports with excessive technology seems counter-traditional.

Perhaps it's time for an infusion of more focused officials to call these games.

Here are the 50 biggest blown calls in sports history.


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