Tiger Woods and the 11 Most Jacked Golfers on the PGA Tour

John BurkeContributor IJune 22, 2011

Tiger Woods and the 11 Most Jacked Golfers on the PGA Tour

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    Golf has changed a lot in a short period of time. 

    Until Tiger Woods came on tour, golfers were the "athletes" who smoked cigarettes and drank beer. 

    Tiger had an entirely new mindset for a golfer. He worked out and made his physical appearance important to him.

    And when he started winning almost everything in sight, other golfers followed in his footsteps.

    Now, one does not need to look far to see golfers who are absolutely jacked. 

    Here are 11 most jacked golfers on the PGA tour!

11. Pat Perez

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    Pat Perez always seems huge when I watch him play golf. 

    All I know for certain is that Perez is strong enough to snap an iron over his leg. And that is strong enough for me. 

10. Will Mackenzie

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    Will Mackenzie is a golfer whose strength is underrated.

    Mackenzie followed an interesting path to the PGA Tour, from living out of a cave to snow board to spending three months surfing in Costa Rica, Mackenzie has seen it all. 

    I'm guessing the 30-plus days in the Alaska cave snow boarding and rock climbing developed his strength. 

9. JB Holmes

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    A country boy at heart, JB Holmes is pure country strong.

    Born and raised in Kentucky, Holmes first played varsity golf while in the third grade.

    Yes, the third grade! I was still trying to master addition and Holmes was playing golf against 18-year-olds.

8. Dustin Johnson

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    For a player who is tall and lanky, Dustin Johnson is darn strong.

    Next time you watch Johnson play, take notice to how built his upper body it is. It is actually quite impressive. 

    Now if he could only find a way to hold it together in a major...

7. Paul Casey

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    At only 5'10", Paul Casey is often over looked when it comes to the strongest players on tour. 

    But the fact of the matter is Casey is pretty jacked. I never really noticed until I saw him up close at the 2009 PGA Championship. 

    Since then, Casey has stayed near the top of my list of strongest players on tour. 

6. Gary Woodland

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    At 6'1'' and 200 pounds, Gary Woodland is a lot of muscle.

    Originally a collegiate basketball player, it is evident that Woodland spent a lot of time in the gym. From his legs to his arms, he is absolutely jacked.

    The time in the gym has obviously paid off by providing Woodland with a lot of success in the 2011 season.

5. Lee Westwood

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    Watching this past week's U.S. Open, I was shocked to see how ripped Lee Westwood has become recently.

    From what I have learned, Westwood started focus on fitness around the same time he took his game to the next level. Clearly all the time with the weights has done Westwood well.

    He may be the thickest guy on tour. And I don't mean fat. I mean built-like-a-truck pure muscle thick.  

4. Y.E. Yang

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    Y.E. Yang's first dream was not to become a professional golfer. Instead, he wanted to become a bodybuilder and open his own gym.

    A knee injury ended those dreams, and when his brother told him to try golf Yang did. Yang kept much of his strength as he made his way to the professional ranks, making him one of the most jacked golfers on the PGA Tour.

3. KJ Choi

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    Before playing golf, Choi was nicknamed the "Tank" by many in Korea.

    The reason?

    He could squat 350 pounds as a 95-pound 13-year-old! Sounds like reason enough to name someone the "Tank."

2. Camilo Villegas

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    I apologize for the picture. It makes me uncomfortable too. 

    But it shows how jacked Camilo Villegas is very well. His arms, his abs, his everything is absolutely ripped. 

1. Tiger Woods

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    It is only fitting that the man who started the fitness craze on tour is also the most jacked. 

    His workout routine is reportedly extremely difficult. Judging by how his body looks, I would tend to agree.