WWE's Animated Universe: 10 WWE Superstars and Their Comic Book Counterparts

RiZESenior Writer IJune 10, 2011

WWE's Animated Universe: 10 WWE Superstars and Their Comic Book Counterparts

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    The actions of a WWE Superstar are subject to debates, criticism, and ultimately, praise by the WWE Universe. From gimmicks to in-ring antics, WWE Superstars are subject to some form of discussion with each weekly show. At times, fans tend to compare WWE Superstars to other things of equal significance.

    From Superstars of the past to celebrities, musicians, and actors, the WWE Superstars receive a fair amount of air time from fans across the globe.

    Recently, there has been a different kind of comparison.

    Instead of actual people, the WWE Universe has compared numerous WWE Superstars to characters in comic books.  Having recently noticed these unique comparisons, I’ve created this slideshow to display comic book characters in their WWE counterparts.

    These comparisons are based on appearance, similarities in story lines, or actions of the WWE Superstar.

    This list will not disappoint! And the first pick is…

John Cena, Superman

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    Arguably the most discussed and obvious pick on this list, John Cena and Superman.

    Superman is an indestructible super being with the power to destroy anything in his path. Arguably the greatest comic book hero of all time, Clark Kent normally finds himself at the center of plans to destroy humanity. The mild-mannered news reporter springs into action with his famous blue, red, and yellow tights.

    Like I stated above, Kent often finds himself at the center of controversy. Even in dire straits, Superman recovers and disrupts the plans of his foe.

    What trait does Clark Kent and John Cena share?

    Both are seemingly indestructible. John Cena has the tendency to snatch a victory in the jaws of defeat. Simply put, Cena can receive the beating of his life and ultimately recover and prevail.

    Just like Clark Kent.

    Like Kent, Cena is the center of attention in each situation. He’s a kid's dream and ultimately their hero.

    The comparisons are endless!

John Morrison, Spiderman

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    Another obvious pick on this list is John Morrison and the mildly mannered Peter Parker.

    If Superman isn’t the greatest hero of all time, Spiderman is. The vengeful teenager has become a cultural icon with his numerous abilities. From the signature red-and-blue suit to the spider-like abilities, anyone who’s anyone knows who Spiderman is.

    The question is, why does John Morrison deserve to be spoken in the same light as Peter Parker?

    Because of the abilities both men share. Spiderman is known for his strength and agility. Recently, John Morrison has become the center of numerous pay-per-view spots. Whether it’s sticking to the barricade like Spiderman or climbing to the top of the Elimination Chamber, Morrison’s antics are undoubtedly those of Spiderman.

    Morrison’s Parkour training has aided him in those stunts.

Vince McMahon, the Kingpin

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    Wilson Fisk and Vince McMahon share an incredible amount of similarities.

    The Kingpin is a calculating, cold-hearted, rich tyrant who has no sympathy for any of his victims. If a character were to cross Fisk, the price they paid was unbearable. Vince McMahon portrays a similar character on screen. McMahon and Fisk both follow in the footsteps of their fathers.

    While Kingpin is a crime lord (as is his father), Vince McMahon is a sports promoter like his father.

    Both men are in peak physical shape, despite their age.

    They also form rivalries with other significant members of their universe. The Kingpin has battled DareDevil, Spiderman, and the Punisher, while Vince McMahon has partaken in numerous rivalries with Stone Cold, The Rock and Degeneration X.

    Both have fathered sons that tend to side with good or evil on numerous occasions. 

Kofi Kingston, Static

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    Virgil Ovid Hawkins and Kofi Kingston share one thing at first look:


    Kofi Kingston is a Ghanaian native, but the signature hair style and facial features can spark an immediate comparison to Static. Both utilize explosive antics and flashy attitudes. While Kofi doesn’t speak as much as Static, he and his counterpart share a number of traits.

    Both are African Americans, and were primarily intended as alternatives for other audiences. Static was molded after Spiderman, but was obviously created for the African American audience. Kofi has become an alternative for John Morrison since his injury, as both share similar high-flying styles.

    Both are self-professed geeks. Despite his age, Kofi enjoys comics and video games, as does Static.

CM Punk, Deadpool

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    By now, I’m positive that most are wondering why CM Punk isn’t being compared to Batman.

    I’m also positive that the majority have no idea who Deadpool is.

    Wade Wilson is a mentally unstable, disfigured, anti hero with an explosive attitude. Deadpool is famous for his talkative nature and abilities other characters have yet to possess.  Wilson is a comedic character with an attitude very similar to that of CM Punk.

    Need I say more?

Jack Swagger, Captain America

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    Jack Swagger and Steve Rogers are one and the same.  Two of the most patriotic characters in history, Swagger and Rogers are famous for their love for the United States. The All-American American often sports his signature red, white and blue attire, as does Rogers.

    They share a similar physique and appearance.

    Swagger and Rogers are both blondes. Rogers was a skinny teenager until intervention by the U.S. Government. Unlike most, Rogers doesn’t possess any superhuman abilities.  He’s the perfect combination of strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and durability.

    All of these qualities are shared with Jack Swagger.

    Two true American heroes.

Ted DiBiase, Harry Osborn

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    The number of things Ted DiBiase and Harry Osborn share are astounding.

    First of all, both are sons of multimillionaires in Ted DiBiase Sr. and Norman Osborn. In earlier times, both spent enormous amounts of time attempting to win the approval of their fathers.  It can also be argued that both are often spoiled by their fathers.

    Osborn and DiBiase are determined to follow in the footsteps of their dads.

    Ted DiBiase Sr. became one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE History. Norman Osborn became the green goblin and the arch nemesis of Spiderman.

    Harry becomes the new goblin, while Ted DiBiase is currently living his dream in the WWE.

Alex Riley, Eddie Brock

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    Eddie Brock and Alex Riley are also two of a kind.

    Riley and Brock were both exceptional athletes in their youth.  Both played football in college, although Eddie Brock changed his major to pursue a career in journalism. Alex Riley played football for Boston College and didn’t pursue a career in football after college.

    Eddie Brock is considered highly talented by his peers, as is Alex Riley.

    Both began as evil characters but gradually changed due to numerous factors. Spiderman was Brock’s biggest foe but the two have teamed up as of late. Alex Riley was one of John Cena’s biggest enemies but the two were a part of a tag-team match this past Monday.

Christian, Robin

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    Christian and Robin (Dick Grayson) share the distinct placing of being the sidekick. While they both will always be praised and remembered for their time with Edge and Batman, most fans will never hold either in the same regard as their teammates.

    They’ll always be recognized as second-rate by the majority.

    Grayson and Christian eventually leave their friends' shadows with the creation of Nightwing and Captain Charisma. Both spend the earlier years of their characters' lives in obscurity. Despite leaving Edge and Batman’s side, they were still considered knockoffs compared to them.

    As of late, both have momentarily stepped into the roles of Edge and Batman.

    Christian temporarily replaced Edge as the top face of SmackDown while Grayson has stepped into the role of Batman due to the death of Bruce Wayne.

Zack Ryder, Johnny Storm

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    Zack Ryder and Johnny Storm share a number of awkward similarities. It’s no secret that Ryder is from Long Island, as his nickname is “Long Island Iced Z.”   Johnny Storm was also born in Long Island. Storm is from a fictional Long Island suburban town, Glenville.

    Like Ryder, Long Island is currently Storm’s primary place of residence.

    The Human Torch and Zack Ryder share a number of physical similarities. Both are muscular blondes infamous for their flamboyant style. Storm and Ryder share a similar taste for comedy, shown in their attitudes and talkative natures.

    Like Storm, Ryder was a part of a group.

    While Storm obviously has the Fantastic Four, Ryder was a part of the La Familia stable.

    The irony!


Prologue: This Is Just the Beginning

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    This is just the beginning. Due to overwhelming comparisons, I’ve limited this slideshow to ten until part two is properly prepared.

    See you when I release part two!