Randy Savage: 5 Reasons He's One of Wrestling's Most Beloved Stars Ever

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2011

Randy Savage: 5 Reasons He's One of Wrestling's Most Beloved Stars Ever

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    The wrestling world is still mourning the loss of Randy "Macho Man" Savage due to a medical event and car crash that he suffered last Friday morning while driving in Florida with his wife Lynn. While there are still so many questions that fans want answers to, this is a time to look back and reflect on what made this man one of the greatest and most beloved wrestlers ever.

    While it would be nearly impossible to fit all the reasons that Savage was so special as a wrestling performer into one tight-knit little ball, I can give you a few reasons that he was so great as a wrestler.

    Savage was never the top star when he was in WWF because Hulk Hogan was there, and there was no way the Hulkster was going to let anyone take his spot, but of all the people that worked in WWF in the 1980s, no one was a better overall performer than the Macho Man.

    Outside the wrestling world Savage was able to crossover into the mainstream thanks to movie roles, like his memorable appearance in Spider-Man, and the Slim Jim commercials which he was a part of for years. 

    There are so many reasons that wrestling fans loved Randy Savage, but here are the five biggest reasons that he was one of the best and most beloved stars in wrestling history.

Reason No. 1: The Wild and Crazy Outfits

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    One of the great things about professional wrestling, specifically WWF, in the 1980's was the over-the-top outfits that all of the performers were wearing. And no one had a more eccentric wardrobe than the Macho Man.

    It started with the wraparound sunglasses and the bandanna. Then there was the over the top coat, which covered up all the fringe colors of his wrestling tights until he got into the ring.

    Some guys' careers are affected negatively by having too many over-the-top wardrobes, and the fans turn on them because of it. But Savage made the wacky get-up work for him. It was a reflection of his character, and no one wore crazy outfits better than he did throughout his career.

Reason No. 2: Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

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    The Randy Savage-Miss Elizabeth dynamic was one of the best in wrestling history. They were such a great couple that it made the news of their real life divorce in 1992 all the more difficult to handle.

    One of the best moments in WWF history occurred at WrestleMania VII. It was a "retirement" match between Randy Savage, who had Sensational Sherry in his corner, and Ultimate Warrior. Miss Elizabeth was sitting in the crowd watching the match.

    After Savage lost, Sherry got in the ring and started beating him up. This went on for a few minutes until Elizabeth ran into the ring and threw Sherry out of the ring. Savage got up, looked around and saw Elizabeth standing in the ring. The two hugged and the crowd exploded. It is hard for anyone to not shed a tear or two after watching that match and seeing that moment.

    Side Note: It really speaks to how good Savage was because that match with Warrior was really fantastic. It was probably the best match Warrior had in his entire career.

Reason No. 3: Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III

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    Whenever you think of Randy Savage, one of the first things that pops into your mind is the match with Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III.

    This match really changed wrestling and WrestleMania forever. This was the first WWF match that really featured any kind of psychology and a back-and-forth dynamic between two competitors.

    The one highlight everyone remembers from this event is Hulk Hogan bodyslamming Andre The Giant, but the Steamboat-Savage match was really the most important thing that happened at WrestleMania III.

Reason No. 4: The Mega Powers Explode

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    The match between Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania V was the culmination of the greatest storyline in the history of WWF/E.

    It all started at WrestleMania IV, when Savage won the WWF title and Hogan, who was in Savage's corner, was so happy that he celebrated by picking up Elizabeth. Savage gave him a look like "What are you doing?" and that was it.

    They dragged the whole thing out for one year until Savage and Hogan finally squared off on the biggest stage wrestling had to offer.

Reason No. 5: The Slim Jim Commercials

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    Randy Savage crossed over into the mainstream thanks to his fantastic work with Slim Jim. He was such an over-the-top character in the wrestling world, and that personality meshed beautifully with the kind of zany over-the-top commercials that Slim Jim created.

    He was already a beloved wrestling figure by the time these commercials started airing in the mid-90s, but these commercials really helped him become a mega-star in the entertainment world. It was most likely his work in these commercials that helped him land the gig in the first Spider-Man film as Bonesaw McGraw.

    These are just a few of the reasons that we love Randy Savage and why there will never be anyone else like him again.