WWE: 10 Drafts It Should Make Happen Next Week on the Annual Draft Show

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIApril 19, 2011

WWE: 10 Drafts It Should Make Happen Next Week on the Annual Draft Show

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    There are some drafts that WWE will never make happen, like their top superstars moving to SmackDown (Look what happened to HHH, he moved twice to SmackDown then appeared back on RAW a couple of weeks later). Then there's the expression "Who gives a toss." The superstars appear on both shows anyway regardless of what brand they are assigned to. Well, according to sources, the brands will go back to how they were last year, with them being exclusively signed to the brand they are assigned to.

    I question the draft being done two weeks before Extreme Rules when some matches have already been confirmed for the PPV, and really should have been done the day after, but nevertheless let the draft commence.

    This slideshow will show what WWE should do with these superstars to give it a fresh look.

Cody Rhodes from SmackDown to Raw

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    Cody Rhodes has shown how talented he is. He started off as a high flyer, then went into Legacy with Ted DiBiase, and now on his own on SmackDown with a fresh character who has proven he has the IT factor. I applaud the guy for the way he has handled his character, and his matches with Rey Mysterio have been great.

    I believe a move to RAW can freshen him up and show him to a wider audience. A run for the US Title could be a good move for him before trying to be in the WWE title picture later on in the year.

Daniel Bryan from Raw to Smackdown

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    Bryan Danielson, AKA Daniel Bryan, is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

    WWE know his talent.  Therefore, they pushed him from the get go, released him, proved how popular he really is, comes back and wins the US title. He had some classic matches with Dolph Ziggler and The Miz and then the triple threat match between them and Morrison was a good spectacle also.

    Then it all went downhill when Sheamus won the US title off him, and their scheduled match at Wrestlemania was cut from the schedule, a match that would have clearly been the match of the night because of how good both of these men are in the ring.

    Now he is nowhere to be seen, and I believe a move to SmackDown could do wonders for him. Michael Hayes knows how to push talent, and I believe he would push Daniel Bryan from the start. Maybe have him wrestle Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental championship, now that would be an instant classic.

Booker T: Moved from the Desk to the Ring on Smackdown

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    Booker T returned to the WWE from TNA at the Royal Rumble of this year. When he appeared, the crowd went crazy for him, then booed when he got eliminated. He is in the best physical shape of his life and I believe he can still have a good run in the WWE. His announcing is not that good, and he should really go back into the ring because SmackDown needs more talent. With Edge gone and Christian long overdue a title, Booker T can be their top babyface because of his worldwide recognition.

Michael Cole: Either Fired or Moved to Smackdown

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    I put that SmackDown logo on top of his mouth because he talks way too much. It is annoying as hell when the announcers are trying to call a match but he butts in to talk about himself. Apparently backstage he gets heat because his on-screen persona is similar to his off-screen persona.

    Many people believe that he has still got a job because he has friends in high places (Undertaker, Cena, Mr McMahon even). I can not believe how bad Vince treats JR. Jim Ross has been a legend on that announcers table, given it his all and gone through so many trials and tribulations with the WWE that he has shown loyalty by not moving to TNA even after all this, and still gets crapped on by the WWE.

    I am just hoping that with HHH moving to a higher position, and because of his true respect for J.R., we could see Michael Cole being drafted to SmackDown and J.R. reclaiming his position on RAW. Another stipulation for the match at Extreme Rules could be that if Lawler and Ross lose, Jim Ross leaves WWE, and Cole stays on as announcer on RAW.

    But if Ross and Lawler win, Ross stays on and Cole gets drafted to Smackdown and never appears on RAW again. Hey, we can dream right?

Sheamus from Raw to Smackdown

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    Much like Daniel Bryan, Sheamus has been going downhill also, but going up a bit at very small speed.

    He is a two time World Champion, and after winning the US Title, they cut his match with Daniel Bryan from the WrestleMania schedule for timing reasons, even though we had a rubbish skit with Snoop Dogg and an appalling match involving Corre and some jumbled up random wrestlers.

    Sheamus could start fresh at a brand where talent and matches are actually showcased. Sheamus could ditch the US title and go for the World Heavyweight championship. Imagine the new look, with Christian, Booker T, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston all going for the title. 

Jack Swagger from Smackdown to RAW

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    Another former World Champion booked as a joke.

    He draws no heat now, and really should turn face by hopefully turning on Michael Cole, and being drafted to RAW can help him become a better wrestler and entertainer by working on live TV and against a fresh batch of wrestlers.

    Maybe give him the US title and let him become an American hero for once.

Alberto Del Rio from Smackdown to Raw

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    The fastest rising superstar in WWE history to not win the World Title, he has it all.

    He started off with some stupid vignettes, then went on to win matches. He was then showcased on RAW to show off his talents. He won the Royal Rumble in his first couple of months in the WWE, and got a World title match in his first year in the WWE.

    The guy formerly known as Dos Caras Jr should move to RAW because he draws good heat and has all the talents to become a WWE champion. He would have a new set of wrestlers for him to face. I could see him becoming a major player on the brand with a TOP superstar I believe moving to the opposite brand.

Rey Mysterio from Smackdown to Raw

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    Rey Mysterio is known for being SmackDown through and through because of his long affiliation with the brand (although he moved to RAW for a brief period).

    I know people might be bashing this because of my prediction that Del Rio should move and there would be no Hispanic presence on SmackDown, but moving to RAW will take him away from the past. It's boring to see Rey Mysterio on SmackDown all the time.

    A move could freshen his character and make him relevant again. A good feud with Sin Cara or in the title picture for the WWE title would be good for him.

John Morrison from Raw to Smackdown

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    With The Miz running RAW, I believe his other half Morrison should be running SmackDown.

    But before all this, he really needs to turn heel. His mic work as face is appalling and when he was heel as an ECW champion or with The Miz, he was touted as the next big thing. The guy is a phenomenal athlete and by being on SmackDown he can get away from all that soap opera drama of RAW and actually show his stuff in the ring for the SmackDown audience, in the process improving his character.

    He is the future of WWE and this move will do wonders for him. 

John "Superman" Cena from Raw to Smackdown

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    Cena on SmackDown was great. Cena on RAW is not so great.

    First of all, I do not like Cena the character but I like Cena the actual human being. He has a lot of passion for what he does, but it does not help that his character is just plain boring. He really needs to get away from that salute, get away from always trying to be humorous and be serious for a minute, and add humour when need be. He always seems like he is on Prozac.

    Now every WWE draft has given us a huge surprise, and whilst we know WWE will never put Cena on their B-Show, and even if they did they would probably draft him back after a month, he would give SmackDown a great presence.

    WWE Raw is shown on Mondays. Children should not be up that late to be watching when they got school the next day. SmackDown is shown on Fridays; kids can stay up to watch their "hero," which could result in higher ratings.

    Cena can go for the World Title rather than that toyish WWE Title, and actually make him look like a serious competitor rather than a guy who always does things for the kids in the audience. Make him fierce, make him serious, give him new moves and maybe he will gain new fans.

    Remember the five star match against HBK on WWE RAW in London? That was four years ago! 

Honorable Mentions

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    They have those supplemental drafts for the waste of space talents. But then again some could be fired.


    Vladimir Kozlov to SmackDown

    JTG to RAW then FIRED

    Chris Masters to FIRED from Superstars?!

    Tyler Reks to RAW

    Michael Tarver to SmackDown

    Tyson Kidd to SmackDown

    Zack Ryder to SmackDown

    Primo to SmackDown

    David Hart Smith from the Gutters to FIRED

    I don't really care for the Divas. But anyways, I could see some of these brought into the respective brands


    Awesome Kong aka Kharma to RAW

    Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) to RAW

    Xavier Woods (Consequences Creed) to SmackDown

    Epico & Hunico to SmackDown


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