Golden State Warriors YouTube Channel Has All the Latest Scoops

Ishak KangContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

Are you checking out the Warriors YouTube Channel?

Right now, there are only 203 views of today's lengthy interview of Don Nelson and a shorter piece with Corey Maggette.

Mags defends his defensive reputation and makes Dubs fans' cringe when he mentions "Dunleavy."  But he was referring to his former coach, and talked about how good the help will be when he gets beat, oy. 

CJ Watson was reinforced as his top point guard at this point, but newcomer Marcus Williams has been noted for his crisp passing and dry sense of humor.

Nellie lookes a little distraught when he reported that he gave his veterans Jack and Al the day off.  He took a bit of a cheap shot, saying that while his vets are under 30, their bodies are closer to 40.  Then he contradicted himself when he quipped that anyone who's played three years or more would be considered a veteran on this team.

Yesterday's interview with Monta Ellis was a debacle that resembled an interview with a certain Governor from Alaska.  Shockingly, there were no apologies to the fans and organization.  No reporter really set him up, but why didn't his agent coach him to apologize before he answered any question?  Its nice that Monta is smiling all the time, but he should have cleared the air and put this to rest.

Someone who is getting a lot of praise is undrafted rookie Anthony Morrow.  His ridiculous 73 percent three-point shooting in an offseason Utah tournament has continued into camp. 

In yesterday's interview, Nelson notes that a third captain, while not necessary, will probably be picked at the end of camp.  It would be awkward if Al doesn't get the distinction. 

Something tells me Harrington is failing miserably at defending his position. 

Nelson contrasted this year against last year's training camp, because of how long it takes to teach the new faces what they need to know. He also noted that Sidney Moncrief will join Nelson on the bench this year.

And, for the super-crazed Dubs fan, check out the dozer of an interview conducted by the seemingly ill-prepared SF Chronicle writer Janny Hu.  She kept asking about Marcus, but Nelson only wanted to talk about CJ.  He seems to be happy that he knows his system—but the subtext is that his point guards are extremely limited in their skill sets.