Oklahoma, USC Stand Alone: College Football's Top 24 Teams (Week Four)

Phil AielloContributor ISeptember 22, 2008

1. Oklahoma

They look like men out there playing with a bunch of boys.

2. USC

Refer to Oklahoma.

3. Florida

Tebow alone makes Florida a top five team...now they have Harvin back and plenty of speed at the skill positions. If the defense plays well, look out for the Gators.

4. Georgia

Can they make it through their ridiculously tough schedule? With Moreno at the helm, the chance is there. I still need to see more from them besides a close call with South Carolina and a blowout win over any Pac-10 team NOT named USC.

5. LSU

They are the reigning champs and have blown out the cupcakes and scraped by a really good Auburn team. Can the champs get some respect? All depends on how far they can ride the rookie signal caller. So far so good.

6. Missouri

Chase Daniel is a M-A-C-H-I-N-E. Jeremy Maclin isn't too shabby himself. Questions about the defense are still there. Will Mizzou be able to outscore the Sooners and/or the Horns? We know they won't be able to stop 'em.

7. Alabama

Nick Saban is to college coaching what Conan O'Brien is to late night television: the MASTER. I mean, he doesn't just have the Tide competing this early—he has them in position to win the best league in college football. That Clemson win is starting to look pretty impressive.

Will they be able to beat other SEC foes through the air when those teams stack the box to stop the Tide running game? If so, then Bama may be a top three team pretty soon.

8. Texas

Colt McCoy is having a great year, and Texas is again loaded up front. Come on Red River Shootout!

9. Penn State

I know they have yet to play anyone of note, but re-watch those blowout wins and answer me this: Do you really believe that Wisconsin or even Ohio State would beat them head to head right now? Exactly.

This is a good football team, and we will know a lot more after Saturday's huge matchup with Illinois and the Juice. The only issue I see is the defensive line has a couple problems and has little depth.

10. Auburn

I'm sorry, but after a game like that against LSU I can't really drop them too far. They are going to be a tough out for any SEC foe from here on out.

11. Wisconsin

They just keep pounding away and tallying up wins. Let's see them pound OSU in two weeks, then I'll move 'em up.

12. BYU

Max Hall is on pace to throw 45 TDs this year! Oh yeah, and they've outscored their past two opponents 103-0...and they were Division I schools. Yeah, that's no typo folks.

13. South Florida

Who doesn't love the gritty and tough Matt Grothe? No one player means as much to his team as him (except maybe Max Hall or Chase Daniel).

14. Wake Forest

Syracuse should get a hold of Jim Grobe. Wake is a very well disciplined team that knows how to win the close ones. Why? Coaching (Grobe), a good defense, limited mistakes, and of course great special teams (Sam Swank).

15. Texas Tech

Texas Tech almost always scores a ton of points with that offense. Now they have an experienced Michael Crabtree. You do the math. They will have their chance to prove themselves against some really tough Big-12 competition.

16. Ohio State

Oh, Ohio State. How you have fallen. I think everyone wanted to drop OSU after almost blowing it against Ohio...but they decided to wait until USC blew them out to do so. At least Pryor is playing. That guy is one heck of a football player.

The team still has veteran leadership on defense in Laurinaitis and Jenkins to get them to another possible Big Ten championship.

17. Utah

Why do I have Utah in the top 25? They have beaten nobody of note and don't play a real team until TCU on Nov. 6!?!? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

18. Illinois

Who doesn't love Juice (no pun intended)? Arrelious Benn ain't too bad either. This team was playing with Mizzou and is capable of challenging for the Big Ten title if Juice and company can stay consistent.

The defense needs to step it up a notch once conference play rolls around this weekend, or the Illini could get bounced out of here as quickly as they came in.

19. Clemson

Where would this team rank if they just had an offensive line? All Tommy Bowden wants for Christmas is a couple of heavyweights. Will someone please give him Rosie O'Donnell's number? Please?

20. Vanderbilt

Undefeated and wins over South Carolina and Ole Miss? Who saw that coming? They belong. Somewhere in Denver, Jay Cutler is smiling.

21. Boise State

If Boise beats Fresno at the end of the season, what will Ian Johnson do this time around if they win their BCS bowl game? Renew their wedding vows on national TV?

22. Kansas

Todd Reesing is a tailor-made college QB, and you have to love the way he plays the game. The only problem is this team lost some big time players off last year's squad and is the fourth (maybe fifth) wheel in the Big 12. Good luck boys.

Hey, it's not like they won't have their shot to prove everyone wrong with games against Texas, Mizzou, and Oklahoma on the schedule.

23. TCU

TCU does two things well...play defense and lose to Oklahoma. Here's hoping the first puts a stop to the second. Pray TCU fans.

24. Virginia Tech

I know, I know...what has this team done to warrant a spot in the top 25? Well, had the coaches made the right decision to start Tyrod Taylor from day one, I'm fairly confident VT would be undefeated and somewhere in the teens right now.

They have a very inexperienced team, yet with almost no one at receiver they still beat GT and UNC teams that slaughtered Miss. State and Rutgers respectively. Oh yeah, and the more close games they win, the better they will get as the season goes on.

The winner of the Nebraska/VT game WILL be in the Associated Press and Coaches' Top 25 next week.


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