Texas A&M Decision 2008: Jerrod Johnson or Stephen McGee?

Scott McDanielCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

After A&M’s subpar 1-1 start, the Aggies have a long and grueling 2008-2009 season ahead.  The Aggies have three top 10 teams remaining in Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and rival Texas. 

In addition to playing these top foes, A&M still has to hurdle Miami, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Colorado, and Baylor.  The outlook this season is quite bleak with a new offensive and defensive scheme that the Aggies have yet to master. 

So with that said, here is what A&M has to look forward to this season….or not look forward to.  A possible 4-8 or 5-7 season in Mike Sherman’s inaugural season.  I think that 6-6 is being extremely optimistic, and a bowl berth would be a long stretch. 

For the Aggies to have any success this season, they will have to rely on their strength in moving the chains, putting the ball in the hands of Mike Goodson, Bradley Stephens and Javorskie Lane. It could get tricky with a newbie O-line, but some key adjustments could be made to counter that impediment.

More success could come from replacing Stephen McGee with Jerrod Johnson for the rest of the 2008-2009 season. 

Johnson displayed his superior ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball with pressure in his face against the blitzing New Mexico defense.  McGee proved in the opener against Arkansas State that he has a difficult time standing in the pocket and surveying the field and finding his second and third outlets.

Improvements that the Aggies need, have to start and end with the offensive and defensive lines.  The Aggies run blocking, pass protection needs major work so that A&M can utilize the talent they have with Mike Goodson and the dump truck Javorskie Lane, as well as the stable of promising young wide receivers. 

A struggling A&M’s defense, formerly known as the Wrecking Crew, has lost its identity since switching to the 4-2-5 under the former Dennis "The Crook" Franchione. 

The Aggies continue to struggle under the new blitzing 4-3 package installed by Joe Kines.  It is going to take time to recruit the personnel to fit this aggressive blitzing scheme. 

If A&M wishes to return to the heyday of the feared Wrecking Crew they have to be able put pressure on the quarterback, and plug up the holes in their Swiss cheese rush defense.  

If Sherman and the Aggies can make huge strides in these areas, the Aggies might find themselves bowling in January, but I wouldn’t count on it.  Aggie fans, be patient, give them time, and try to enjoy the 2008-2009 season.