Dan's College Football Top 50: Week Four Edition

Dan BossAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2008

College football is off to a quick start.  People who said this year would be back to normal have been wrong already.  Upsets and Cinderellas have populated the college football world after only three weeks.  One thing is for sure: There is a clear-cut number one team.

I have decided to create my own college football poll.  I cannot compare to the minds who make up the AP, USA Today, and ESPN polls.  Therefore, I have formulated a ranking system taking into account those polls as well as each team's strength of schedule.  Here are your top 50 programs this season thus far.


1.USC (2-0)11155
2.Georgia (3-0)33337
3.Missouri (3-0)55543
4.Oklahoma (3-0)22296
5.Wisconsin (3-0)88820
6.Florida (2-0)444111
7.Auburn (3-0)109940
8.LSU (2-0)66695
9.Texas (2-0)77785
10.Alabama (3-0)9131058
11.South Florida (3-0)1216163
12.Brigham Young (3-0)14111449
13.East Carolina (3-0)15171624
14.Texas Tech (3-0)111014105
15.Wake Forest (2-0)18181913
16.Oregon (3-0)17121199
17.Ohio State (2-1)131413101
18.Penn State (3-0)161512100
19.Kansas (2-1)19192055
20.West Virginia (1-1)2122215
21.Utah (3-0)20201846
22.Clemson (2-1)23212262
23.Fresno State (1-1)25NR2435
24.Illinois (2-1)2223NR69
25.TCU (3-0)NRNR2450
26.Boise State (2-0)NRNRNR22
27.Florida State (2-0)242523117
28.Arizona State (2-1)NR24NR59
29.Nebraska (3-0)NRNRNR4
30.Vanderbilt (3-0)NRNRNR45
31.Virginia Tech (2-1)NRNRNR7
32.Oklahoma State (3-0)NRNRNR107
33.Connecticut (3-0)NRNRNR65
34.Iowa (3-0)NRNRNR56
35.North Carolina (2-0)NRNRNR118
36.Kentucky (3-0)NRNRNR25
37.Tennessee (1-1)NRNRNR112
38.California (2-1)NRNRNR80
39.South Carolina (1-2)NRNRNR33
40.UCF (1-1)NRNRNR1
41.Tulsa (2-0)NRNRNR113
42.Northwestern (3-0)NRNRNR84
43.Notre Dame (2-0)NRNRNR75
44.Nevada (1-2)NRNRNR15
45.UCLA (1-1)NRNRNR17
46.Minnesota (3-0)NRNRNR66
47.Ball State (3-0)NRNRNR82
48.Purdue (1-1)NRNRNR27
49.Miami (FL) (1-1)NRNRNR28
50.Georgia Tech (2-1)NRNRNR54


Just Outside: Cincinnati, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona, Colorado, Boston College, Mississippi, Arkansas