Royal Rumble 2011: Let The Road To Wrestlemania Begin.

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIJanuary 29, 2011


Firstly, I realise that there have been a lot of articles already written about the Royal Rumble in general with each writer giving their thoughts and predictions about this historical PPV.

However I felt that what better way is their to get people excited about this new rejuvenated 40 men Royal Rumble event then by trying to create that passion for the sport that we all know and love.

Below is a short clip showing homage to the Rumble.

Thoughts on the Event

Like every WWE fan I was very intrigued by the idea of watching a 40 men Royal Rumble, it was new, fresh and had limited possibilities and outcomes.

However the main thing that has disappointed me is that each and every year the WWE breaks the spirit of the event by listing the superstars who have qualified or who are entering the rumble. Already we know 34 of the 40 superstars partaking at this years extravaganza.

While some may not share the same views as me I just feel that what is the point of having a Rumble if you already know who is going to be featured in it.  

The actual roster itself is fine, however when you look at the card itself about 12 of the spots are all for the members of The Nexus and The Corre. So obviously the main reason for this new Royal Rumble is to accommodate all the new talent that is in the Nexus and The Corre.

On a personal note, that alone will prevent me from watching this event. This means we will have to see 8-10 people entering the Rumble with the same theme music and the same agenda as each other. 

The one thing that I and perhaps many people are looking forward to is finding out who the remaining six slots will go to. One can only hope that it does not end up being Legends such as Piper, Snuka, Slaughter or anyone who we see on a regular basis.

Returning Superstars 

Around this time of year the IWC and WWE Universe's mind is at work as they speculate who will be returning to the event and who is the guy they think can go onto win the show.

This year we have bountiful options as to who will most likely be returning to the PPV. I feel that we will see the return of perhaps two, maybe even three big time superstars who, if returned won't outshine one another in terms of spotlight.

Maybe someone like Jericho, Khali, HHH or even The Undertaker are all likely candidates at this stage to return at this years event. 

In the past the person who is billed to return at the Royal Rumble has the best chance to win the show and headline Wrestlemania. As seen before in 2002 with HHH, 2008 with John Cena, 2010 with Edge. So maybe one of the above or someone like Christian are favourites for the title.

We then have your secondary returning superstar who everyone assumes will win but in truth the real superstar who will win is the person who had to do a lot in the weeks prior to the event to get into the match itself. As seen in 2003 with he return of The Undertaker and the triumph of Lesnar and in 2004 with Benoit winning the event.

Usual Suspects

The Rumble will have your usual suspects who tend to do well in these events, guys such as Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Sheamus, Swagger, and maybe one or two more individuals will definitely steal the show.

Sheamus: Villain of The Rumble

The 2010 King of The Ring and the two-time former WWE Champion is a shoe-in to do well at this years event. The Creative team will realise that The Irishman's size and status in the WWE will make him a huge target and perhaps central villain throughout the whole Rumble. 

Alberto Del Rio: Wildcard

Alberto will more than likely steal the show with his eccentric persona and incredible in-ring ability. While he is a fresh face to the business he has proven himself worthy of top flight status after his incredible feud with Rey. I expect Alberto to last up until the last four men before being eliminated by a familiar foe.

We then have your Giants who usually clear the ring only to be eliminated by someone ridiculous (R-Truth) or by each other. This can be anyone like Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry and of course Khali. 


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Is the Rumble turning into an Over Kill or an Over Joy?

The way things are going I feel that the Royal Rumble will start to become stale and boring to many people just like how Wrestlemania, Survivor Series and Summerslam have recently shown signs of deep sorrow as seen in this years PPV buys and stock rates. 

I think that 40 men is just too many people to accommodate for one match, plus we have all the Heavyweight Title matches, Tag Team Matches and Divas matches to view as well.

With no real hard hitting storylines going on at the moment I just hope people wont start leaving the arena before the match even takes place. Expect to see a lot of fast eliminations in tonight's Rumble. 

Vince McMahon should realise that too much of a good thing is a bad thing and that tampering with the formula is something he should be very wary of. As seen in the Raw 900th episode. 

My Prediction on who will win. 

I feel that Wade Barrett will end up winning the competition after Justin Gabriel sacrifices himself for his leader. After the match we will see the lights go out and the infamous gong hitting the arena. As The Undertaker makes Nexus his next target. 

I hope that this Royal Rumble will create many feuds along the way. Like in 2005 when Kurt Angle and HBK kicked started one of the greatest Wrestlemania feuds in the history of the business.

Not a long article as I don't want to bore you with memorable moments or lists especially with the Rumble only being 24hours away.