Boston Red Sox Prospects Report: Third Base

JB McCandlesCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

With Mike Lowell signed through 2010 the Red Sox are beginning to look at their farm system for a future star. 2010 could be Lowell's final season. His career could possibly end even earlier with the injuries he has faced the past year.

The Red Sox will probably pick up Willie Bloomquist, who will back up every position on the team next year. Chances are the Red Sox will stay away from bringing anyone up next year, but there are a few options if they decided to take that route.

Michael Almanzar, Position: 5, Age 17

The Red Sox are very excited with their future at third base. Almanzar, who signed last year with the club out of high school started the season with the Gulf Coast team was called up to single Greenville half way through the season. Greenville is the intermediate single A club for the BoSox. Almanzar signed as a shortstop, but has made the move over to third base. He is tall and lanky and it wouldn't hurt if he added a few pounds. He signed as a 16 year old, but didn't play much organized ball. He has raw talent. His father was a pitcher in the majors, Carlos Almanzar. He is a very talented offensive player. His approach at the plate is very advanced for his level of play. He has average speed, could still steal a base. His defense at third is below average, but it's improving very much considering he was a short stop. He has a very strong arm, but needs to work on his throws. Almanzar has the tools, but still needs to work on his footwork. He is a raw talented type of player and the Red Sox are going to try to build him up from scratch. His early comparisons are to Jorge Cantu, but things can change as he comes up through the system. 

Will Middlebrooks, Position: 5, Age 20

Middlebrooks is a 5 tool player. He has a great build for a third baseman. He needs help with his pitch recognition and struggles to turn on the inside pitch. He has above average speed for a third basemen. He has a great glove at third and a very strong arm. Middlebrooks could be one of the greatest players that the Red Sox have drafted in a while. At this point in time he seems to be around the lines of a Scott Rolen.

Jorge Jimenez, Position: 5, Age 24

Jimenez has an average glove, but he has good range. He has a good arm and can also play shortstop and first base. He has a good approach at the plate. He is a contact hitter, but he will need to improve his power somewhat. He has below average speed.

2009 Projected Rosters

Mike Lowell, Starter, MLB

Jorge Jimenez, Starter, AA

Michael Almanzar, Starter, A (Intermediate) 

Will Middlebrooks, Starter (DH), A (Intermediate)