Herschel Walker: Why He'll Win Saturday Night at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2011

It will be almost exactly one year since Herschel Walker has entered the cage come Saturday.

At last year's January 30th Strikeforce: Miami event, Walker made his MMA debut to the tune of numerous critics and naysayers.

All you heard leading up to the event was, "Why is he doing this?", "He's 48, there's no way he will last" and "Strikeforce must be doing this for the publicity."

They may have been doing it for the publicity. It's kind of like Strikeforce's version of Kimbo Slice. Walker is a recognizable, household name. For many, they know him from his football days.

While they may know him from his football days, he should now be known for his MMA days.

Walker last year defeated Greg Nagy via a third-round TKO at the age of 47. Now he's 48 and ready to go one more fight. He's older than Ken Shamrock (Shamrock is 46 and had three fights last year) and older than Randy Couture (47).

Walker is proving people wrong and, come Saturday, could prove many more wrong.

Herschel will be facing Scott Carson (4-1) on Strikeforce's Diaz vs. Cyborg card. It's a main event fight that features Carson, who's had only one fight in the last nine years, against Herschel Walker, who's only had one fight in the last 48 years.

American Kickboxing Academy has done a fantastic job with Walker. His stand-up is kind of robotic, and you can tell that, obviously, he's a work in progress. Give him a break; he's 48 years old, after all. His ground skills aren't the best either but you have to at least give credit to it.

Walker is not a small guy—not even close.

Herschel has kept himself in great shape and last year looked like he could go a full five rounds if he wanted.

Walker may have his fight on the main card due to his name and the draw it brings, but he deserves it. The spotlight is on Walker for only a little bit longer and has proven he can fight.