Edge and Christian: Five Ways Christian Is Better Than Edge

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2011

Edge and Christian: Five Ways Christian Is Better Than Edge

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    I have to thank Colin McAndrew for this idea.

    I recently wrote an article about a former WWE employee saying that Christian's push had been brought up numerous times and shot down every last one.

    McAndrew wrote an article about 10 guys the IWC loves and hates. In this article he stated that Christian was loved. I asked him why he thought Christian was not WHC material and the answer he gave me (which I'm sorry if I got the wrong impression) sounded as if he thought Edge was the better of the two.

    This article is an open challenge. After it is posted I would like somebody to write a follow up article of why you believe Edge is better, but I ask only this, if you do write it don't do it because you hate Christian do it because you really think that Edge is better and can think of better was to say it besides the fact that Edge was a World Champion.

    So let's get started. 

Edge Has Never Carried a Show By Himself

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    So when Christian came back from TNA he was placed in ECW.

    February 10, 2009. Christian returned to ECW to challenge then champion Jack Swagger for his ECW title. Later that night Christian defeated Swagger to start a great stretch of awsomeness.  Christian would lose his first title match against Swagger.

    Christian did a number of things for ECW that should have been done on Raw or Smackdown, but there were some other good things that helped out a few different people on ECW.

    First off was Tommy Dreamer. No doubt he needed no help in the land of extreme but the matches they put on  were awesome.

    Shelton Benjamin was the best thing that Christian ever did. Shelton is, well he is a straight up beast that was the only person I would have rather had the title than Christian.

    If you want to say that Christian is too old to put on a good match, look at this link, and then say it.


Edge May Have Titles, But Do Any Of Them Really Count?

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    Some of you may be shallow enough to actually believe that just because Edge has won more titles that it makes him better.

    So far Edge has a total of 10 WWE and World Heavyweight Championships with the one he has now in the count. 10 big titles, that is very impressive since as you all know most go their entire career and never get one, yet Edge has double digit-titles.

    WWE Reigns

    Edge's first title came when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on John Cena after he went through an elimination chamber. After this he held the title for 21 days before losing it back to John Cena.

    His second came in a triple threat match on Raw against RVD and Cena. He held it 76 days before dropping it yet again to John Cena.

    The third came from a triple threat match also involving Vladmir Koslov and HHH at Survivor Series. He held it 21 more days untill he lost it to Jeff Hardy.

    The last WWE reign came at the Royal Rumble where he beat Jeff Hardy. Once more it was a short 21 day reign where after which the belt was lost to HHH.

    139 days for four WWE title reigns. Three of them were cheap wins. Just to give you an idea of this, Sheamus, who has had two title reigns, has held them longer than all four of Edge's by 22 days.

If You Look Back Christian Actually Made Edge

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    So before you guys go at me for thinking this, to be honest it is true.

    Edge broke into the business a little before Christian did but pretty much got him a tryout and got him hired. Something I would love to thank him for. However, if you have some time look back to when they broke onto the scene.

    Who was really cutting the promos? Who was really the better of the two?

    The only reason that Edge got the push was because of sheer size and ability, which I am not trying to take away from Edge, but I mean just imagine how things might have turned out if Christian had been bigger and had been the one on the receiving end of the con-chair-to instead of himself delivering it to Edge.

    Just something to think about.

Christian Is an All Around Better Actor

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    Mic skills are a critical part of sports entertainment wrestling. Some guys excel at them while others are not so good.

    You may be expecting me to say something to the point of Edge has horrible mic skills but that would be far from the truth.

    Both of these guys have extreme skill in this department, but Christian still edges out Edge in this department.

    Think about all he can do.

    You want a funny segment?


    You want a serious conversation?


    How about something to start a feud?


Edge Has Been Given It All, So Why Not Give Christian Something

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    So for all the haters out there I want to say one thing. Edge is a very good wrestler there is no doubt about that,  but when it comes down to it, Christian is just a better entertainer, wrestler, or whatever you want to call it.

    Well I am done, go ahead with the Christian sucks comments.