WWE Royal Rumble: 10 Burning Questions Heading Into Sunday Night Pay-Per-View

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble: 10 Burning Questions Heading Into Sunday Night Pay-Per-View

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    Hello, Buzzers, Buzz is back.

    Royal Rumble, one of WWE's biggest and most exciting events, is two nights away.

    Regardless of the other numerous matches that we have in the show, no one can deny that the Rumble match will always be the main attraction of the event. I can even say that we're always guaranteed to watch a great match given the excitement available.

    Will this be the case this year?

    This question, in addition to other questions, will be among my burning questions that I'll break down in the following slides.

    All said and done, let the show begin.

1. Will LayCool Make Their Way Back to the Top? Or Will They Finally Split?

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    Earlier this month, we were all expecting the Divas Title match to feature Natalya vs. Melina. Unfortunately, WWE booked this feud horribly and it seems that it came to an end on RAW this past Monday.

    On the other hand, LayCool were very busy dealing with the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, who was destroying them week after week.

    However, as soon as the Divas Champion, Natalya, defeated Melina on RAW, Michelle McCool and Layla made their way to the ring and invoked their championship rematch clause. They informed the Hart Diva that they will face her this Sunday at Royal Rumble.

    So, guess what? Natalya will have to face the Flawless Divas, again! And unsurprisingly, it's going to be another handicap match.

    Just when they seemed going down the hill, LayCool found their way back to the Divas Title scene. I won't be surprised to see them sharing the title again if they win. So we might see the return of the co-championship concept.

    Anyway, many things should be expected from this match. I'm sure Beth Phoenix will make her presence felt during the contest. Many people are expecting her to help Natalya win the match and then announce her desire for a title shot.

    Others are expecting LayCool to lose and finally split after some controversy. But I don't think they'll split and I'll explain why in the next slide.

    So what do you think? Will Natalya win and end this feud?  Will Beth Phoenix make an appearance? Will she ask for a title shot after the match? If she does, will she make it in a friendly way?

    How about LayCool? Will they regain the title and share it again? If not, will they split? Or will something else happen?

    Check the next slide to see my prediction for this.

2. Will Awesome Kong Make Her Debut?

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    Even though WWE did show slight signs of improvement in the Divas Division in the past few months, they still have a lot of work to do in case they want more people to care about it.

    We did see a talented Diva like Natalya receiving a push again and finally winning the Divas Title. Furthermore, the return of Beth Phoenix saved SmackDown from LayCool dominance.

    However, we're still stuck with the two- to three-minute matches especially on RAW. We still have to watch matches where four to six Divas are randomly thrown into an utterly pointless match.

    Unfortunately, the problem with this division is the way matches and feuds are booked. I mean Natalya and Melina are two of the best WWE Divas, and their feud was supposed to be one of the best Divas feuds.

    But for an unknown reason, the rivalry was cut shortly and ended quickly without even receiving a good build up.

    Anyway, moving on, we all know by now that former TNA Knockout, Awesome Kong, has joined WWE several weeks ago. No need to explain how great this addition is.

    Rumors spread around are saying that Kong might debut this Sunday. Some of those rumors already determine her new role claiming that she'll be LayCool's enforcer.

    Sure, McCool and Layla have been suffering from Natalya and Beth Phoenix for months. Therefore, hiring an intimidating enforcer like Kong can definitely help them.

    I expect her to make her debut and attack Natalya and, probably, Beth after the match.

    Now my question is, will this be good for her (Kong)? Only time will tell us.

    Before I end this slide, I'd just like to point to the Rumble match. With 10 more superstars added to the contest, I expect some Divas to be part of it. And if Kong is going to make her debut during the event, I won't be surprised to see her in this match.

    I'll discuss this issue in another slide.

3. Will Miz's Reign Come to an End? Or Will the Era Of 'Awesomeness' Continue?

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    Ever since he won the WWE Championship, Miz has been moving between RAW and Smackdown trying to convince the WWE Universe how "Awesome" he is.

    Until now, many people here feel that his reign should have been booked better because he's not looking like a credible champion.

    But if you ask me, that's the point. He's supposed to look this way. I've never been a fan of Miz, but I liked the way WWE booked his matches against Randy Orton and John Morrison.

    However, I agree that the repetitive involvement of Jerry the "King" Lawler in many matches against him was useless. Sure it was nice to see King get a WWE Title shot, but not wrestle in the main event every week.

    Other people think that Miz is suffering the same fate as Orton when the latter was the WWE Champion. He might be the champion, but he's not the main superstar and his feud isn't the main rivalry on RAW. Of course, we all know that Cena vs. Nexus is the main story.

    Anyway, if Miz wins, I don't expect him to do it cleanly.

    So what do you think? Will Miz retain his title? Will he be able to overcome Randy Orton? Or will the Viper win and re-launch the Age of Orton?

    One more question, why is Alex Riley still carrying a briefcase? Is there another MITB contract?

4. Will Dolph Ziggler Win His First World Title? Or Will Edge Retain?

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    No one can deny that Dolph Ziggler was one of the most improved superstars last year. He had a pretty good and lengthy Intercontinental Title reign. Furthermore, he was involved in amazing matches against Daniel Bryan.

    Two weeks ago, right after losing his Intercontinental Championship to Kofi Kingston, Ziggler found himself added to the World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 contender's match by his girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero. Surprisingly, he even ended up winning the match.

    Now, he's probably heading into his biggest challenge to this date when he faces the Rated "R" Superstar, Edge, for the prestigious title.

    Not only this, but the No. 1 contender has Guerrero (Edge's former storyline wife) on his side. So Edge will now find himself face to face against the lady who previously played a big role in some of his previous World Title reigns.

    Anyway, I won't spoil SmackDown results for you, but I'll just say that Vickie added a certain stipulation to the match. Despite this stipulation, I still think that Edge's chances are better to win.

    So what do you think? Will Ziggler make history this Sunday? Will he grab his first World Title? Or will Edge overcome all odds and retain his title?

5. Will Undertaker Start Teasing His Return?

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    A few days ago, many rumors started spreading around the Internet saying that Undertaker will be ready to return and wrestle at WrestleMania.

    With this said, it seems we should get ourselves ready to anticipate the next Superstar to challenge the Dead Man's streak.

    Many backstage news reported that WWE is working on Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett. This might be a follow up to what happened at Bragging Rights when Barret and his former stable, Nexus, helped Kane bury him alive.

    However, according to other news, Barrett isn't the only suggested opponent for the Phenom. There are many other names that might end up being the next challengers. Triple H is among the names suggested.

    Anyway, I won't rely on all rumors right now. Regardless of who might face him, we all know that whenever Undertaker's return comes closer, his mind games begins. We've seen this before.

    So do you expect to see any sign of Undertaker this Sunday? Will we see the light flickering? Will we hear the gong again? If yes, when? Will it be during the Rumble match? Who will be the targeted individual?

6. Will This Be the Rumble of Returns? Who Will Return and Who Won't?

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    Several months ago, it seemed that Royal Rumble was about to witness the return of numerous injured superstars.

    Undertaker, Christian, Chris Jericho, HHH, CM Punk, Evan Bourne, Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield were all out due to injuries.

    However, as we came closer to the event, the number of expected superstars to return decreased.

    Undertaker's injury turned out to be serious that he's now on the "maybe" list for WrestleMania.

    Chris Jericho ruled out any possible return this Sunday.

    Christian is still not ready to return due to his injury.

    CM Punk returned earlier than expected after a brief commentary job.

    As for the rest of the superstars, I expect most of them to return this Sunday.

    Triple H has been ready for several months, but it seems that he's waiting the best time to do it. I expect him to return and I even consider him a favorite to win.

    Michael Tarver already appeared on RAW and SmackDown, so he'll definitely be part of the show.

    I don't know much about Evan Bourne's current status, but I hope he returns.

    All reports are saying that Skip Sheffield is ready, so it won't be a surprise to see him return. I hope he makes a big impact during the match.

    So will those superstars return? Will we see them all at the Rumble match? What about the other unexpected superstars to return? Will they shock us and come back? Will we see Jericho or Christian?

7. Will We See a Diva Join the Rumble Match?

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    Some of you might say that I should have made this question part of Awesome Kong's slide. But this is a different concept.

    Last year, Beth Phoenix became the second ever Diva to participate in the rumble match after Chyna. She shocked the WWE Universe by eliminating the Great Khali.

    With 10 more superstars added to the show, we shouldn't be surprised to see the appearance of Divas this year too.

    However, the question is, how many Divas will we see in the main event? Will we see a new Diva make history and become the third Diva to join this contest? Will it be Awesome Kong?

    I expect Beth to make an appearance again. I also expect Kong to be part of the match.

    If you ask me, the appearance of Chyna and Beth Phoenix was unique because those are two Divas who can beat male superstars. And because of this, WWE shouldn't ruin this concept.

    I mean they shouldn't rush any Diva to the match or else such appearances won't be special anymore.

    Those two Divas are logical. Other than this, I don't see a point of making more Divas join. Even Natalya and Tamina aren't qualified in my opinion.

    So will we see a Diva in the rumble match? If yes, will she make an impact?

8. Will We See Shocking Appearances?

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    There should be a reason for making this a 40-men instead of the usual 30-men. And this reason might be to allow the appearances of legends and Hall of Famers.

    Okay, I know this might not be true, but why not? Do you expect all the 40 superstars to be within the current WWE roster only? Definitely not.

    I'm sure that we'll see some past superstars appear. However, the question is, will we see surprising and shocking appearances?

    Rumors are saying that "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will be part of the match. Well, with all due respect to Duggan, but that definitely won't be a surprise appearance.

    I'm talking about bigger superstars.

    Will we see the appearance of potential Hall of Famers? Former WCW superstars maybe? Arn Anderson? Sting? Goldberg? Who knows?

    Will we see former WWE superstars appear? Will it be the Rock? How about Booker T?

    I can come up with dozens of names here. But I'm just asking if you expect shocking appearances. I definitely do.

    One more question, will Jerry Lawler be part of the match? Should we be surprised if he does? I know your answer, so no need to repeat it.

9. Will the Addition Of 10 More Superstars Work?

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    For the first time in Royal Rumble history, the Rumble match will now be a 40-man contest. This means that it will be the biggest Rumble match ever in WWE history.

    Until now, the overall reaction of fans seems positive. It appears that people have no problem with this concept since excitement is always guaranteed in this match regardless of the number of contestants. Moreover, having 40 superstars will just increase it.

    Some people, however, didn't like the concept because they think that this will lead to the appearance of more jobbers. Well, who really cares? This event isn't supposed to be for top superstars only. It's supposed to include most WWE superstars who look forward to get a World Title shot and headline WrestleMania.

    Anyway, the match will definitely last longer now. Other than this match, we only have three other matches. I'm sure we won't see the addition of more matches so that they can give more time to main event. Well, maybe they might add one match during the PPV (Tag-Team Titles), but not more.

    What are your thoughts? Will the 40-man match turn out to be a good idea? Will it work for WWE? Will this be the new number to all future Rumble matches?

10. Who Will Win the Rumble Match? Will It Be a Veteran or a Rising Superstar?

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    Yeah, sure, I definitely know that this is the most asked question by fans. I'm sure most of you don't even care for the other questions I asked.

    Whether we'll see the return of superstars or not. Whether we'll see shocking appearances or not. At the end of the day, we'll only have one winner standing tall and pointing to WrestleMania's logo. And I guess that we're all looking forward to see who this superstar is going to be.

    For a certain reason, the vast majority of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) expect John Cena to be the winner. I'm not sure why, but they all expect him to win and face Miz at WrestleMania.

    Now some of them don't expect Miz to stay champion until then, and they think that Punk might be the champion. But the point remains that they all expect to see Cena win.

    For me, I don't see any logic in having Cena win. Sorry for saying this, but he doesn't need a Rumble win to do it. He can become the No. 1 contender later and then head to one of the main events of WrestleMania. He did this before.

    Others are saying that since it's the first ever 40-man rumble match, Cena will win to add another achievement to his previous ones.

    By the way, I'm aware that the event will take place in his hometown, but still, that doesn't mean an inevitable victory for WWE's Golden Boy.

    Anyway, I can't predict who might win this, but my personal pick goes to CM Punk. That's just a personal preference.

    There are many favorites in my opinion other than the two gentlemen I mentioned above. We have Alberto Del Rio, HHH (if he returns), Sheamus, Wade Barrett, John Morrison and many others.

    Most of these superstars might face difficulties.

    John Cena has to deal with Nexus and Corre. Wade Barret and CM Punk will have to deal with each others in addition to Cena.

    HHH and Sheamus might collide and one of them will eliminate the other.

    Anyway, who will win this year's Rumble match? Will it be Cena? Will it be Punk? Will it be someone else? Will someone make a shocking appearance and win again? Will the winner be an unexpected mid-card or rising superstar?

    I'd like to read your thoughts here.

Conclusion: Are You Looking Forward to This Pay-Per-View?

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    Even though this event never disappoints, but I read some comments under other articles expecting this event to be a disappointment. They're saying this because it seems predictable for them since they're all rooting for John Cena to win.

    However, the excitement in the Rumble match will always be there.

    So are you looking forward to this pay-per-view? I'm sure that most of you are.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show.

    All thoughts and comments are welcome.