Red Sheet 17/1/11: Miz As Champion, Royal Rumble and More

Tom CuthbertsonContributor IJanuary 19, 2011

The Red Sheet is essentially thoughts and notes I jotted down during this past episode of Raw. I plan on making the Red Sheet (and later the Blue Sheet) a weekly thing, in the hopes that my floating thoughts can be converted into good discussions.

That depends on how well the debut entry goes, of course.

Without further adieu:

- We must see more of the must see champion, The Miz. Specifically, we must see him involved with the top guys more. Even though he doesn't have a wealth of credibility as champion, he doesn't look out of place with the Cenas and Ortons.

- Speaking of Miz, does he remind you of Sheamus last January? I for one hope he doesn't follow the same route, getting DQed at the Rumble and losing at the Chamber. *Will* he main event at WrestleMania this year? I'd like to think he has a shot.

- Seems to me that Bryan and the Bellas are getting serious, they gave them a whole funky entrance and made Bryan wrestle with lipstick on the face. Is this his gimmick now? If so, does it verge on a comedy gimmick?

- Anyone else notice how they pushed the even competition between JoMo and Bryan? Is this a step up for Bryan/step down for Morrison? Furthermore, can we see Morrison with the U.S. belt anytime soon? You may recall Morrison go from world title match to midcard champion in 2009.

- Since winning King of the Ring, Sheamus hasn't won a single match on TV or PPV. Does this lead to a big comeback win at Rumble? It makes no sense, he doesn't need to win and they haven't mentioned the losing streak, so hopefully no.

- It's been three years since her debut, but Vickie Guerrero still manages to get as much, if not more heat than the top heels in the company. What's her secret? Is it simply, "Excuse Me?" What is it about those two words that bring forth a chorus of boos?

- This may be just me, but I can't take Dolph Ziggler seriously as a challenger to Edge. I certainly didn't think he was going to get the pin over Orton. I can't put a finger on exactly what it is. If they're not careful, this storyline might end up being more about Vickie.

- May be repeating myself slightly here, but Miz pretty much needs the win at Royal Rumble. What does it do for Miz to pin Randy Orton clean on PPV? Conversely, what does it do for him to get DQed? A great deal and barely anything, respectively.

- Did I miss something? What was with Eve pushing Maryse after her match? What was with Maryse yelling at Cole?

- Again, did I miss something? When did DiBiase go from midcarder to jobber? The way he cut his promo, and the way Cole called it, it seemed like they weren't trying to sell him at all. Of course, we learned recently that this may be because of Maryse. What do you think?

- Alberto Del Rio! He seems to be the only guy showing up on every Raw and SmackDown to talk about winning the Rumble. To my recollection, no one else has talked about the Rumble like Del Rio has. Does this equal success? If history tells us anything (HHH in '08 and '09), then no.

- If I watched NXT on a regular basis. I would probably be behind Bat(e)man. Don't know why. He's kinda like a cocky semi-heel version of NXT Bryan. Or something.

- It wasn't long ago that people were convinced that Punk would be buried facing the likes of Cena, HHH and Orton. Yet he looked pretty good in his match with Cena.

- Punk is essentially the top heel in the company right now. Cena is still the top face, Orton hasn't quite made it there yet. Does this leave the WrestleMania main-event door open for Cena/Punk? If so, where does Miz fit into WrestleMania?

- Batista the Younger is a big fella. But if I say anymore, it will go into stuff I want to leave for the Blue Sheet, so we'll cut this off right here.

Feel free to discuss any of the points above, and support the Red Sheet if you enjoy the idea.

Thank you, Bleacher Report.