WWE’s John Cena: 10 Bold Predictions for the Prototype in 2011

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IJanuary 22, 2011

WWE’s John Cena: 10 Bold Predictions for the Prototype in 2011

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    Hello, Buzzers, Buzz is back.

    Whether you love him or hate him, you can't deny that John Cena has been the main buzz of most wrestling fans for many years.

    2010 was another successful year for the face of WWE. He was able to overcome the odds in all his feuds. Even Nexus, the stable that was supposed to be the most dominating in WWE, never got a chance against him.

    He ended the year winning the Slammy Award for "Superstar of the Year." Moreover, he topped the list of the most searched wrestlers and MMA fighters.

    Unfortunately, 2011 welcomed Cena with an injury that was about to put him out for several months. However, after watching him on RAW, I guess it's fair to say that the injury wasn't very serious.

    With this said, let's take a look at 10 possible predictions for WWE's golden boy in 2011. Keep in mind that these are only predictions and not wishes.

    Some predictions might be normal while others could be considered weird and nearly impossible.

    All said and done, let the show begin.

1. His Usual Run Will Continue

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    Okay, I'll start with the easy choice and probably what most people think is the possible thing to happen.

    John Cena will continue with his same usual run where he wins his feuds after overcoming all odds and obstacles.

    Despite the fact that John Cena stayed out of the WWE Title picture for months, he was still the main superstar, and his feud against Nexus was the major focus (which was renewed after CM Punk became leader).

    Cena has been on top since 2005. He was able to win nine World Titles and was able to beat many other top superstars. He did suffer some backwards steps at certain moments, but he was always ready for a comeback.

    Since he's been on top for five years, why not stay for an additional year? What would change this year? Many people say nothing.

    He's currently feuding with CM Punk who seems to be gaining momentum in this feud until now. But many of Cena's past feuds had him losing momentum at the beginning, so nothing major until now.

    So according to my first prediction, Cena will beat Punk in the end.

    Next, he'll probably get involved in a new feud and win again. This feud could be for the WWE Championship.

    He might win the Royal Rumble, but even if he didn't it won't be a major fail as he did headline Wrestlemania before despite not winning the Rumble match. Remember that we have two World Titles.

    Anyway, I won't go into details here, I'll just say it in general.

    John Cena will continue winning and annoying the Internet Wrestling Community. He might get some competition from Randy Orton, but he'll overcome it in the end.

2. We Will Witness a Change In His Character

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    This might sound a bit weird, but why not?

    Of course, I don't mean John Cena will be no more, and that we'll get a new character with a new name—
    and don't remind me of "Juan" Cena.

    I'm only talking about his kid-friendly, "hustle, loyalty and respect" and good guy angle.

    During his first years in WWE, Cena had a rapper gimmick. I'm not necessarily saying that if he undergoes a character change, he'll go back to this gimmick, because personally speaking, I'm not a fan of the return of the rapper.

    I just feel that its time has gone and we should have something new.

    Anyway, I guess you understood my point by now.

    My prediction here is that we might see a new Cena with new style, antics and tactics. Maybe something similar to Randy Orton's move from the "Legend Killer" gimmick to the "Viper."

    Okay, many people might believe that I'm not making much sense here. But remember, these are only predictions, and I want to give 10 predictions.

    So you should expect some weird anticipations in this show. And by the way, changing his character doesn't necessarily mean that he won't win anymore.

3. He Will Pass The Torch To Another Superstar

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    Forget about his character. Whether he changes it or not, Cena won't be going on with his current status forever.

    There comes a time when he'll find himself stepping down and passing the torch for a another talent to become the new face of WWE. Or who knows? Maybe he'll go on like this until he retires.

    But my idea is the fact that he's not staying for long.

    Anyway, I'm only talking about this year for now. Could Cena pass the torch for someone else as the new face of WWE? Don't really focus on the photo here because I'm not really saying it should be Randy Orton. In fact, I already think that the "Viper" is on top to a certain limit.

    Furthermore, this doesn't have to be done literally. I mean we don't necessarily have to see Cena go into a direct clash with this particular talent. Passing the torch can happen in different ways.

    The new talent might just start winning and rising while Cena will go on with his run but in an unsteady way.

    Of course, this can't happen in one night and needs time.

    I know that this seems hard to imagine, but again, I'm giving predictions.

    I'll also add my opinion here—personally speaking, why the particular need for a face?

    We can have many top talents feuding without having a particular hero as the only face. So Cena doesn't need to pass the torch to someone else. He can stay on top without the necessity of being the face of WWE and the only major story of the show.

4. He Will Start Putting Talents Over

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    I guess that my predictions are getting weirder as we continue with this slideshow.

    What if Cena started putting talents over this year instead of just main-eventing?

    I know that, sometimes, putting talents over doesn't necessarily means losing to them. Many people might also say that he did put talents over before. They give Miz as an example and I agree with them because Miz's status improved after this feud.

    But what I mean here is a Jericho-like run, or maybe something similar to Big Show (not now of course) or Kane's runs in the past years.

    Those gentlemen mentioned above feuded with many rising superstars and helped them improve their position at WWE by losing to them.

    They always mentioned that they are happy to help new talents. Of course, they still appeared in main-events whenever needed and even won World Titles.

    So what if Cena did the same thing this year? What if he spends most of 2011 helping other rising talents? He can still go back to the main event when needed and even feud for the World Title.

    Of course, like most of the other predictions here, this seems hard to anticipate this year.

5. He Will Turn Heel

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    Yep, this possibility is what most IWC members are dying to see. 

    This is something that many people thought would happen last year especially during his feud with Nexus. I wasn't part of this faction at that time because there was no logical reason for this turn.

    Anyway, let's forget about last year and focus on this year: Will we see him go to the dark side? Do you see any possibility of a heel turn?

    Many people said that Cena did show some heel antics against Wade Barret. Even CM Punk criticized his behavior and tried to show a heel side of him.

    But again, it might mean nothing. Don't forget that Cena suffered a lot of Nexus beatings, so his reactions were normal and understood by his fans.

    I'll keep this short because there can be dozens of ideas for this supposed heel turn.

    So what do you think? Will we see WWE's "Golden Boy" turn heel in 2011?

    Will it be the biggest heel turn in wrestling history?

6. He Will Challenge The Undertaker For a Match at Wrestlemania

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    Okay, I know that I'm supposed to predict something for the whole year, but challenging the Undertaker's streak is definitely a big deal.

    Unfortunately, the chances of this happening might be slim to none as Undertaker's presence at WrestleMania is still doubted. Reports are saying that doctors are trying their best to get him ready, but until now, there's no word about whether he'll be ready or not.

    So building the feud between the two might be difficult especially since there haven't been any direct interactions between the two in the past few months or maybe years.

    Furthermore, it seems that Wade Barret might be Taker's opponent (in case he's ready) at Wrestlemania. And I guess they do have good reasons for this to happen since Barret and Nexus helped Kane bury him at Bragging Rights.

    I'm not saying that they can't come up with an idea for Cena vs. Taker, and some news even mentioned this as a possibility. But as I said, Undertaker's return is still not confirmed.

    Now to the bigger question: If the match happens, will Cena win or lose? Will he be heel, or will it be a face vs. face?

    I won't analyze this question and I'll just end this slide here. I just want to say that whether he wins or loses, there's no doubt that this match will be a huge draw.

7. A Mixture Of Everything

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    Why go through one thing only? Cena's career could go through a mixture of different runs this year.

    He could start the year strong before dropping for a while. Or maybe, he could start weak and then rise again. So he might lose to CM Punk and seem to be dropping before he rises again.

    Now I'm not sure how long his feud with Punk will go. I mean we're less than three months away from WrestleMania and I guess Cena will probably be in the main event feuding for the WWE Championship.

    So he might start dropping after WrestleMania for a certain period of time. He might also put talents over and show some changes in his style.

    So what do you think? Will Cena have a mixed 2011 with ups and downs?

8. He Will Take Hiatus Due To Injuries

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    Unfortunately, this is something that is likely to hit anybody at anytime in pro wrestling—we've seen what happened to Undertaker, HHH and Christian last year.

    What if Cena witnessed the same thing this year?

    Many news and reports confirmed that Cena is suffering from numerous minor injuries. What if any of those injuries became serious?

    Don't worry, I don't wish him any harm and I hope he doesn't get injured. Again, I'm just giving predictions.

9. He Will Job To Other Talents

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    Yeah, I know, no way this will happen.

    I'm not a big fan of Cena but I never want to see this. Even most haters don't want this to happen. And I know I shouldn't write much about it because it sounds crazy.

    Some people might say that I already mentioned this in the "putting over talents" slide. But that's different because putting over talents doesn't necessarily mean that a superstar has to become a jobber to do this.

    In this slide, I'm saying that he'll become a full-time jobber.

    Anyway, I can easily use my imagination here and think of numerous ways for him to job. It could start with losing to CM Punk and Nexus and end up with losing to Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham.

    I'll stop here because this isn't meant to be a sarcastic slide show even though it contains some weird predictions.

10. He Will Retire and Probably Continue With His Acting Career

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    What if Cena decides to retire this year? What if he decides to call it a career for several reasons? What if he decides to follow The Rock's step and leave WWE for the sake of acting?

    I know that many people will not like this move. I read many reports in the past claiming John Cena criticized The Rock for this, so if he does the same thing he will be labeled a hypocrite.

    But of course, this seems far from reality. I guess John Cena's acting career is doing well while in WWE as they are producing numerous movies.

    Anyway, he might retire due to other reasons too.

    So will 2011 be the last year for John Cena in the WWE?

    No need to think deeply about your answers because I already know them.

The End

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    So what do you think, B/R members?

    I know that most predictions here seemed weird and strange, but I've been reading a lot of predictions on this site so I thought I'd give my predictions for one superstar.

    And since John Cena is the current golden boy, who's better than him to give my predictions for? It turned out to be a hard one because the possibilities are very limited, but still, it was fun thinking of various possibilities.

    All thoughts and comments are welcome.


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