Christian's Best Chance For Wrestlemania Is Money In The Bank

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 16, 2011


Having a match at Wrestlemania is the biggest goal for professional wrestlers.

When you're under WWE contract, you're placed into three separate categories:

  1. Guaranteed Wrestlemania Spot.
  2. Possible Wrestlemania Spot.
  3. Looking In From The Outside.

The guys in the first group consists of Randy Orton, Triple H, Edge, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and John Cena. These are the names that Vince McMahon throws up on the drawing board whenever he's putting together the card for Wrestlemania.

Then, there's the next tier of wrestlers.

These are the guys that management looks to in order to fill out the card.

They'll either be paired up against one of the big names, or they'll be put on the show if they're currently involved in a somewhat interesting storyline.

Christian falls into this category.

Those that don't pay close attention are predicting big things for Christian. Some are predicting a big money match against real-life friend and former on-screen partner Edge. Others are even predicting a title match for Christian.

Unfortunately, though, that's unlikely to happen.

Despite being one of the best overall performers in the entire industry, Christian is not guaranteed a spot at Wrestlemania.

He'll be used more as a filler. At most, expect to see him as one of the contestants in the Money in the Bank match again.

Christian deserves more, but it's not happening this year.


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