FNF: Peter Manfredo Jr. Wins an Exciting Fight and Edwin Rodriguez Moves to 18-0

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IJanuary 14, 2011

14 Oct 1994:  Trainer Teddy Atlas works with fighter Michael Moorer during training. Mandatory Credit: Holly Stein  /Allsport
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(Update: Edwin Rodriguez went to the hospital after his fight due to a shoulder injury. It appears he hurt it in the fourth and fought six rounds with it injured.)

The main event got off to a slow start with Manfredo Jr. and Edouard feeling each other out. Edouard was pumping the jab out there with little effect.

Edouard went to the canvas but it was ruled a slip by the referee. Both fighters were going to the body early on but Edouard was landing punches with more frequency.

Neither fighter established themselves in the first round but it seemed like Edouard won it. Edouard came out in the second and was outworking Manfredo Jr. again.

After a busy second round for Edouard I have him up two rounds to none. Edouard was the busier man in the third round and was landing the better punches.

Edouard landed two good left hands and a good right midway thorough the fourth round. Manredo Jr. finally comes alive and flattens Edouard with a right hand with a little under a minute left.

His hands were down and he was relaxed and was totally flattened. Manfredo Jr. came up blasting and was met with some punches from Edouard.

Manfredo Jr. caught him in the corner and landed a good left hand with a minute left in the round that stunned Edouard for a split second.

He ended the fifth round with some good body work and the momentum was swinging in his favor. The sixth round ended with a good exchange between the two fighters.

The seventh round opened up with Manfredo Jr. landing some good shots and catching Edouard on the ropes with some good combinations.

With 20 seconds left in the seventh Manfredo Jr. landed two good left hands that prompted Edouard to tie up.

Manfredo Jr. controlled the eighth, ninth, and tenth rounds by landing the harder, cleaner, more effective shots.

It also appeared Edouard was tiring big time throughout the fight.

The eye of Edouard was almost closed by the end of the fight and it appeared that he swallowed a lot of blood from a cut on his lower lip.

It looked like Manfredo Jr. could of ended matters with a knockout but it wasn’t meant to be as he won by scores of 97-92, 98-91 (2x).

This win probably means that Manfredo Jr. will get a title shot or a big money fight sometime soon. He is a good enough fighter but isn’t going to win against the A level fighters.

We have seen this in the past and his performance tonight shouldn’t change anyone’s mind about that.

Edouard said this would be his last fight if he lost so it remains to be seen if we ever see him in the ring. If not he had a good but not spectacular career.

Either way congratulations to Manfredo Jr. on his victory tonight in an exciting main event on Friday Night Fights.

The tall and lanky Pryor Jr. came out in the first round and controlled the round until Rodriguez started throwing in combinations and landing to the body.

Rodriguez seemed to buzz Pryor Jr. late in the second round but not for long. They started to mix it up in the third with Rodriguez getting the better of it.

Rodriguez also sustained a solid body attack through the first three rounds, but wasn’t landing well with the jab.

Pryor landed a long right hand to the head, but Rodriguez responded quickly with a right hand of his own to the head of Pryor.

The punch stats were shown in the middle of the fifth and they were very close. The fight didn’t feel close, so I was  interested to see the scores if we got there.

Pryor Jr. landed two good right hands that seemed to bother Rodriguez and overall, he controlled the round. He landed a sharp right hand to end the round.

Rodriguez opened the sixth with some good right hands to the head and the body. Rodriguez started fast until the fight was briefly stopped to fix the tape on Rodriguez’s glove.

Rodriguez landed a solid uppercut with a little over a minute left in the seventh. The fight was getting sloppy with a lot of holding on the inside.

Pryor Jr. landed another long right hand and a right hook to end the round.  Pryor Jr. lost a point in the eighth round for using his elbow.

Pryor Jr. opened the eighth round with a nice combination as Rodriguez was pulling straight back. Neither man showed much urgency in the tenth, although the fight seemed close.

Rodriguez then picked up the pace a little and caught Pryor Jr. on the ropes and landed some good shots that seemed to bother Pryor Jr.

Teddy Atlas then said that Rodriguez would make a bad bank robber because “he gets into the vault and leaves before taking any money.”

He was referring to Rodriguez doing no work when he gets in close. Rodriguez won by scores of 96-93, 98-91, 97-92.