WWE: People Still Don't Understand The Great Khali's Value

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 12, 2011

Great Khali
Great Khali

The Great Khali has value to WWE.

That statement only makes sense to those who understand how the wrestling business works. To the rest of the audience, that statement is as ridiculous as Santino Marella winning matches with his joke of a finishing move.

Khali's value to WWE isn't what he brings to the ring. It's also not what he brings to the microphone, either.

It's beyond that.

Khali is a marketing tool for WWE.

In that sense, he's just as valuable to the company as Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Undertaker were.

Back during the 1980s, when Vince McMahon was killing the concept of territories, he still had dreams of going global some day. While his company has conquered much of the world already, McMahon still has those dreams.

WWE views India as a major area to conquer. In order to do so, they're going to need Khali. The 7'1", 420lbs superstar is massively popular in his home country. The company constantly sends him back over there in order to help with public relations.

He's played a pivotal role in helping WWE gain exposure in India.

In order for Khali to remain a weapon for WWE, he has to continue being an active in-ring competitor.

Keep that in mind the next time you complain about him being given five minutes on Monday Night Raw.


Jack Windham is the lead writer at WrestlingRevealed.com.