Is Patrick 'Lights' Leary the Next Great Fictional Heavyweight Champion?

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IJanuary 12, 2011

If you don't recognize the name above then you didn't watch the series premiere of Lights Out last night on FX.

Patrick "Lights" Leary is the main character in the show and is a former heavyweight champion that is making a comeback after being out of the ring for five years.

In his last fight he lost a disputed split decision and lost his title. His wife asked him to retire and he did so for five years.

He fell on hard times and lost everything that he earned as champion, including respect. He worked as a thug and even beat up a guy in a parking lot to get some money.

The show has done a great job portraying how a fighter can fall on hard times and how not boxing affects their psyche. 

He eventually decided to make a comeback so he can get a crack at "Death Row" Reynolds and regain his title.

The story has a lot of authenticity, such as using Steve Farhood and Nick Charles in a interview and fight scene.

In one scene where he is working out, they show his title belts and they look accurate as far as I could tell.

The drawbacks were that the fight scenes were iffy at best. It looked like these guys never put gloves on until they shot the scene.

All in all, it was a good start to the show. If it doesn’t go down the dramatic-life-story-with-no-boxing path, it could be a really good show. We will have to wait and see if that happens or not.

The real question is, can Leary come close to the greatest fictional heavyweight champion of all time Rocky "The Italian Stallion" Balboa?

Balboa had everything that a boxer needed a rival (Apollo Creed), many hard fights, and a lot of title wins.

He also made as many successful comebacks as a human could possibly make. Leary is already embarking on his comeback but it remains to be seen if it is a successful one.

So far, Leary has a rival in Reynolds but it remains to be seen if he will have hard fights ahead of him and if he can win the title let alone defend it.

Leary has the potential to become one of the greatest fictional heavyweight champions of all time but he is a long shot to overtake Balboa as the greatest ever.

This is a story that I will be watching closely.

Leary is a long shot to win the title, so maybe, just maybe, he can become the greatest heavyweight champion that never was.