Amar'e Stoudemire: Please Stop Getting Technical Fouls

Ian SherwinContributor IMarch 21, 2017

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Amar'e Stoudemire has been a savior to Knicks' fans worldwide. Amar'e is averaging monstrous stats: 26.2 points per game; nine rebounds per game; 2.6 assists per game, as well as 2.4 blocks per game. But there is one statistic that no one seems to talk about, or at least not enough: Amar'e is currently second in the league in technical fouls. Congratulations Amar'e.

Amar'e is only one T behind Orlando's Dwight Howard for the league lead. I don't get it. Why does such a great player need to run his mouth so much? Some players get called for technicals because the refs straight up dislike the player. But Amar'e deserves every technical that he gets called for. Yes, Amar'e gets fouled plenty, and the referees no-call him. He's angry, I get it. But still, show some self control. You're an NBA MVP candidate for God's sake.

I also do not understand how Coach Mike D'Antoni can allow this to continue to go on. You're the head coach, Mike. Tell him that you will personally bench him one game for each technical that he gets called on from this point forward. Because you know what, if you don't, the league is going to start doing it for you.

In the NBA, "after a player receives his 16th technical violation of the season he is subject to a one-game suspension, and then again for every two after that." (

Amar'e already has 12 technicals and we are not even half-way through the season yet. This is insane. It's true that the refs are calling more technicals this year, but still, you are a professional basketball player. Everyone knows that the refs are more sensitive this year due to pressure from the league seeking referees to call Ts whenever players seem to complain about a call. Stop arguing Amar'e. Walk away!

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