WWE, What Was the Point of That?: Nexus Edition

Maria Cane@ItsSocratesCorrespondent IIIJanuary 11, 2011

WWE, What Was the Point of That?: Nexus Edition

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    Hello my peoples! Happy New Year first of all! Hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year.

    While we reflect on the old year, WWE brought many huge storylines, the most notable of them all being the Nexus.

    While I look back, I reflect on certain past events thinking, "What was the point of that?" and then cue my first ever Bleacher Report list, frankly asking WWE, what was the point of this?

1. What Was the Point of Cena's Team Beating Nexus at Summerslam?

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    credit for photo goes to j-cena.com
    credit for photo goes to j-cena.com

    Looking back, especially since Wade would up Cena to join Nexus anyways, this REALLY became a dull point.

    First of all, why couldn't the stipulation actually be in THIS match that if Nexus lost, they were done?

    Second of all, if Nexus was gonna stick around for like a good five months anyways, what the hell was the point of Nexus losing this match?

    In addition to these questions, this match was the turning point where Nexus stopped being about taking over the WWE and started being about John Cena, since Bret Hart would soon leave wrestling again along with Jericho.

2. What Was the Point of R Truth

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    credit for photo goes to j-cena.com
    credit for photo goes to j-cena.com

    R Truth time after time randomly gets involved backstage in this feud. He offers Cena controversial advice to quit. Even though he kept calling Cena his friend, he barely ever physically got involved with helping Cena out of his predicament.

    There wasn't even a match involving R Truth, Nexus and Cena.

    Hard to figure out even now where they were going with that. Was R Truth the one supposed to turn his back on Cena? Was R Truth supposed to have a more instrumental role in helping Cena get out of Nexus?  

3. What Was the Point of Otunga Linking to Cena

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    credit for photo goes to j-cena.com
    credit for photo goes to j-cena.com

    First Otunga comforting Cena backstage, then them being forced together as tag champs. This lost its purpose, especially now, if Otunga was just gonna bring in another person who hates Cena too to lead Nexus anyways with CM Punk.

    Thought the point was that Otunga didn't agree with how Cena was being utilized, or that he wanted to prove to Nexus that it is he, not Cena or Barrett, who is the main top guy.

    Obviously, more poor writing on this part.

4. What Was the Point of Cena Joining Nexus?

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    Credit for photo goes to j-cena.com
    Credit for photo goes to j-cena.com

    Even from the moment that Cena lost at Hell in a Cell last year, I still knew that Cena wasn't going to turn heel and be with Nexus willingly. With that being said, one does have to wonder now, what was the point of Cena joining Nexus?

    Yes, it did help elevate Wade's status as a major stop heel and garnered major heat with the crowd, I'll give it that. But for advancement purposes, this really ended up going to a dead end.

    Cena being embarassed; Cena then finding a loop hole to fight back; Rinse and repeat.

    This also serves pointless now since Wade may be pushed back to Smackdown. Maybe it did more harm than favors.

5. What Was the Point of Attacking the Undertaker?

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    WWE, I believe, really jumped the gun on this one. Obviously, it's very risky in a very high profile storyline to all of a sudden try to have it ride on the back of a 40-something-year-old veteran who has been very injury prone for the past 10 years.

    Hell, Taker had actually just been rushed back to injury because the main event pool in Smackdown was as shallow as Rex Ryan's wife's feet. Taker getting injured again, in all honestly, should've came as no shock, since he was actually still healing.

    So why in the world would Taker be included in Nexus, which already had too much going on in the storyline anyways? And not a word has been spoken about the attack on Taker since. Something tells me Taker is just going to go after Barrett on Smackdown and forget that Nexus was even behind him.

6. What Was the Point of Introducing the "Bigger Picture"?

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    This point really connects to the last point in many ways. I have no doubt in my mind now that the "Bigger Picture" rode more on Taker's ride to Wrestlemania than John Cena's.

    Also, Taker's injury pretty much killed any chance of a true "Bigger Picture" happening. Like with numerous things in this storyline, it just became a mention once and then went away thing.

    Surprised people are still even asking "WELL IS PUNK THE BIGGER PICTURE?!" Uh no, since Punk, it looks like, just booted Barrett from Nexus for good. There IS no bigger picture, just like there is no anonymous GM.

7. What Is the Point of CM Punk Joining Nexus?

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    Honestly guys, I really don't see this going anywhere that it hasn't gone before. For one, Nexus will still mostly be about trying to get one up on John Cena, which is where I think the writing made the big mistake of going in that direction in the first place.

    Punk is already just as obsessed with Cena as Barrett was, hell he probably will be even more.

    Second of all, why bring in a new leader in the first place? It would've made more sense just to put David Otunga as leader, since that's where they were going with it anyways. Why try to oust another leader in a struggle for power when you are just gonna bring someone else who is very similar anyways? Like replacing Stalin with Hitler.

    Third of all, CM Punk hasn't been booked to look like anything special since the beginning days of Straight Edge Society. At this point, Punk has pretty much taken the place of Jericho as being the veteran guy who the fans still care about who is only used to put younger guys over and serve as a filler when the main event pool looks to be drowning.

    I don't see this going anywhere special. At least we thought Barrett actually had a chance against Cena. CM Punk has none.


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    In all honestly, with all these twists and turns that ended up going to a dead end, I think Nexus, much like the GM storyline, has ran it's course.

    I pretty much these days think of Nexus as done anyways, whether it's still around or not. And now with Cena's injury, only time will tell until WWE pretty much pulls the plug on it thinking it will have no value without John Cena being involved.

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