Raptors Report Week 10: Raps Linked to Many Trade Rumors

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Raptors Report Week 10: Raps Linked to Many Trade Rumors
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The Raptors have finally recorded a week where they have won more than a game.

The inconsistent play is still the main problem with the team, but there has been many positive signs. This team is still somehow in the playoff race, despite having a 13-24 record. Sitting two games back of Phillidelphia 76ers, look for the Raptors to improve as the season goes on and challenge Philly for that final playoff spot.

On another note, Bryan Colangelo has been active in many trades, and Colangelo has seemed to poke his head into every trade rumor. There have been reports that the Raptors are trying to acquire Johny Flynn, Omri Cassapi, and have even made an offer for Carmelo Anthony.

How truthful this information is, that's beyond me, but you can bet that Colangelo is working to swing a deal and use that acquired TPE before it expires at the trade deadline.

Peja Stojakovic and Reggie Evans are expiring contracts and could be valuable trading pieces to teams looking to sign major free agents.

Back to this week, though, the Raptors had mixed results, which is no surprise.

It seems like it is an infinite loop that I'm writing every week: that the team has shown its potential, but only in short bursts, and can never play throughout the whole game.

Record: 2-2

Performance on a scale of 1-10: 6.5

Here is a recap of the four games:

Raptors @ Bulls, L 91-111


Andrea Bargnani showed the difference he can make in the offense, pacing the Raptors with 23 points. DeMar DeRozan continued his solid play and chipped in 18. The Raptors offense didn't look bad as a whole without their catalyst Jose Calderon, so that wasn't the problem.


For starters, the defense was atrocious, and the offense wasn't good enough to make up for it. The Raps were eaten alive on the boards, and this was also the case in the first matchup against the Bulls as well. The game was never really close, and the Raptors were just outmatched by an elite team.

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Ask Sachin

"The trade deadline is approaching quickly. Toronto has many expiring contracts. Reggie Evans, Calderon, Stojakovic etc. and a lot of good prospects. Are we going to trade any of our players (in your opinion) to try to get a hold of some higher caliber talent? If so, who are you eyeing? Who should we be eyeing? Should we even be trading anyone? And most importantly, should we or should we not trade Jose Calderon?" - Kevin Ji

I had mentioned above that the Raptors are active in many trade rumors, and I do believe that a move will be made. A consistent swingman is something that the Raptors could use to play alongside DeRozan. In regards to trading Calderon, I think it's best we keep him. The Raptors aren't exactly short of cap space, especially with all the expiring contracts, and Jose is a great mentor for growing Jerryd Bayless.

If you want to have your question answered in the next Raptors Report, leave a comment below. Thanks.

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