Roger Federer Wins and 5 Things We Have Learned from The Qatar Open

Alex FungContributor IJanuary 10, 2011

Roger Federer Wins and 5 Things We Have Learned from The Qatar Open

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    Federer started off the year on a high note with a win over Davydenko in the finals of the Qatar Open.

    Federer continued his streak, defeating the defending champion Davydenko 6-3, 6-4, in just 80 minutes. Ending by winning the last 11 points in the finals at the Qatar Open.

    With this being his fourth continuous win in a final, he definitely is not holding back in sending a warning message to his rivals that he will most definitely be a serious contender at the upcoming Australian Open. 

    But we've all heard enough about the successes of the world No. 2 in the past while. 


    Let's look back at the past week instead to see what we can take from the Doha.

Federer and Nadal Can Walk on Water

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    Federer and Nadal began the season on a floating platform.

    They've played on grass, clay, hard courts and even a magic carpet. But on water? That is most definitely a first (for Federer anyways). No idea how they managed to do this, but it definitely was a wonderful way for the Qatar Open to gain some attention.

    Does anybody know how many tennis balls they lost?

There's a Different Tweener

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    The tweener is becoming Federer's trademark shot. He's not the only who does it, but he is the only one who is actually able to hit them for clean winners on a fairly regular basis.

    The only one we've seen in the past, though is the reverse tweener, used when he's trying to catch up to a lob. This time, it's different; he does it facing forwards without any particular need to produce a tweener.

    Of course, it's not the first time we've seen this from him or anybody else for that matter.

    But this one's a clean winner.

Rafael Nadal Gets Sick As Well

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    Nadal had quite a few troubles at the Qatar Open.

    As strong as he may be, everyone gets sick once in a while.

    How often does he lose a set 0-6? Before this week, it has only happened nine times. But it happened again, after a less-than-stellar performance against Lukas Lacko. After winning the first set in that match in a tiebreak, Nadal appeared uncharacteristically slow and sluggish on court, letting Lacko win six games in a row, before coming back in the third to move on in the tournament.

    Lacko wasn't the only one who he had trouble with though. Ernest Gulbis pushed him quite a bit as well, again needing to go to a tie-break in the first set after relinquishing a 3-1 lead, but he got through once more.

    Davydenko was finally able to stop him and put an end to his miseries in the semifinals, with a straight set win. This shouldn't be particularly worrying though. Nadal has a whole week to recover before he has to play for what could become his fourth consecutive major in a row. I just hope this loss didn't cause him to lose some momentum.

    That being said, he did win in the doubles bracket...

Tsonga Has Recovered from His Knee Injury

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    Tsonga missed the last few tournaments of 2010 due to a knee injury.Hamish Blair/Getty Images

    When asked about the Frenchman, Federer said ‘‘It’s exciting playing him again. I think he’s a very explosive player with good character and good for the game."

    He seems to be playing well, making it all the way to the semifinals, not that he really had any tough opponents until Federer. However, he did have a fairly tough match against Garcia Lopez, reaching two tie-breaks, one of them particularly tough, but he prevailed 7-6(4), 7-6(9).

    Nice to see you on court again Tsonga.

Davydenko Is in Good Form

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    Davydenko demonstrated the form he was in about a year ago.Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

    Without losing a single set on his way to the finals, had it been anybody but Federer waiting for him, he would have likely been able to defend his title, captured a year ago. Sidelined by a wrist injury for the most of 2010, Davydenko's ranking dropped all the way to No. 23, but in the past week, he really performed with top-10 proficiency, defeating Ivo Karlovic (who everyone knows is hard to deal with) and world No. 1 Nadal.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Iron Man is back.


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    Well that's all for now.


    With these things in mind, everybody should be looking forward to the Australian Open in a week.