3:16: Some of Stone Cold Steve Austin's Best Moments

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 10, 2011

3:16: Some of Stone Cold Steve Austin's Best Moments

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    Hello Creatures! Rize here and I would like to explain how this concept came about.

    One week ago, one of my friends posted me a link to WWE's Greatest Talkers list. I was surprised to see a host of missing names but my biggest problem was The Rock’s placement on the list. Stone Cold Steve Austin was number one and Roddy Piper was number two.

    The majority of the readers agreed that Rock deserved the No.1 spot. But an exceptional amount of others believed Austin deserved the spot.  While everyone has their own opinions, I reviewed some of Austin’s older promos.

    While I will always believe The Rock is the No.1 talker in WWE History, Austin is a shoe-in for second place. It felt great to relive some of my old memories that I put this slideshow together.  The videos featured are promos before and after the Attitude Era. Besides promos, there are a few beat downs and title wins here.

    Look out for them.

    Please remember that these are some of Austin’s greatest moments. There’s way too many for one slideshow.


Austin On Triple H and The Royal Rumble

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    This one is before the 2002 Royal Rumble. Back when Michael Cole was still an interviewer backstage. Austin’s signature “What?” was in full effect tonight and the Rattlesnake told Cole one of his stories. This promo really displayed Austin’s control of the crowd. At the time Austin’s spot as the top face wasn’t secure.

    This promo silenced the doubters.

Austin 3:16 Is Born

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    Everyone remembers this moment. The night Stone Cold Steve Austin was officially born. Let me give you some fun facts.  Austin won the 1996 King of the Ring but the idea was conceived for him. Triple H was planned to win the tournament that year. Because of the Curtain Call incident at MSG, Triple H was the only member to get punished.

    Let me elaborate. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall were all a part of a group known as the Kliq. Nash and Hall were departing the WWF for WCW and broke kayfabe to hug Michaels and Hunter at a live event.

    This didn’t sit well with management. Hall and Nash were leaving and HBK was the WWF Champion. Hunter was the only one to receive punishment and it cost him his intended push. Creative instead gave it too Austin and he cut this promo after defeating Jake Roberts.

Stone Cold Whips Michael Cole's......

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    How many of you can honestly say you don’t enjoy this? I would pay for Austin to come and do this to Michael Cole today. All jokes aside, this and the beat down to Jim Ross fueled the hatred fans had for Austin. His heel turn was completely unexpected but wasn’t a far-fetched idea.

    Austin pummeled Cole because of comments he made about an upcoming match. 

Stone Cold Owns Bischoff and Jericho

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    Another famous Austin promo from WWE’s UK ppv Insurrextion 2003. Chris Jericho and Eric Bischoff complained about being in the United Kingdom on Jericho’s Highlight Reel. Austin, who was co-gm at the time, came out and controlled the audience with a story about his experience in the UK. What’s so interesting about this promo is that Austin wasn’t the face of the WWE.

    This promo proved that “What?” was popular around the world. 

Austin and Angle. Who's The Next Undisputed Champion?

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    Besides Austin’s classic comedy, he had a little help from Kurt Angle this time. The Olympic Gold Medalist interrupted one of Austin’s stories and insulted the crowd. Angle expressed his own comical side during this promo. Though it may have been unintentional, Angle’s comments towards the crowd were hilarious.

    Angle discussed the upcoming Undisputed Title match. 

The Attitude Era Begins

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    The beginning of the Attitude Era. Featuring the Baddest Man on the planet, Austin, and HBK's final match at the time. WrestleMania 14 folks and the video speaks for itself.

The Rock Vs Stone Cold. WrestleMania 17

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    In my opinion, this was and still is the best match in WrestleMania history. Loved the Shawn Michaels/Taker match but there was just something about this match. Everything was set and planned right and the outcome surprised everyone.  I never saw the Austin heel turn coming and in many ways it made it as if Austin could not defeat The Rock.

    Rock goes and makes a movie and Austin is the WWF Champion. Everyone wins in this situation.

    Pre-match promo says it all. WWF’s greatest superstars one-on-one for the WWF Title.

    What a match.

Austin's Comedy In a Serious Segment

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    I loved this segment. I can remember it to this day. Couple of days before the first WWF vs. WCW match and McMahon was set on winning. The segment was indeed serious but Austin’s comedic gold made it that much more entertaining. Undertaker’s reactions to his antics were priceless.

Austin and Angle and Their

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    This segment was hilarious. Austin and Angle played the role to perfection.

    Yeah! I love you!




More Austin and Angle!

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    I apologize for another Austin/Angle video. But it was extremely hard not to leave this video off. The Rock and Austin had good chemistry but Angle and Austin had perfect chemistry. You would never know that these two were heel in this video.

The Saga Continues

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    Because I had such a great time making this slideshow, I've decided to release similar ones. This time featuring Kurt Angle and The Rock. Look for the slideshows later this week.

    Hope you enjoyed it.