Teddy Atlas Drops Great Analogies and Herrera Wins in First FNF of the Year

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2011

14 Oct 1994:  Trainer Teddy Atlas, right, works with Michael Moorer during training. Mandatory Credit: Al Bello  /Allsport
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Tonight was like Christmas day all over again for fight fans everywhere. Friday Night Fights made its 2011 debut and had two decent fights on the card.

Former Olympian Demetrius Andrade opened the night against one of the fighting Herrera’s. He fought Albert who was the last accomplished of the two brothers and came in with a 7-1 record.

The fight was an eight rounder in the junior middleweight division. The first round started out slowly but Andrade landed a big uppercut and controlled the final minute of the first round by letting his hands go.

Two minutes into the second round Teddy Atlas dropped his first great analogy of the year as he compared Andrade to a steak that’s pink on the inside saying fighting bums won’t get Andrade ready for the best.

 Herrera landed a decent punch in the third which was his only shot of note up to that point. The fight was a good back an forth affair but Andrade dominated the fight all the way through.

Andrade opened the twelfth with a big flurry and dominated the final round thoroughly. He said he wanted to look spectacular but failed to do that.

At any rate he moved to 12-0 with a unanimous decisions (79-73, 80-72 2x). Herrera put up a good effort but was just outgunned. This was also the first time Andrade went eight rounds.

Provodnikov entered the ring with a black eye and to tell the truth it seemed very appropriate. He has that stare that scares anyone and has the style to back up that stare.

Herrera is the more established of the fighting Herrera’s at 15-1 with his only loss a highly controversial split decision loss to former champion Mike Anchondo.

The fight was for the vacant WBC Continental Americas light welterweight title and the vacant USBA light welterweight title.

Herrera immediately showed what his game plan was going to be as he boxed from the outside and held when he got in close.

Provodnikov started to impose his game plan early on as well as he went to the body often and didn’t stop coming forward the entire round. Herrera controlled most of the round with his boxing.

The second round looked the same but Herrera was starting to show some signs of damage in his face. Provodnikov landed a nice shot with a minute left in the third that seemed to stun Herrera.

Herrera’s left eye was starting to swell significantly after the third round.  Teddy then dropped his second great analogy of the night as he compared a cut man to a gardener. Boy do I love Teddy Atlas.

Provodnikov dominated the fifth round as he started to land power shots and crushing body blows. Herrera made a nice comeback as the two exchanged at the end of the round.

The doctor looked at Herrera’s eye before the sixth as it was rapidly closing after each round. Herrera had a nice flurry with less then a minute left in the sixth and may have stole the round.

Herrera was giving as good as he got in the seventh and eighth but his lack of power was evident as Provodnikov busted him up more.

Herrera’s eye was a huge mess but he was still there firing away in the tenth round. It looked like Herrera was all but done until he put together a great combination with a minute left in the eleventh round.

Herrera could barely see out of his eye entering the final round but he was still there throwing punches back at his opponent. Both fighters fought to the final bell and we went to a decision.

The final tallies were 115-113, 116-112 (2x) in favor of Herrera. A slightly controversial decision in my book but not a robbery by any means.

After a strong 2010 from Friday Night Fights this was a great start to 2011 and hopefully more fights like this will be happening.

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