Juventus Loses to Parma, Loses Top Goal-Scorer, Gains Luca Toni

David TenenbaumContributor IJanuary 7, 2011

Multiply this by four and you have the Juventus-Parma game.
Multiply this by four and you have the Juventus-Parma game.Dino Panato/Getty Images

Pop quiz! What do John Wilkes Booth and Felipe Melo have in common? Answer: They have both kicked people in the face. In Booth's case it was "Peanuts Burroughs" who was kicked in the face, right before Booth and his horse rode off from Ford's Theater. While the recipient of Melo's face-kick was Parma defender Massimo Paci.

In return for his achievements in the field of Facekickery, Melo was honored with a red card (which has in turn allowed him to be granted a three-match ban from the FIGC) by the referee. This, along with an absolutely atrocious all-around effort from the rest of the Juventus squad, allowed Parma to score four goals.

Sadly, the big loss wasn't the only bad news of the day. Fabio Quagliarella, the man who has been so pivotal to the Juventus attack this season, was felled in the fourth minute of the game. He is now a victim of a ruptured knee ligament, and is going to miss the rest of the season (and may be out for longer.) The injury is a big loss for the team, as Quagliarella was the top goal-scorer. He had scored nine goals, more than twice the amount of the next highest goal-scorer, Vincenzo Iaquinta (who has scored four.)

Luckily for Juventus and her fans, striker Amauri pledged to score 20 goals (this was back in August) so I'm sure he's going to fill Fabio's place. I mean, sure, Amauri has yet to score a goal this weekend and has struggled just to be fit enough to play, but, I'm sure he can break 20 if he starts paying now.

In all seriousness, Quag's injury delivers a serious blow to the Bianconeri's fortunes. While Juventus was in dire need of a class striker before the injury, now they have a full-on crisis.

In an attempt to mediate said crisis Beppe Marotta has brought in famed striker Luca Toni on a free transfer from Genoa. While the move obviously won't replace the lost firepower, it's better than nothing. Also, it was pretty cheap, since it was a free transfer and Toni took a pay cut.

But still Luca Toni is not a viable option as the striker of the future. He's 33 years old, only a few years younger than Mr. Del Piero, and he wasn't really stellar for Genoa (he netted three goals in 16 appearances) and I don't think he can team with Del Piero, as Fabio did.

Unfortunately for the Old Lady, I think Toni is the only striker who will be brought in during the January transfer, although I have heard rumors concerning a certain American turncoat named Giuseppe Rossi, but again, only rumors.

On the bright side, Fabio Quagliarella will probably be much cheaper to bring in permanently after his loan is up, seeing as how he's damaged goods.

Good luck with the recovery, Fabs. We'll miss you, and Juve's Scudetto hopes, which died alongside your knee.