WWE Brewing Thoughts: John Cena's Injury and a Miz-John Morrison Feud

Josh BrewerCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2011

If last night's edition of Raw was any indication, we're in store for one wild 2011.

It was a strange Raw, indeed.

A WWE Championship match started the evening; John Cena was nowhere to be found; Wade Barrett was cheered, albeit briefly.

The road to the Royal Rumble is being paved and the path to WrestleMania XXVII is in sight.

There's plenty to look forward to in the new year, but this edition of Brewing Thoughts starts where Raw did: With The Miz and John Morrison.

The Miz and John Morrison Must Feud in 2011

The IWC has been pining for a John Morrison push for months and some have called for Morrison's push to the world title picture be against his former tag-team partner, The Miz.

If Monday night was indication, the former tag-team champions could tear the house down in a feud over the WWE Championship.

Critics may say Monday night's WWE Title match was only one match, and not concrete evidence that Miz and Morrison could carry WWE's flagship program for weeks or months.

Nobody can deny the opening match of 2011 will likely be a Match of the Year candidate. While their pay-per-view matches likely wouldn't all be gems like Monday night's clash, the two can clearly tell a story in the ring.

Morrison has been improving on the mic, as well. The Miz is no slouch in promos, and could help his former partner when the feud finds its way to the microphone.

Timing, however, may be a problem. Multiple Internet reports have The Miz as WWE Champion heading into WrestleMania, but it's hard to see him retaining the belt against John Cena or Randy Orton.

If it's Cena or Orton who will challenge The Miz for the WWE Championship, the build will likely have to start sometime this month.

Where does Morrison fit into this picture? Unfortunately, nowhere.

Will The Miz regain the WWE Title post-WrestleMania XXVII? It's hard to say. If you believe the buzz coming from the Internet, The Miz isn't going away from the main event picture any time soon and a WWE Title reign seems more likely than not.

Maybe the time between The Miz's title reigns benefits Morrison as well. It gives Morrison more time to feud with the likes of Sheamus and CM Punk, in order to establish himself as a true main-event player.

If and when The Miz regains the WWE Title—possibly this summer—a feud with Morrison should be on the order. The two could put on a potentially show-stealing clash at SummerSlam, leading into Morrison's first WWE Title reign later down the line.

Morrison proved the thousands of members of the IWC right Monday night by showing he has a rightful place in the WWE Title picture.

Hopefully, it wasn't the last time we see John Morrison competing for the WWE Championship.


John Cena's Injury May Be a Blessing in Disguise

Time will tell if John Cena misses significant time with the leg injury he suffered last week against Wade Barrett. If he does miss serious time, though, it may be a good thing for WWE.

If Cena heads to the so-called injured list, Raw's main event picture has one face: Randy Orton.

Will that void be filled by the returning Triple H? Most likely. But Triple H doesn't have to be the only one to step into the main event on Monday nights.

The most obvious candidate is John Morrison.

Monday night may have been a test run to see how Morrison would fare on the top tier of WWE competition. By all outward appearances, Morrison passed with flying colors.

Cena's absence could be the onus WWE creative needs to finally get behind a full-fledged John Morrison push.

Triple H is becoming more and more comfortable with his role behind the scenes, meaning his time as an on-air character may be dwindling by the month.

All signs point to The Game returning to feud with Sheamus. The Miz would likely continue his feud with Orton.

Morrison could step up to feud with CM Punk. Morrison would go over immensely if Nexus continued to attack him, and battling one of the hottest heels in WWE wouldn't hurt anything, either.

The stage is set for a massive year for John Morrison. Fans of Morrison can only hope 2011 marks the arrival of the Shaman of Sexy.