RAW: There You Have It... Another Miz vs. Randy Orton Match?

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 4, 2011

Before I start let me say this: In the words of CM Punk, "Thank you for being oh, soooo predictable WWE."

Last week I wrote a very unenthusiastic article about CM Punk and the Nexus. Besides that, RAW was a success in my books. RAW has been very impressive lately—until tonight that is.

Let's see here. John Morrison challenged the Miz to a No Holds Barred match for the WWE Title. Instead of it happening at the Royal Rumble, it was scheduled for RAW. First of all, when does the WWE Title ever change hands on RAW? Besides Money in the Bank cash ins.

So from the start, the winner of Miz vs. Morrison was predictable.

To make the match worse, it was announced as the opening match for RAW tonight. Okay, can we be any more obvious here? The match starts of intense with Miz attempting to ambush Morrison. A few outside attacks here and there and the match made it's way to the stage.

Morrison leaps off the "W" on the stage and from the start it's over exaggerated. The guy's did it twice already and this is the first time you notice? Morrison takes out Riley and the match is then declared a one-on-one affair? 


So the battle escalates into the squared circle where Morrison hit's the Starship Pain. Honestly, I think Morrison has just become the WWE Champion. But no, The Miz miraculously kicks out. Good one, WWE, you almost got me there. Morrison stays on the offensive, but crashes and burns through a table.

Miz quickly takes advantage only for Morrison to kick out. A Skull Crushing Finale later, The Miz has won this match clean ladies and gentlemen. They're calling it Match of the Year. It was an okay match, but nothing we haven't already seen.

Let's see where the WWE failed here. Morrison got a three-month push. Morrison vs. Sheamus was a great, but meaningless match. The WWE decides to take the safe road and book Randy Orton vs. Miz for the second straight PPV. The Miz is a heel champion with a clean win.

Addressing those who believe Morrison will win the RR and challenge Miz at Wrestlemania. They didn't even give him a match at the Royal Rumble, what makes you think the WWE would have this match at their main event.

Morrison was basically pushed aside tonight and expect the same in the coming weeks. I apologize for giving false hope in my earlier article.

Onto the rest of RAW. Neither John Cena or Daniel Bryan were in attendance so the show was an automatic fail.

Though I must apologize for trashing CM Punk and Nexus. Even though they barely did anything tonight, I'm interested to see where this situation with Wade Barrett goes. Punk cost Wade Barrett a WWE title match tonight and I'm positive Barrett's looking for revenge.

Randy Orton unsurprisingly won a steel cage match tonight. Anybody else notice no one can win cleanly against him anymore? No offense to Orton but the thought of another Miz vs. Orton match turns my stomach. Going into this match, I was hoping for Sheamus to win.

Fact is that I refuse to ignore the facts. Orton was obviously the winner before the whole match started.

The ending that surprised me was Marella and Kozlov losing to the Usos. That's saying something.