NBA Season Of Steals:Ranking The Biggest Draft Steals In The NBA History!

Darko MihajlovskiCorrespondent IIIJanuary 14, 2011

NBA Season Of Steals:Ranking The Biggest Draft Steals In The NBA History!

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    Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as we continue with the rankings of the biggest steals of the drafts throughout the NBA History!

    Some teams have just a good eye for selecting a great player,it's just that simple.They know how to get a player with bright future,to get even better from it and even when they have a bad record,to rebuild by picking the right choices.

    Of course,that's never easy because you don't know what will your pick turn into.However,when it's the draft day,the focus is on the top 10-15 selections which leaves some players in the shadows and teams don't select them.

    They later have their minutes and prove everyone wrong.The Spurs front court office has the sense,eye to get a new star.When you look at their top selections (Timmy,The Admiral,Iceman,Manu,Parker) it's a nice trend.

    The latest steal of the 2010 class,is Knicks Landry Fields,who was drafted at No.37 but is the finest of them all,not named Blake Griffin and John Wall.Manu,Parker are just part of those as well.This is rank of big time selections and ranks of their overall career

    Here are the biggest steals from the draft throughout the NBA History!







Michael Redd

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    Drafted in the second round,as the 43th overall pick of the 2000 draft by the Milwaukee Bucks,who is a big time steal for his team.

    He didn't play from the get go,who battled with his team mates for playing time and his former coach,the smart George Karl gave him more time on the court and he didn't disappoint.When Ray Allen,was gone it opened the door for Michael.

    Redd's a sharp shooter,who can find easily the bottom of the net.He's got lighting quick release, who's got soft touch from anywhere and is fantastic scorer as well,who knows how to get his points.He's great especially at hitting the long distance attempts.

    He has had two big games during the 2006-07 season,as he hit the 50 point mark twice with one beasty performances which included 57 points.He nailed career high 40 points in the playoffs against the very good defensive Pistons too.

    He holds the NBA All Time record for most three pointers in a quarter,with whooping 8 who was second in 2003,in the race of the 6th Man Of The Year.He's a prolific offensive player,who once in the playoffs for a little bit missed the 50/40/90 club.

    He's 5th in the history in the team that he's been his entire career,the Bucks in total points and scoring average too.Here are his overall finest achievements

    -1x All Star

    -1x All-NBA Third Team

    -5th overall in the Milwaukee Bucks history in points per game and total points

    -FIBA World Champion

    -1x Olympic Gold medal

    -Won the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 Milwaukee Bucks Most Valuable Player award.

    -Was 1999–00 All-Big Ten First Team in college. 

    -Won the 1998, 1999, and 2000 Ohio State Most Valuable Player awards. 







Gilbert Arenas

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    Gilbert Arenas was drafted as the 31st overall selection from the second round in the 2001 draft by the Golden State Warriors.

    He's one of the most explosive scorers in the league,who can give you dozens of points in bunches and is a good shooter as well.He's nice all-around player,who plays the passing lanes well and is doing just fine in dishing the ball to his team mates.

    He's known for making clutch shots in the playoffs,who earned that reputation during his days with the Washington Wizards.He for two straight seasons ranked in the top 5 and 3 with his respectable scoring averages of 29.3 and 28.1 points a game.

    He was also among the top 5 in steals in the career 2005-06 season for him,who was in the All-Star as well.He was runner up to Dirk Nowitzki during the Three Point Shootout Contest.Regardless of that,it was a phenomenal year for him.

    However,the Wizards with Arenas as their leader went in the playoffs where he was out of his mind,with ridiculous 34 points and added 2.2 steals in there.Then the next years,would be just fine for him and in the late 2010,he's traded to the Magic.

    Overall,he's got a good career for him.He holds couple of franchise record in Washington with the most notable the 60 point performances against the Lakers,as he added 8 rebounds and 8 assists in that game.

    Career resume

    -3x All-Star

    -2x All-NBA Third Teams

    -1x All-NBA Second Team

    -Most Improved Player Of The Year

    -2003 NBA All-Star Rookie-Sophomores Game MVP

    -Holds NBA Record for most points in overtime (16) in playoffs series

    -Most points scored in under 30 minutes since the creation of the shot clock. (46 points)

    -Ranked 8th on the Wizards all time scoring list

    -Ranked 2nd on the Wizards all time list for most points per game (25.0)

Carlos Boozer

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    Taken by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round as the 34th pick of the 2002 draft,Carlos Boozer is one of the biggest steals ever.

    He's been his entire career one of the best post up players,thanks to his strength,offensive skill set and ability to finish with either hand right at the rim.He's been 6 times among the league leaders in Field Goal percentage while cracking the 20 point mark,twice.

    He's also notched for his rebounding,as he's regular member of the top 10 leaders in that category while being in the top 5 for defensive boards in multiple seasons.During a stech of two seasons,he was a 20/10 guy which earned him two All-Star appearances.

    However,his personal best was during the 2005-06 playoffs when he averaged  23.5 points, 12.2 boards, 2.9 assists which helped the Utah Jazz to make a nice run.He pulled down career high 13.3 rebounds in the last year's playoffs.

    During the off-season in the same year,he signed a multi million contract with the Chicago Bulls where he's playing well now and is consistent 20/10 big man every night.However,defense is still an issue but with Chicago's new coach,that can be surpassed.

    He has a fantastic career for his position in the draft.


    Career resume

    -2x All-Star

    -NBA All Third Team

    -NBA All Rookie Second Team

    -Olympic Bronze Medalist

    -Olympic Gold Medalist







Rajon Rondo

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    Drafted as the 21st pick of the 2006 draft,Rajon Rondo was selected by the Suns but then got traded to the Celtics and since then,he's having a stealer career.

    He's a fantastic point guard,for who can be made case as the league's finest.He's unselfish and looks to involve his team mates,is terrific passer,rebounds well for his size,is a lockdown defender who's also a threat on the lanes.

    He's a consistent triple double threat out there and the ultimate point guard that's now the top player in the Celtics after leading them last year to the Finals thanks to his outstanding play.He almost averaged triple double during that period which is an indicator of his play.

    He's captured a steals title thanks to his 2.5 steals a game.He also set new franchise records for most assists and steals during a season while cracking up dozens of triple doubles who's  notched  for  his defense.

    Despite this,there's a one big knock.That's the lack of consistent jumper.Teams still don't consider his shot as a threat and usually leave him open.However,Rondo's a hard worker who consistently wants to improve that and will do.

    After all,that's the only thing that's holding him to be better and better.He's leading the Celtics in most assists since his second season and is the leading force of the team that is the glue which connects Boston.

    Career resume

    -1x NBA Title

    -1x All-Star

    -2x All-Defensive Selections (1x All-First,1x All Second)

    -All Rookie Team

    -League leader in steals per game

    -League leader in total steals

    -Holds two franchise records for most steals and assists in a game










Steven Jackson

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    The 43rd pick of the 2nd round in the 1997 draft,Steven Jackson is one of the biggest draft steals ever who's got a decent pro career.

    A 6'8 tough and skilled player,who's also versatile enough to play couple of position.He's got a fantastic shooting abilities,can post up smaller players,is above average playmaker who excels with his ability to defend the perimeter.

    He's an All-Star worthy player even though he yet has to be voted or selected by the coaches to enter that.Some legends and players recognize him as a tough competitor with a complete game who are surprised of his play.

    Jackson has been a member of multiple teams and his road to success hasn't been easy at all.During the time with the Warriors and now with the Bobcats,he's gained most success.He was the last player since Tim Hardaway to have at least 30/10 performances in at least 5 games.

    He's notched for his phenomenal play in the 2007 playoffs as he played the biggest role in arguably the biggest upset in the NBA History as Golden State took down the first seed Dallas Mavericks down into the series.

    He's now captured two triple doubles,which are the first in the history of the Charlotte Bobcats.He led them to their first playoff appearance as well,but his injury stopped him to play in those series as they were swept by the Magic

    Career Resume

    -1x NBA Champion

    -Played in the All-Star Rookie-Sophomores Game

    -First player in the Warriors franchise to have at least 30 points and 10 assists in a five game span since Tim Hardaway.

    -Holds Golden State franchise playoff record with 7 three pointers

    -Recorded first triple double ever in Bobcats franchise










Michael Cooper

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    Michael Cooper was a big time draft steal for the Los Angeles Lakers as he was taken 60th overall in the third round of the 1978 draft.

    It didn't take him long to become an important member of the Showtime Lakers that went on to win five championships.He's one of the best defensive players in the league's history who was phenomenal on the perimeter and he was versatile,who was assigned to defend the 2 and 3 position usually.

    Larry Bird recognized his abilities by saying that Coop was the finest defender he ever faced which is an extra recognition of his skills.He's one of the first guard/forwards to win the Defensive Player Of The Year award.

    His team sometimes ran an alley op play for him,called "Coop a loop" and was a fan favorite in the city of Los Angeles.He was ranked among the club's all-time top 10 in three-point field goals (428), games played (873), total minutes played (23,635), steals (1033), blocked shots (523), assists (3,666), defensive rebounds (2,028), offensive rebounds (741) and free throw percentage (.833).

    After his playing career,he continued to be a coach and won two titles with the Los Angeles Sparks in a row after leading them to a 28-4 season and won one ring in the NBA Development League as well as the head coach.

    Career Resume

    -5x Champion

    -8x All NBA Defensive Teams (5x All-First)

    -Defensive Player Of The Year











Clifford Robinson

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    Clifford Robinson was selected in the second round of the 1989 draft as the 36th pick who has a nice career.

    He was a consistent,durable and tough player who to 2007 was one of the rare players that was drafted in the 80's to play in the 00's.He was a threat from both inside and outside,was decent on the boards and good defender,who also blocked shots and got steals.

    He played important role during the Blazers championship contenders of the 90's but both of them failed to win it all.He won the 6th Man Of The Year award for his stealer play of the bench in 1992 and after 2 years,he played in his only All-Star Game too.

    In the 90's,no big man shot the 3 pointer better than him who remains as one of the best shooting big men ever who held the honor of being the tallest player to record at least 1 000 3's until Dirk passed it but still,his total is the top ever for all big men under 7'0 feet.

    He captured two All-Defensive Teams in the early 00's.He missed the playoffs once during his 18th year career and is among the all time league leaders in total games played.His scoring total is one of the highest for 2nd round choices of all time.

    Career Resume

    -6th Man Of The Year

    - NBA All-Star

    -2x All Second Defensive Teams

    -Ranks No.8 in most games played

    -Holds the honor of making most 3 pointers for any big men under 7'0 feet

    -Ranks Top 10 in multiple categories in the Blazers franchise










Bill Laimbeer

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    Bill Lambier was selected as the 65th pick in the 3rd round of the 1979 draft,who has had himself an outstanding career.

    He wasn't athletic,not quick,couldn't jump high but for all what he lacked,he made up with tough and a dirty playing style,especially the underneath the basket for rebounds where he would use anything just to get the board.

    He was the baddest of the "Bad Boys" Detroit Pistons squad that won 2 championships in the late 80's and beginning of the 90's.He was aggressive on the glass,who led the league with 13.1 rebounds per game and ended Malone's 5 year streak.

    The Laimbeer "flop" became the stuff of legend. A grimacing Laimbeer would often go careening to the floor in reaction to the slightest tap from an opponent. More often than not, the whistle went his way. With aggravating if not refreshing candor, Laimbeer never disavowed his on-court histrionics.

    During the years in the league,from 1982 to 1990,no one did a better job of protecting his glass like this "Bad Boy" did,who excelled in that aspect of the game.He was an iron man who had a streak of 650 consecutive games in a row.

    Career Resume

    -2x NBA Champion

    -League leader in rebounding

    -4x All-Star

    -Pistons all time leader in rebounding

    -Ranks second in most games played for the Pistons

    -During the 1982-1990,no one grabbed more defensive rebounds than him











Tony Parker

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    Tony Parker is one of the finest European players ever to play in the NBA,who's a big time steal for the Spurs who simply have an eye of a Hawk for getting talents.

    He's one of the quickest players of all time,who's known for being a terrific scorer,who gets most of his points inside and his teardrop shot is his trademark move,that is hard to block.He's a good distributor who ranks up nice totals in the Spurs and rebounds well.

    He's effective inside scorer,despite his size (6'2) and until recently,he improved shooting abilities as a result of work with Chip Engelland,he added a consistent mid range shot and is decent outside threat too.

    He's got an amazing career,filled with many achievements like his 3x All-Star Games,3 rings and so on which makes him a successful player.His career best,came in the 2007 Finals where he was the Finals MVP with  series-high 24.5 points, accompanied by a high field goal percentage of 56.8% and of 57.1% from three point range.

    In the 2008 playoffs,he had career high averages in the 1st round against Jason Kidd and the Mavericks with 28.6 points,4.2 rebounds and 6.8 assists in impressive series while tying Gervin's franchise record with 31 points for one half.

    He's playing a crucial role in the Spurs now,who's now arguably the best player from the team right now who's among the league MVP candidates.Also,he's the first and only one European born player to win the Finals MVP!

    Career resume

    -3x Titles

    -1x Finals MVP

    -3x NBA All-Star

    -NBA All Third Team

    -Bronze medal from the World Championships in 2005

    -Euroscar European Player OF The Year (2007)

    -On the cover of the NBA Live 2009









KC Jones

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    Few players with scoring averages below 10 points,have entered the Hall Of Fame and Boston Celtics' K.C Jones was one of them.

    He was quiet,modest,shy person off the court,but on it,a defensive stud who could play absolutely great lockdown defense on the stars of the class like the Big O,West and so on.He was a teammate of Bill Russell,their entire career from college to the pros.

    KC was the first great defender who could slow down the superstars of the perimeter and was played a key role with his intensiveness and pressure that put many guys on their worst shooting days whenever they faced him.

    Outside of his defense,Jones was an overlooked but effective playmaker for the Celtics,after Cousy was through with basketball.His assist totals ranked consistently among the league's top 5 since he got a good playing time.

    He was unspectacular but effective floor leader during his playing years,who won 8 championships with the team he spent his entire pro career,Boston,where started from nothing to become something and now he's in the Hall Of Fame.

    It's a shame,there weren't Defensive Teams in his career.Had there been one,he would have been in all of them.Career resume

    -8x NBA Champion

    -Elected to the Hall Of Fame

    -Olympic Gold Medalist

    -His career assist total and averages ranks No.8 on the franchise history













Dennis Johnson

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    The 29th pick of the 2nd round,Dennis Johnson had a beyond great NBA career for a guy who sat on the bench his senior year in high school and was barely noticed by college scouts.

    He stood 6'4 on the court,however his tough physique and quick hands put him in the discussion of the best perimeter and overall defensive players of any time,who could always strip the ball,play lockdown defense on the ball while being a threat on the lanes.

    He was a productive offensive player,that knew to produce in many ways thanks to his rounded game,a thing that served him well.He led the Seattle Supersonics to their first and only championship in 1979 while winning the Finals MVP honors,who scored 32 in Game 4.

    He was traded to the Celtics where he continued to shine and won additional 2 more championships in the green uniform,where he's regarded as one of the best players ever and most loved ones.His stealer defense on Magic was the key for the Celtics championship,as he made a game winner during the series too.

    He died at the age of 52,but last year he was indicated to the Hall Of Fame.

    Career resume

    -3x NBA Champion

    -1x Finals MVP

    -2x All-NBA Teams (1x All First,1x All Second)

    -9x All Defensive Teams (6x All-First)

    -5x All Star

    -Elected in the Hall Of Fame












Dennis Rodman

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    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    The leading player of the 2011 nominated members of the Hall Of Fame,Dennis Rodman is one of the greatest players of all time.

    He's regarded as one of the greatest defensive players (if not the best) players,who guarded everything from giant centers to fast point guard,who played large role in all of the team and rightfully won 5 rings for that.

    He's arguably the most versatile defensive mastermind ever,who had no problem to guard to whoever he was assigned to and did it right.He wasn't the strongest,fastest,tallest but had his own methods for an excellence in that part.

    Another aspect of the game,that Rodman excelled was pulling down boards.He was without any doubt, the top rebounding forward ever and arguably,the most outstanding rebounder the game has ever seen who was simply put,a monster.

    Despite,his size (6'8),he's a proof that you don't have to be strong/tall to be good on the glass,who for a streak of 7 consecutive years,was the league's leading rebounder.It wasn't even close.There would be seasons in which he would grab 16,17 boards while the second was with distant 12,13.

    Considering the pace in the 90's compared to the 60's,it was slower but it still didn't stop him for doing what he wanted.Had he played in a faster tempo,20 rebounds a game wouldn't be a trouble at all for him when you know his skills.

    On offense he was limited,but who cares about that when he did everything rest with his defense,ability to pull down a ton of missed shots,hustle and so on.A player of Rodman's caliber can now bring you championships!

    Career Resume

    -5x Titles

    -7x rebounding titles

    -2x All Defensive Player Of The Year 

    -8x All Defensive Teams (7x All-First)

    -2x All-Star











Nate Archibald

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    In the game of giants,Nate "Tiny" Archibald proved there will be always a place for quick,smart,creative small man.Taken in the 1970 by the Cincinati Royals who had an eye of a hawk for drafting talented point guard.

    Anyway,he enjoyed success in his beyond stealer career as a draft steal of the 1970 from the second round.He's arguably the best "little" man ever,who was a triple threat.He could either pass,score from a shot or go for a lay up.

    He possessed a nice combination of speed and dribbling abilities that gave the opposing defenders that defended him.He was in general a tough match up,despite his size.Archibald was  a  great playmaker who could lead his team mates for easy points.

    He's still to this day,the only player to lead the league in both assists and points in the same season,a strong achievement for him.He knew how to get to the rim too and played the passing lanes well too as he was a superb individual.

    His assist totals at some points,ranked among the top 5 to top 10 in the league during some seasons and at the time,he retired he was the 9th leading man in dimes.He went with the Boston Celtics in the 80's to win a title and call it a career.

    Career Resume

    -1x NBA Champion

    -Elected to the Hall Of Fame

    -5x All NBA Teams (3x All-First,2x All-Second)

    -6x All-Star

    -All-Star Game MVP

    -One of the 50 greatest players ever












Alex English

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    One of the most prolific scorers and best offensive player ever,Alex English was an all time great in so many ways,but he never really got the right attention for his abilities,which he certainly deserves more judged on his play.

    He was the 23rd draft pick of the 1976 draft,who was at first frustrated with being reserve and after two years,he was traded to the Nuggets where he right from the start proved to be a fantastic player who poured in above 21 points.

    Then,he would go on and have a Hall Of Fame career with the Denver Nuggets.He had 8 consecutive seasons with at least 8 000 points,who during the same time earned 8 All-Star Appearances too,who led his team to 9 post season runs.

    He scored 25.9 points a game during the 80's,who's the most prolific scorer of that decade and a guy who possessed one of the most silkiest and effective jump shot the game has ever seen.It was tough to block duo to his streched his arms so high.

    He won the scoring title with averaging 28.2 points,while leading everyone twice in total points and three times in field goals made.His career 50.2% percent,which speaks a lot for his ability to drain the shot and score.

    He was complete player as well,who when retired,holds the all time record in the Nuggets franchise for most points,assists,games and minutes in the franchise uniform.

    Career Resume

    -Elected to the Hall Of Fame

    -8x All-Star

    -3x All NBA Second Defensive Teams

    -First player to record at least 2 000 points in 8 consecutive season

    -Holds career Field Goal percent of 50.2,one of the highest ever for non guards

    -Denver Nuggets all time scoring leader











John Stockton

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    Tom Hauck/Getty Images

    The 16th pick of the 1984 draft class,John Stockton had a phenomenal career in the NBA who went on to be arguably the greatest point guard ever.

    Few players have defined a certain position in basketball,and he did for his own.A true example,of how a point guard should run the offense,lead his team mates to easy two,play the pick n'roll,pass on the fast brake and so on.

    He was a complete player too,who could shot well,score,get steals,play defense and grab a few boards besides his insane ability to pass the ball to pretty much everyone.It was a skill of his,that it could be argued that it was second to none.

    For 9 consecutive seasons,John Stockton assist totals ruled in the NBA and no one was capable to be a threat to his records who crush him.He surpassed the record set by Isiah Thomas in most dimes per game in a season,who went beyond 13.6 three times.

    His 14.5 dimes are the highest ever and no player ever,has yet to get close to that.When he retired,he became the all time leader in that category as he did in steals too.He won the steals title once while leading twice in total.

    This quote speaks a lot for him

    "Nobody thought that he was going to be this good. Nobody. But the thing was, you couldn't measure his heart."


    -- Frank Layden


    Now only if he won a ring,then he would have been,higher than he's now

    Career Resume

    -2x All-NBA First Teams

    -6x All-NBA Second Teams

    -3x All-NBA Third Teams

    -5x All-Second Defensive Selections

    -10x All-Star

    -Co-All Star Game MVP

    -Olympic Gold Medalist

    -One of the 50 greatest players ever in the league's history

    -Elected in the Hall Of Fame

    -NBA All Time leader in steals and assists









Clyde Drexler

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    One of the best all time great guards,Clyde Drexler was drafted as the 14th pick overall of the 1983 draft class who was a steal for Portland,that lifted the franchise to its finest days since 1976.

    "The Glide" as they called him back in his playing days,he was a true high flyer who possessed a great skill set,fundamentals and talent to be an outstanding legend in the league,who's made a such a terrific career.

    He didn't go right from the start,who made the jump during his second season and in his third,he made his first All-Star Game,after pouring in 18 points a game,with above 2 steals and 8 assists which were a prove of his game.

    He then joined the likes of Larry Bird and Earvin "Magic" Johnson among few others,who gained himself a reputation as one of the most complete players in the league after averaging 27.0 points,6.6 rebounds ,5.8 assists and 2.5 steals.

    His stats prove that he was well rounded and had the game to prove that too.Portland relied on this guy and his explosiveness to reach 2 NBA Finals,but lost all of them to Chicago where in the first game MJ was on fire and in the 2nd against Detroit.

    Despite his effort with the Blazers,he failed to win a title with them.However,things would turn around for Clyde during his veteran seasons,who teamed up with former college team mate Hakeem Olajuwon to play a big role in a championship season.

    He won his one and only title,who in the Finals against Orlando delivered  21.5 points, 9.5 rebounds and 7.5 assists en route to the deepest run he has ever been in the post season.He had a fantastic career and here is resume.

    -Elected to the Hall Of Fame

    -1x NBA Champion

    -1x All NBA First Team

    -2x All NBA Second Team

    -2x All NBA Third Team

    -10x All-Star

    -One of the 50 greatest players ever in the league's history

    -Olympic Gold Medalist

    -One of the 3 players ever along with Hondo and the Big O to have at least 20 000 points,6 000 boards and 3 000 assists.

Karl Malone

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    Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Arguably the greatest power forward to grace the league's history,Karl Malone was the 13th pick of the 1985 draft.

    His game into the pros went to a whole new level,that not many players could match.He was a superb big man with insane mix of strength,speed and athleticism with soft touch from mid range,ability to run the floor well and dominate.

    His work ethic was second to none,who kept himself in a high condition during more than 20 years in a competitive and athletic league of the caliber that the NBA is.He was one of the most consistent and durable players ever.

    He was a dominant presence,especially on offense who combined with John Stockton to form one of the top duos ever,who both led the Utah Jazz to success but unluckily for him,they fell twice to the Bulls.

    He grabbed more defensive rebounds and was on the line more than anyone else in the history of this league,who was the second leading scorer too who captured more than 36 000 points on a 25.0 points per game in his career.

    Impressive,isn't it?He never grabbed less than 9.8 boards and was the last one to record 30/10 in single season.During his prime in the playoffs,he recorded 29.9 points with 13.3 boards a game which is yet another strong performance.

    Although,he played well,one championship lacked in his career to capture a phenomenal path for that physical and dirty yet effective big man.The Mailman delivered against his competition too and was in the All NBA First Teams,consistently.

    Career Resume

    -2x Most Valuable Player

    -13x All-Star

    -11x All NBA First Team

    -2x All NBA Second Team

    -1x All NBA Third Team

    -2x All Star Game MVP

    -Elected to the Hall Of Fame

    -One of the 50 greatest players in the NBA History

    -All Rookie Team

    -3x All First Defensive Teams

    -1x All Second Defensive Team

    -NBA All Time leader in defensive rebounds

    -NBA All Time leader in most free throws made and attempted

    -Second all time leading scorer in the NBA History











Kobe Bryant

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Arguably the top basketball player on the planet now,Kobe Bryant is a terrific guard who's still not done finishing with his illustrated career who's a true example of how much hard work can get you up there in the league.

    He's fundamentally sound as they come,with excellent skilled and nice rounded game,who additionally can go in the post,make variety of tough shots,dish,grab rebounds who had some huge games and is notched for his ability in the clutch.

    He can be argued as the finest player of our generation as well,who's one of the most prolific scorers of any time with explosiveness,who back in the day used to fly on the baseline most of the time doing a dozens of nasty slams.

    His route to what is he now,was not easy at all.Despite his talent,he went from high school directly into the pros and was selected as No.13 pick of the 1996 draft.Jerry West,the Lakers GM at that time,was the only one who recognized his talent and made a back then shocking trade,by sending Divac in there for KB.

    The result?Bryant goes on to become an all time great,which he's still now and is not finished with the work.That trade has found its place in the league's history.He was criticized for many things,but at the end always worked hard enough to gain respect.

    He was once a guard who dominated based on his leaping ability,speed and skills to transform his own playing style that now is now based on his skills,shooting and IQ which gives him result.He recently led the Lakers to 2 back to back titles and is looking for his 2nd three peat.

    Kobe is indeed a phenomenal shooting guard who's got a great place and is still looking to finish with a style.Oh,and his ability to defend his man is overlooked by some fans.Career Resume

    -5x Champion

    -2x Finals MVP

    -2x scoring titles

    -1x MVP

    -Olympic Gold Medalist

    -12x All-Star

    -8x All NBA First Teams

    -2x All NBA Second Team

    -2x All NBA Third Team

    -8x All Defensive First Team

    -2x All Defensive Second Team

    -3x All Star Game

    -1x Slam Dunk Contest winner











Wilt Chamberlain

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    Even though he had a spectacular season in Kansans,Wilt Chamberlain who even despite the unseen dominance in the NCAA didn't go at No.1 which wasn't smart.He gets drafted,plays in the NBA and is a legend in every sense of the word.

    What did he do in his first year to prove the teams why it wasn't a good idea to pass him?Nothing really outside of 37.6 points and 27.0 rebounds,capturing the NBA MVP,ROY and All Star Game MVP award as he led the 76ers to success.

    Nothing short of legendary,he was so dominate largely because he was so strong,held track records and a numerous high jumping world champion as well who was the most doubled and tripled team by far.Teams had no clue how to stop his dominance with fouls

    The play was so rough that it forced him to retire in his rookie year but would come back ready for the next season.He had endless stamina which aloud him to play dozens of minutes and had a high basketball IQ that he used well

    Wilt during his finest averaged 50 points and 27 rebounds,numbers that will never be touched and was the top individual player who cared to get insane statistics and his overall numbers are second to none,you will see that later

    Just how great was Wilt? Oscar Robertson summed it best with the quote on the question is he the greatest of all time, "The books don't lie". That's good answer, considering the fact that this guy holds 60 of the 72 NBA records!

    Want some records? How about 100 points in a single games, 55 rebounds in a single game, only player to score 4,000 points in a season, scored 50 ppg through an entire season, and grabbed 27 boards, too.

    He was arguably the most notable rebounding machine to play on a NBA hardwood,period.During his 15 years of pro basketball,he won the rebound titles 11 times in that period while winning 7 scoring titles as well

    His height didn't make him great,it was the fantastic physical abilities combined with his skills. He was more then dunks.He had the fade away, finger role, and the hook shot.He posted the most insane and by far untouchable numbers ever

    He was also phenomenal defender as well,who would likely been No.2 (or No.1) had blocks been as a official stat.His steals total would be high as well.He is one of the most all-around players ever,for who many believe he recorded quadruple double before it became official.

    Overall,Wilt could be a strong choice for the honor of best basketball player ever and if you select him,it isn't a bad call.

    Career Resume

    -2x NBA Champion

    -2x Finals MVP

    -4x MVP

    -Rookie Of The Year

    -All Star Game MVP

    -9x All NBA Selections (7x All-First)

    -13x All-Star

    -2x All-First Defensive Teams (the honor came late in his career)

    -Elected to the Hall Of Fame

    -One of the 50 greatest players ever in the NBA History

    -NBA 35th Anniversary Team

    -NBA All Time leader in rebounding (both in total and per game)

    -7x scoring titles

    -11x rebounding titles (most ever)

    -Only non guard ever to lead the NBA in assists 

    -Holds 60 out of the 72 records in the league's history

    -Scored 100 points in a single game ever











Larry Bird

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    Despite the hype surrounding him and success in college,Larry Bird went as the 6th overall pick of the 1978 draft and boy,did the Celtics select the right man in that time,who went to become a basketball legend.

    He's arguably the most complete player of all times and top Small Forward ever as well,whose ability to shot were second to none too.Overall,he got everything team and individual accomplishments which is a strong reason to consider him even as the greatest player in the league's history.

    He was a true superstar and Celtic pride,who filled the Boston Garden and was terrific in absolutely all aspects of the game,brought the spotlight with his beyond great play on himself,hurt teams in dozens of ways while excelling his team mates performances.

    He was above all a clutch performer,a guy who had no problem to find the bottom of the net with his so accurate shot and was feared all across the league for that.He has a collection of historical moments in the playoffs and finals too.

    He averaged triple double in his winning trips in there as a showcase of his all-around abilities and proof of his greatness.His rivalry with Earvin "Magic" Johnson in many ways revolutionized this league who is an all time great.

    He brought 3 championships as the leading force of the renewed Boston Celtics of the 80's,who has a special place in the franchise's history.He's often recognized for his trash talking,who would tell whoever was guarding him what was he doing and at the end,still did it.

    His IQ was amazing,one of the highest ever,right there with Bill Russell in terms of that.He was capable to read the inbounds play,pretend to ignore it and at the end,got the steal to the easy two.What he did not have in speed,athleticism he made up with everything else.

    Career Resume

    -3x NBA Champion

    -3x Finals MVP

    -3x Regular Season MVP

    -9x All NBA First Team

    -1x All NBA Second Team

    -3x All Second Defensive Team

    -Rookie Of The Year

    -Olympic Gold Medalist

    -Elected to the Hall Of Fame

    -One of the 50 greatest players in the NBA History

    -3x Three Point Shotout Winner 

    -First one to win the Shotout Contest,first one to win it all 3 times as well 

    -Known for trash talking e.g

    When the First All-Star Three Point Contest was held,he walks and says "So,which of you guys will finish second"?