Roger Federer Wins Fifth US Open Title in a Row

MyRoyalWayCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

Match Recap

Either person will create history by winning the 2008 US Open Final.

Roger Federer will be the first person to win five straight US Open Championships, a feat not achieved since 1920. If Andy Murray wins, he will be the first Briton to win since 1936.

This match is also interesting for other reasons. Roger Federer has had a poor season by his standards, and by winning the US Open, he is seeking to win at least one grand slam every year since 2003.

Andy Murray, coming off a sensational upset of Rafael Nadal, will continue his astronomical rise in the ATP rankings and culminate in a career best world no.4 by the end of the tournament.


First Set

Federer looked extremely focused from the start. He opened the game with two aces, and won the third with an unforced error from Murray. He finished the game point with an emphatic backhand.

Early on, Federer’s backhand, which has provided the bulk of his enforced errors previously, was looking good. Murray, on the other hand, seems to be getting the big match jitters, making unforced errors that were a rarity against Nadal.

Federer broke Murray for a 4-2 lead. Federer increased his lead to 5-2 with a series of huge forehand that painted the lines. The Federer of old is showing up!

Murray seemed to be a little conservative in this set thus far. Perhaps he has not recovered from the exertion against Nadal.

Federer broke again to win the first set 6-2, aided by a couple of Murray’s unforced errors.


Second Set

Roger Federer started the second set where he left off. In the first game, he moved Murray around with huge forehands. On his day, Federer’s forehand is absolutely the best in the business.

Second game, Federer leads 30-0, looking set to break Murray again. However, Murray fought back with huge serves of 133 mph to lead 40-30. However, he played the next point to Federer’s forehand, and Federer duly converted with an aggression that was missing for so long.

Federer won the next two points to break Murray again. In the third game, Murray broke right back with an emphatic 40-0 game. His venomous backhand is on display in this game.

Murray looks much more settled down now. It will be interesting to see how the match will progress from now.

Murray held serve, and raced to a 40-0 lead on Federer’s serve. However, Federer won the next three points to force a deuce, and subsequently won the game. Both players held serve for the next four games, for a 5-4 Federer lead.

At this point, Andy Murray seems a little affected by a pain his right knee; he would clutch his knees in between serves.

The score is tight at 5-5. Federer serving, score at 15-15. Point of the game thus far. Federer attempted to lob Murray as he comes to the net but Murray showed great agility to retrieve the ball. Federer hit a forehand to the net. Though Federer eventually won the game to lead 6-5, he seems to be tiring, or is he?

On the next game, Federer showed lots of aggression, signaling his intent to close out the set. He came to the net at every point and led 40-0 for a triple set point.

He won the last point with an emphatic overhead smash, and boy did he show some emotion in winning the point and set! This is the Federer of old! Aggressive and a hunger to win! Two sets to love for Federer.


Third Set

Roger Federer won the first point of the set as with the previous two sets. Federer broke Murray 40-0 in the next game to take a 2-0 lead. His drop shots with tremendous back spin are on display early in the third set, and even the great athleticism of Murray could not retrieve those balls.

Federer adopted a serve and volley game for the next game, and despite Murray’s attempts, he led 3-0. He broke the fourth game 40-0 with another emphatic backhand. Federer leads 4-0. Boy, is he in a hurry to win!

Federer again adopted a serve-and-volley game for the next game, and he simply moved overwhelmed Murray. 5-0 to Federer. This is the ruthless Federer of old! It is simply a joy to watch.

Interestingly, Murray won the next two games for a 5-2 Federer lead. 

What a way to end the game! Roger Federer showed amazing patience to strike two seemingly impossible to save overhead smashes to Andy Murray.

It is only on the second smash that Murray finally hit a forehand to the net. Federer collapsed to the ground in trademarked fashion! Federer has won his fifth straight US Open title!

I mentioned in an earlier post, that Roger Federer is a totally different person after winning the Olympic Doubles Gold medal. The hunger to win which was missing for the bulk of 2008 was on full display.

Roger Federer is back!