Nadal V Murray LIVE

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst ISeptember 7, 2008

So there you have it, Rafa Nadal will not be winning the US Open as many predicted and now that honour will fall to either Andy Murray or Roger Federer yet again. I'll be back tomorrow with live updates of that match so I'd like to know if you think it's a good idea and if people will read it. Its Murray's night and tomorrow he'll attempt to win his first Grand Slam

FOURTH SET:Nadal 4-6 Murray
Murray gets an enormous slice of luck on the first point as a backhand clips the net, rolls along the top and drops on Nadal's side. Another net cord helps him get to 30-30 as he steps in and puts away an easy forehand. Two points from the final.... but Nadal hits a big serve. A fired-up Murray holds his own in a magnificent rally and forces an error to make it deuce. An even better rally follows and Murray is the one who takes the initiative as he darts to the net and punches away a volley. MATCH POINT!!!!

Nadal brings Murray in and it's a bad move - the Scot chases it down and sends a backhand pass around the stranded world number one. MURRAY WINS!!!

Nadal 4-5 Murray
Nadal's second running forehand pass of the day gets the top seed off to an ominously good start but he fails with a return on the next point, and a big Murray serve and nerveless forehand volleys get him to 40-15. Ace! Murray is one game away.

Nadal 4-4 Murray
Another brave trip to the net and a flat backhand winner get Murray to 30-30, and Nadal then goes wide in a desperately tense rally. It's break point for Murray! He goes just, just long with a backhand down the centre. Murray then sends a forehand long and Nadal holds.

Nadal 3-4 Murray
Murray is suddenly in charge again, sending down some big serves to get to 40-0 and then producing the shot of the match, day, week, tournament? Nadal chases down a drop shot easily and seemingly hammers away a backhand but Murray sticks his racquet out and flicks it back from behind him. Hard to describe, worth looking out for.-

Nadal 2-3 Murray
Murray is looking understandably flat at the moment and some loose play sees him fail to make much impression on the first two points, but he rouses himself with a sortie to the net and gets back to 30-30 when a Nadal lob goes long. Yet another backhand into the net lets the British number one down but he wins a long rally for deuce. Nadal then sticks a very casual volley into the net and Murray has break point number 18 of the match.... and at last! Murray finds a solid return and Nadal goes long with a forehand. It's all square.

Nadal 3-2 Murray
Uh-oh. Not only is Nadal back to his usual levels of confidence but he seems to be rediscovering the trademark power that was absent yesterday. He absolutely belts a forehand winner into the opposite corner for 0-30 and Murray does well to battle back and cling onto his serve.

Nadal 3-1 Murray
Nadal is in trouble when hits a double fault and an error but he regroups and battles back from 0-30 to take the game and consolidate the break. Five-setter anyone?

Nadal 2-1 Murray
There is no changeover after that dramatic previous game and the inevitable happens. Murray makes three unforced errors to fall 0-40 behind and he goes wide with another backhand to drop serve. It seems unfair somehow. But it's not.

Nadal 1-1 Murray
An epic game. Nadal sends a forehand miles wide - very unusual that one - and it's 15-40, two break points. Nadal saves the first with a big serve-big forehand combination, and the second with a big serve. Impressive stuff. Murray remains unruffled and this time draws the Spaniard to the net and fires an unstoppable backhand down the line.

Break point number three - Murray gets into the rally but nets a regulation backhand. Ouch. Nadal then goes wide when stretching for a backhand, and it's break point number four.... at last he gets a second serve but agonisingly stick the return in the net. Another long rally, another Nadal error under pressure, break point number five... and Nadal saves it with a lunging volley after Murray chases down a forehand on the run. It's breathtaking stuff from both men at the moment.

Murray gets break point number six with a fading backhand slice down the line, but then sends a backhand long. I'm not sure I can take all this. Murray hammers a forehand into the backhand corner and it's break number 36 of this game. Er, seven. Nadal hits an ace. Murray plays the shot of the day, a booming backhand winner, and it's deuce number eight. Nadal finally comes through for a huge hold, could be tough for Murray to get over that one.

Nadal 0-1 Murray
Cripes. Nadal hits a blistering forehand winner down the line on the first point of the set - just like the one he played to get to match point in the Wimbledon final - and Murray then makes an error to fall 0-30 down. He gets back to 30-30 with the help of a superb forehand of his own but then double faults. Break point to Nadal but Murray hits an ace out wide, followed by a big second serve and a Nadal error. A huge hold for Murray, whose grandmother is on her feet in the players' box. Steady there.



Nadal 6-4 Murray
It's 30-30 and the pressure is on Nadal. He's not the world number one for nothing, though, and fizzes a forehand deep into the corner to make it 40-30 and set point. Murray plays a brilliant point, turning defence into attack and making Nadal go for too much with an attempted pass - deuce. Another forehand error from Nadal and it's break-back point! Ace from Nadal, great shot, and he then takes control of the next rally to thump away a forehand down the line - set point number two and he hooks a big forehand onto the line. The Spaniard punches the air and the match is well and truly on now.

Nadal 5-4 Murray
Murray has picked up where he left off yesterday on serve, firing two aces to open the game, throwing in a spectacular forehand winner and rounding it off with ace number three. Now, can he force the break back?

Nadal 5-3 Murray
Nadal attacks with the forehand and sweeps into the net to put away a volley, much to Uncle Toni's delight in the stands. Murray almost hits a winner off a Nadal smash but just goes wide and Nadal looks like taking this set at the moment.

Nadal 4-3 Murray
A fantastic response from Murray, who wallops one magnificent cross-court forehand winner and follows up with a sharp volley to hold to love. .

Nadal 4-2 Murray
Nadal opens in impressive fashion, finishing a lengthy first rally before smacking a backhand winner onto the baseline. Murray goes for too much with a couple of aggressive backhands and Nadal holds to love with a massive forehand, and gets a huge roar. I think the locals want a five-setter.

2137: The knock-up is well and truly under way, to the familiar sound of U2's Where The Streets Have No Name they seem to like that one at Flushing Meadows. Strap yourselves in people, here we go.... -



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