Roddick Learns Nothing From Olympics, Loses At Open

Emily ThompsonCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2008

Have we learned nothing from the Olympics people?

Alain Bernard said the French would "smash the Americans like guitars." They lost.

Cavic said "Phelps losing would be good for him, and good for the sport." He lost.

Have we not learned that trash talk does no good?

Now Andy Roddick didn't say he would smash Novak Djokovic like guitars, nor did he say anything along the lines of beating him.

In Djokovic's prior match he called for a trainer not once, not even twice, but several times—for his hip, ankle, stomach, and even breathing issues.

After the match asked about Djokovic's problems, Roddick "kidding around" was checking whether or not the list of problems included anthrax, bird flu, SARS, and the common cold and said, "He's either quick to call a trainer or he's the most courageous guy of all time."

Sure that upset Djokovic, but what really set him off is when Roddick said in an on court interview, "I've got to feel good. He's [Djokovic] got about 16 injuries right now."

Djokovic beat Roddick in 4 sets: 6-2, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6. Afterwards Djokovic said, "That’s not nice, anyhow, to say in front of this crowd that I have 16 injuries and that I’m faking." This response brought boos from the crowd. He then said, "They’re already against me [the crowd], because they think I’m faking everything."

For what it's worth, Roddick swears he was just joking, and he and Djokovic had a private "meeting." After this meeting Djokovic said, "He made a joke, and it was a misunderstanding, so I don’t blame it on him. Maybe I exaggerated and reacted bad in that moment. I apologize."

Djokovic moves on to the semi-finals to face Roger Federer.