WWE Diva Gail Kim: Now is the Time to Move the Asian Sensation to SmackDown

Renee GerberCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2010

Gail Kim, photo copyright to WWE.com
Gail Kim, photo copyright to WWE.com

Hi, Bleachers!

An idea has come into my mind recently and, the more I think about it, the more I like it.

One of the most talented divas in WWE is Gail Kim. She is a veteran who originally started with WWE in 2003.

After a short stint that lasted about a year and a quarter and, in spite of the fact that she was in a storyline with Trish Stratus, Kim was released by the company. She later joined TNA and went on to lead the women's division there, becoming the first-ever Knockouts champion.

Gail returned to WWE on March 27, 2009. Sadly, she is one of the company's most underutilized divas in spite of her immense talent.

The Asian Sensation has most recently competed in some tag team matches with Melina as her partner, mostly on Superstars.

Otherwise, we tend to see her in backstage segments and in other spots that involve a group of women, such as the RAW babyface divas coming to Natalya's aid when LayCool were about to jump her and the face divas dancing with U.S. champion Daniel Bryan post-match.

Aside from the recently returned Beth Phoenix, SmackDown currently lacks star power as far as face divas are concerned. Kelly Kelly is still there, but she is used quite sparingly.

Rosa Mendes is also present and even competed in a match against Layla last week, but she isn't quite up to par with the other divas' wrestling ability and is usually relegated to backstage segments.

So, I have a proposal that I believe would help balance things out for the women's division on the blue brand.

Why not move Gail Kim over there? At the very least, she should take the No. 2 babyface spot after Beth.

Earlier this year, we all witnessed the feud between LayCool and the Glamazon. Although Phoenix is incredibly strong, powerful and has an amazing array of wrestling moves at her disposal, she was unable to overcome the numbers advantage Michelle McCool and Layla enjoy.

Rosa Mendes wouldn't be an adequate enough ally to assist Beth, should the Glamazon fall into the same sort of trouble she experienced a half-year ago. Kelly Kelly could certainly help out by offering a hand, but she too isn't really enough.

Neither of those divas have enough of that certain something to be effective in besting LayCool or any other would-be enemy.

Gail Kim would be the perfect individual to fill this spot. She is a high-flying wonder who has many unique and unconventional maneuvers in her arsenal. She could easily complement the Glamazon in tandem offense in a divas tag team match.

She also has the ability to take out two women at once. Who doesn't remember her return to the WWE, when she appeared on SmackDown, seemingly out of nowhere, to take out both McCool and Maryse?

The Asian Sensation has all the talents to warrant a push, even if it's just as second fiddle (it seems doubtful at this point that she will get another bigger, anyway). Her abilities are unmatched, and she has hung with divas like Michelle McCool in the past.

She doesn't do very much on RAW, so why not move her back to the blue brand? We haven't seen much interaction between Beth Phoenix and Divas champion Natalya since Survivor Series, so why not create this alliance instead or in the meantime?

The annual draft will most likely happen in April. Why wait? The WWE would be doing the right thing if they moved Gail back to SmackDown. Over on RAW, she's only getting lost in the shuffle.