"Fantasy Expert" Matthew Berry Revealed

Joe WoodsonContributor ISeptember 1, 2008

Today our crosshairs are focused squarely on Matthew Berry or the supposedly “Talented Mr Roto”. Youve probably seen this guy littered across espn, sportscenter, and the internet. He is espn’s “Chief Fantasy Expert” and heads up their fantasy empire. This article goes to show how no one is a fantasy expert and how you should never listen to these people becasue they are just really lucky dudes who got an awesome job where you get paid to guess and talk football. What is below is Mr. Berry’s article “guys I love, Guys i hate” from last season. Of course he came out with his picks for this year and streamed them all over tv screens everywhere as the “expert picks” but his picks from last year were easily forgotten.

Now let us examine this article and let his own work prove my point.  (its kind of lengthy so Look for the Most ludacris calls in bold with**** and my comments in parens ().  Some of my Favorites - Bears Adrian Peterson on love list, Vikings one on hate list, Randy Moss on hate list, Marcell Shipp and JJ arrington on love list with Edge on hate list. Read and enjoy

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Matthew Berry

2007 Players I Love 

Matt Leinart, QB, ARI: It’s not just rugged good looks or the first name that Mr. Leinart and I have in common. We both have to run really fast and try to get rid of whatever we’re holding when large men are chasing us. For me, it’s usually my wallet, girlfriend or dignity. But luckily for Matt and his owners, it’s a football and he’s fairly accurate. Especially with targets like Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

(Warner finished with more points and he may now lose the job)

Anquan Boldin, WR, ARI: Here are three stats: 11.1; 13.7; 14.5. Those are Boldin’s average-per-reception numbers for the last three years. He’ll go lower than Fitz but have the better year.

(nothing special last year)

****J.J. Arrington and Marcel Shipp, RBs, ARI: You know who has loyalty to Edgerrin James? Dennis Green. You know who is no longer there? Same answer. Whoever wins the backup gig to James in training camp is very much worth a flyer in deep leagues.

(heres a couple of great calls if your league gets points for left bench towel delivery)

Jerious Norwood, RB, ATL: Allow me to be the first to use the “Dunn is done” pun. Thank you. Thank you very much. Tip your waitresses. Please drive safely.

(they bring in michael turner to replace him…sure says a lot about how he did )

Willis McGahee, RB, BAL: First-round production you can get in the second round.

(nothing special he did as expected)

Mark Clayton, WR, BAL: The third date and the third year of a wide receiver’s career. Both lead to a lot of hope and promise, and when they pan out, smiles are all around. Expect lots of scoring here. For Clayton. And sure, your dating. Preseason is the time for optimism.

(he didnt do squat)

The Ravens D: One of only two defenses worth drafting before the last round.

(they finished towards bottom of rankings)

Marshawn Lynch, RB, BUF: A-Train is A-Backup.

(a decent call)

Lee Evans, WR, BUF: Here are three numbers: 9, 7, 8. Here’s another one: 5. Here’s a fifth: 2. Let’s put those numbers in perspective. The first numbers are the total touchdowns Evans has scored in his last three seasons, all with unreliable quarterbacks throwing him the ball. The fourth number? Only five wide receivers had more receiving yards than Lee did last year. And finally, there are only two wide receivers (Roy Williams and Joey Galloway) who had over 1,000 yards receiving last year and whose yards-per-catch average was higher than Evans’ 15.8. Those who play in leagues with points for long touchdowns should be even more excited about Evans than I am, because he continues to be underrated.

(bust ville)

DeAngelo Williams, RB, CAR: DeShaun is De-Backup. Too soon to use again? Yeah, I thought so.

(Couldnt handle the workload)

Drew Carter, WR, CAR:Two first names. Always a crowd pleaser.

(a total bust and was realeased)

****Adrian Peterson, RB, CHI: Other than being drafted high and being handed a starting gig, will someone please explain to me what Cedric Benson has done to deserve our love?

(wow, the wrong AP……change CHI to MIN and then youve got a pick)

Bernard Berrian, WR, CHI: My long-lost cousin!

(no dice)

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR, CIN: He’ll go lower than Chad but have the better year.

(a pretty good call here but he wasnt huge or anything)

Antonio Chatman, WR, CIN: With Chris Henrynow pleasing prison crowds with his two first names, Chatman has the skills and opportunity to be an effective No. 3 receiver for a wide-open passing attack.

(once again a bad call)

****Rudi Johnson, RB, CIN: Never gets respect, just yards.

(he did absolutely terrible)

Tony Romo, QB, DAL: He’s got the weapons, the job and a semi-hot girlfriend. What’s not to like here?

(okay okay heres a good call but as the first of the list this is spectacularly bad)

Julius Jones, RB, DAL: So down he’s up. Everyone’s rightfully talking about Marion Barber III, but Parcells isn’t there anymore and Jones is dropping way too late in drafts for a guy who could easily get 20 touches a game in a good offense.

(wow…realeased by the Boys and lost the job to a guy on the hate list (barber) )

Jason Witten, TE, DAL: He used to be good.

(a good call here)

Patrick Crayton, WR, DAL: Terry Glenn’s been healthy way too long and year two is usually when T.O. melts down. One way or the other, this is the year Crayton emerges.

Travis Henry, RB, DEN: A total win-win. Either I am right about Henry having a big year in the Bronco system, or I get another year of bitching about the evil black soul of Mike Shanahan.

(character issues and running the ball issues)

The Two Brandons, WR, DEN: They’re both wide receivers! They both play for Denver! And now … they solve crimes! That’s my fantasy, yours is the fact that both Brandon Stokley and Brandon Marshall are in a good offense with an improving quarterback, and an aging Rod Smithin front of them. Deep leaguers, take note.

(one did good , one did bad .. we call it even)

Jon Kitna, QB, DET: Pick a stat. Do you see the Kitna half full (over 4,200 yards) or half empty (22 interceptions to 21 touchdowns)? Depends on your scoring, your league size and your own mental makeup. But I’m a positive person. Positive that Calvin Johnson only helps, baby!

Mike Furrey, WR, DET: Speaking of Calvin Johnson, everyone is going to be. Speaking about him. Which means folks will forget that Mike Furrey had more than 1,000 yards receiving and almost 100 receptions in 2006. It’ll take the talented rookie a while to adjust; meanwhile, you’ll get a nice first half from a guy who will last until the wee rounds in most drafts.

Donald Driver, WR, GB: Over the past three years, only Chad Johnson and Torry Holt have more receiving yards than Donald Driver.

Greg Jennings, WR, GB: Think Brett goes out handing it off? Me neither.

Brandon Jackson, RB, GB: But every once in a while Brett will have to hand it off. Who he gives it to is the question, and I’m betting that it’s Jackson. The two marks against BJ (I call him BJ) are the belief that the Packers can’t run the ball and the belief in Vernand Morency. Both are misguided. First, Green Bay running backs (Ahman Green, Morency and Noah Herron) totaled over 2,300 total yards and 11 touchdowns last year on fewer than 400 carries and fewer than 100 receptions. Second, Morency stinks. Take out his big 101-yard game against Arizona last year and his yards-per-carry average is 3.9. Our good friends at Scouts Inc. think Jackson is a “shifty, instinctive and tough runner with the size-potential to emerge as a good starter…” I agree.

(ryan grant.. nuff said)

Matt Schaub, QB, HOU: This one’s for the older kids. You know what would be fun? A drinking game called “Hi, Schaub!”

(actually good till injured)

Ahman Green, RB, HOU: A great fit for Kubiak’s offense, and count me among the subscribers to the “If Ron Dayne can do it, anyone can” theory.


Owen Daniels, TE, HOU: Fun fact No. 1: Only six tight ends had more touchdowns last year than Owen Daniels. Fun fact No. 2: Daniels’ five touchdowns last year were just as many as Tony Gonzalez and L.J. Smith. Fun fact No. 3: He’s named Owen.

Joseph Addai, RB, IND: Here’s why he is here: He’s going toward the end of the first round, but he should be going in the top five. Last year, he had almost 1,500 total yards and eight touchdowns. Only 10 running backs had more fantasy points. And he did that while splitting carries with Dominic Rhodes. Now, the gig is all his. Mmmmm, Joseph Addai.

(he did good but then busted in the playoffs)

Daunte Culpepper, QB, JAC?: If this comes true, then I like him.

Matt Jones, WR, JAC: I don’t care who is throwing to him. This is the year he puts it together. In fairness, same has often been said about me.

Greg Jones, RB, JAC: I wouldn’t be surprised if he steals six touchdowns or so at the goal line. For deep leagues only.

Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, JAC: Last year was not a fluke. Expect the Jaguars to run him out wide as a receiver in some sets, making him even more valuable in leagues where receptions count.

Derrick Ross, RB, KC: A deep sleeper here, Ross was the NFL Europe leading rusher with 693 yards, and he was second in total yards from scrimmage with 795. With Larry Johnson threatening to hold out and Michael Bennett never having been the toughest cat around, Ross is a guy for super-deep leagues or just a name to keep in mind.

(none of those last five turned out)

Chris Chambers, WR, MIA: See Witten, Jason.

Ronnie Brown, RB, MIA: Had a better 2006 than folks realize.

(yeah he did good till injury)

David Martin, TE, MIA: He’ll be a very solid, end-of-the-draft type TE.

Chester Taylor, RB, MIN:Minny has no passing game and the arrival of Adrian “the other” Peterson means his draft-day value will be depressed. But he’s also TOOTG (The Only Offense They Got). I’m not convinced Peterson can stay healthy, and I know Tarvaris Jackson isn’t going to hog the ball. Other No. 2 running backs will go before him, but Chester will return more value than many.

Tom Brady, QB, NE: Now playing for two.

(heres a good call)

Laurence Maroney, RB, NE: Step one: Cut a hole in the box. Er, scratch that. Step one: Lose half of running back by committee. Step two: Prepare for breakout season.

(heres a bad call)

Ben Watson, TE, NE: While the secondary chases down Moss and Stallworth, Watson will be catching all the underneath stuff Brady likes to throw. It’s elementary!

Reche Caldwell, WR, NE: All the attention will be on Moss and Stallworth, but remember, Caldwell was targeted often by Brady last year and he doesn’t have the injury problems the other two do.

Deuce McAllister, RB, NO: He was on this list last year, too. You’re welcome.

Devery Hendersonand Terrence Copper, WR, NO: Here are two things I know. They’re gonna be behind in New Orleans and they’re gonna throw.

Brandon Jacobs, RB, NYG: But only because I’ve seen Reuben Droughns run.

*****Sinorice Moss, WR, NYG: What’s a bigger long shot? Moss having fantasy value this year or both Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer staying healthy? Exactly.

(where’s randy matt?..Ohh thats right.. on your hate list)

Chad Pennington, QB, NYJ: Sure, Steven Jackson they remember. But my calling Chad’s name before week one, being mocked and then laughing it up after he threw three bills? Nothing.

(the last six really showed up ..haha)

Laveranues Coles, WR, NYJ: What do Terrell Owens, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh have in common? None of them caught as many passes in 2006 as the always-underrated Coles.

****Thomas Jones, RB, NYJ: The Bears are gonna regret this one.

(no they are not)

Donovan McNabb, QB, PHI: Everyone remembers the injury; no one remembers that prior to that he was the best player in fantasy, bar none. Let’s put it another way: Only six quarterbacks scored more fantasy points than McNabb last year, and he played in only 10 games. Kevin Kolb’s whole job this year is to motivate McNabb to stay healthy. I bet he does it.

Kevin Curtis, WR, PHI: See Carter, Drew.

 (and see points, none)

Brian Westbrook, RB, PHI: The running back version of McNabb, people focus on the injuries and forget the numbers he puts up when healthy. Even Fred Taylor stays healthy once in a while. Understand this: Everyone’s an injury risk in the NFL.

(good call here)

Tony Hunt, RB, PHI: Answer to the question: Who is this year’s annoying TD vulture?


Santonio Holmes, WR, PIT:If I were friends with Santonio, I’d always greet him with “‘Sup, Holmes?” and crack myself up. I’m fairly easy that way.

Hines Ward, WR, PIT: Hammy fully healed, I think Ward returns to elite level.

(an elite pension plan mabye)

Heath Miller, TE, PIT: In the last three years, 44 percent of the Steelers’ red-zone touchdown passes have gone to the tight ends, most of any position.

Steven Jackson, RB, STL: Better late than never.

(injury plaqued year)

Drew Bennett, WR, STL: Because Isaac Bruce might miss time waiting in line for his Social Security check.

Randy McMichael, TE, STL: A real tight end in St. Louis? Now that’s interesting…

LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, SD: Just making sure you’re paying attention.

(oh we are paying attention matt..thats the problem)

Vincent Jackson, WR, SD:Tristan Cockcroft noted in our magazine this year that Jackson had 357 yards and four touchdowns over his final seven games. Tristan’s a smart guy.

Michael Turner, RB, SD: One hammy away.

Vernon Davis, TE, SF: One of the reasons I say tight end is really deep this year.

D.J. Hackett, WR, SEA: Darrell Jackson will go a lot higher, but Hackett will produce better numbers.

Jeff Garcia, QB, TB: The perfect fit for Gruden’s offense.

Jerramy Stevens, TE, TB: See Davis, Vernon.

Chris Henry, RB, TEN: Add me to the list of folks who don’t think LenDale White is healthy or in shape or is going to be the starting running back all season for the Titans.

Brandon Jones, WR, TEN: He seems to have chemistry with Vince Young. Three touchdowns in his last six games bodes well for deep leaguers.

Ladell Betts, RB, WSH: Portis will go higher, Betts will outproduce him. Just like last year.

Chris Cooley, TE, WSH: Always underrated.

(last ten do not even deserve a comment)


Scoreboard - so on players he loves he goes 8 for 76 with about 3 of the good ones being consensus top five picks. Where are all the good players you ask? Just check the hate list



Matthew Berry

2007 Players I Hate 


Edgerrin James, RB, ARI: See McAllister, Deuce.

(he actually had a resurgence)

Mike Vick, QB, ATL:Arf, arf.

(wow this was a really tough call matt)

Joe Horn, WR, ATL: The football equivalent of Big Fat Bartolo Colon. No matter what the list of hate is, he’s on it. Been a while since we’ve seen any cell-phone-like antics, hasn’t it? It’s not that he’s grown up, it’s that he doesn’t score any more touchdowns.

Warrick Dunn, RB, ATL: Just wished he scored. Or didn’t wear down in the second half. Or have Jerious Norwood on his team.

(actually stole yardage from J Nor)

Steve McNair, QB, BAL:McNair? McNope.

J.P. Losman, QB, BUF: Some people have him as a sleeper this year. Some people are dumb.

(good call)

DeShaun Foster, RB, CAR: Follow the logic here. If Williams is on my “Love” list…

Jake Delhomme, QB, CAR: Never a good sign: when you’re not significantly better than David Carr. Never a good sign, take two: your team goes and trades for said David Carr.

(was cominating till injury)

Dwayne Jarrett, WR, CAR: I don’t like rookie wide receivers. Ever.

Cedric Benson, RB, CHI:Maybe he stays healthy, maybe he makes good on the potential, maybe he improves on last year’s 4.1 YPC. But he’ll have to do it on someone else’s team. I know he was a lot better over the second half, but he’s gonna have to do it over a full year for me to believe. Rather be a year late on this one than get burned by an underachieving back.

(really good call but how tough was this)

****The Cleveland Browns: Pick a Brown, any Brown. Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards have some talent, but who is going to throw them the ball? I hate Jamal Lewis here and anyone who lines up at quarterback. This is a bad team.

(Pick a brown any Brown and they dominated last year. Kellen and Braylon racked up the td’s, Anderson threw them bullets and Jamal went off for a load of td’s) So you could call this a 100% miss)

****Terrell Owens, WR, DAL: He’s got 25 million reasons not to care this year.

He Almost got 25 td’s

Marion Barber III, RB, DAL: I actually like Barber overall. I just don’t think there’s any way he gets 16 scores again.

(same on the td’s)

Rod Smith, WR, DEN: I have many fond memories, Rod.

Daniel Graham, TE, DEN: Only because he’s getting a lot of hype and I don’t see the Broncos using the tight end all that much. But if you get him after the top 10 tight ends are off the board, I’m fine with it. I’m telling you, the position is deep this year.

Any Lions running back: The only thing worse than a terrible running back is a bunch of them, all splitting carries.

Calvin Johnson, WR, DET: He’s a fantastic talent, no doubt. But he’s also a rookie wide receiver and he’ll start the year as the No. 3 option. He’ll probably put up the same numbers as Mike Furrey but go about three rounds earlier.

Vernand Morency, RB, GB:Last year, I had him on the “Monday Night Football” game against the Eagles. Four times he had it at the 1-yard line. Four times he couldn’t get it. One stupid yard. That lack of a touchdown cost me the game in three different leagues. I hate Vernand Morency with every fiber of my being.

Any Houston wide receiver not named Andre: This one’s pretty self-explanatory, no?

Peyton Manning, QB, IND: Only because you’ll have to take him in the first round, and I don’t believe in taking anything but a running back in round one.

****Fred Taylor, RB, JAC: Ask not who the MJD tolls for, it tolls for thee.

(He was a huge contributer and had a career year)

****Any Jaguars quarterback: Unless they turn out to be named “Daunte.”

(Garrard did amazing)

Ernest Wilford, WR, JAC: Never liked his movies, never liked him.

Larry Johnson, RB, KC:Look, he’s great, OK? Still a first-round pick, no doubt. But I have my concerns, and I bet he doesn’t wind up on any of my teams this year. He has over 825 touches the past two seasons. His 4.3 YPC average last year is mediocre. He lost Will Shields from an already aging offensive line. He’s talking holdout, Herm Edwards has said he wants to limit his touches, and take a look at that schedule. Strong run defenses in Chicago, Minnesota, San Diego and Jacksonville in the first five weeks. Plus Denver twice and San Diego again in Week 13, when you’re trying to get into the playoffs. I’m sure he’ll be awesome. Just not on my team.

(ok heres a good call)

Any Chiefs wide receiver:The textbook definition of “bleah.”

(nope again…bowe had a breakout year)

Tarvaris Jackson, QB, MIN: Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN: He’s a big name, no doubt. He’s also injury prone and on the wrong side of a time share.

(are you kidding me Matt!!! you put the bears adrian peterson on your love list and this guy on your hate list) America..Here is our fantasy expert

Randy Moss and Donte’ Stallworth, WRs, NE: There’s a reason the Patriots have not had a 1,000-yard receiver the last three years. For one, well, they haven’t had anybody really good. But more importantly, Brady loves to spread the ball around and get everyone involved. Which means the additions of Moss and Stallworth help Brady, but it doesn’t help them as much.

(Randy on the hate list.. so you pass on randy for sinorice moss and a pete for rex’s a pete.)

Eli Manning, QB, NYG: For the record, I was hating on Eli before it was cool to do so.

(sorry cant hear you matt..his ring is making too much noise)

Reuben Droughns, RB, NYG:Someone not nearly as good as Tiki but who still has Brandon Jacobs to vulture all the goal-line carries? Yeah, that’s what I want.

Pick a Raider, any Raider: Where fantasy goes to die.

Reggie Brown, WR, PHI:Much like “Spider Man 3,” a little too overhyped for my taste.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, PIT: Maybe as a bye-week guy, nothing else.

(now a top 4 qb) so uhhem…something else matt

Willie Parker, RB, PIT: I’ve said these words before, but in a much different context: Kevan Barlow scares me. When you consider Najeh Davenport is also on this team, I’m not convinced Fast Willie gets the goal-line carries he did last year. He’s still a first-rounder, I’m just not convinced he’s top-six, which is probably where you’ll have to take him to get him.

(at midpoint he led league in yards)

Isaac Bruce, WR, STL: See Smith, Rod.

Alex Smith, QB, SF: Don’t underestimate the loss of Norv Turner as offensive coordinator.

Frank Gore, RB, SF: See Parker, Willie and then see Smith, Alex. If he drops out of the top-six, sure. But otherwise, there are safer plays.

Darrell Jackson, WR, SF: Not unless your league counts drops.

Cadillac Williams, RB, TB:More like a Kia. That’s broken down. And an ugly color. And that you once got really drunk and made out with a really ugly girl in and you hate looking at it as all it reminds you of is your pathetic life, your lost opportunities, the dreams that didn’t come true and the disappointments still to come. Too much detail?

Vince Young, QB, TEN: The lack of a big-play wide receiver, a whole year for defensive coordinators to prepare, and the Madden cover curse are all good reasons.

LenDale White, RB, TEN: Injury-prone and was never an every-down back in college. What’s to like here in yardage leagues?

(actually productive)

Clinton Portis, RB, WSH: The dumb comments about Vick and dogfighting, the wacky disguises that aren’t really funny, and the whole injury-prone thing are all reasons to not like him; the presence of Ladell Betts is a reason not to draft him.

(had a resurgence with tons of points)


So There you have it. The Talented Mr. Roto’s picks from last year unedited and uncut straight from espn.com. Next time you decide to turn on sportscenter and get info from “fantasy experts”

just remember - he was “hating on eli manning before it was cool to do so”


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