WWE Match of the Year Candidate? Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs. The Miz

Stuart BroughtonContributor IIINovember 30, 2010

Jerry 'The King' Lawler
Jerry 'The King' Lawler

-SATIRE- So what can we take away from this Monday's Raw?

1) The WWE doesn't care about the 'King of the Ring' after they put crown on an already established main-eventer instead of a giving it to a mid-carder to propel them to the top.

Sheamus is already a two-time WWE Champion with the kind of prestige to get himeven more press so why let him win a tournament that is used to create superstars?

Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison are the two stand out superstars that should have been given the win as they are one big win away from a shot at a championship. But the WWE doesn't care about what the fans want.

2) John Cena isn't going anywhere; and this is actually a positive!

Think about it, what is worse John Cena or John Cena pretending (and failing) to be someone else in a mask?

Juan Cena, Cena's Mexican cousin or some rubbish like that, has started appearing on WWE's house shows.

WWE would be the laughing stock of the wrestling world if they decide to bring this gimmick to their A-show.

Let's just hope Juan Cena gets deported sometime soon and we can keep good ol' John Cena instead—never thought I would say that.

3) CM Punk is the commentator for the IWC.

Everything he says either pokes fun at the other commentators or tells the fans at home how it really is.

The night started off with another dig at Riley's DUI, followed by a King Kofi Kingston joke and then the best of all—a crack about Cena smashing Slater through the table.

He was in top form and if he wasn't such a good wrestler I would want him to take up announcing full-time!

4) WWE uses older wrestlers so much better than TNA does.

If you've missed the past couple of Raw's, it'd be hard to believe that the main event was the The Miz Vs Jerry 'The King' Lawler for the WWE Championship.

But it's TRUE!

The King challenged The Miz to a match about half way through the show and the anonymous General Manager confirmed it as a TLC match.

Now I bet everyone at home was wondering "what's the creative team thinking"?

TNA has been using their 'Golden Oldies' since Hogan took over and it really shows that some wrestlers have to draw a line at some point in their careers, especially EV 2.0 and Ric Flair.

But WWE does what TNA can't by choosing older wrestlers that can still put on fantastic shows—highlighted at last years Wrestlemania by Ricky Steamboat wowing the crowd with a 5-star performance against Chris Jericho.

Now I know Lawler wasn't as good a wrestler as Ricky was but he was still pretty darn good back in the day and he really showed it with his performance.

He may not perform any high impact moves but he still has the charisma and quality to carry a good match.

The Miz was spectacularly average and showed us exactly why he shouldn't be the WWE Champion.

I mean the fans can't even make up their minds whether they like him or they hate him which is a definite sign that he is not ready for this gigantic push.

The match as a whole though was sent straight to 'vintage' when Michael Cole got involved. That man is solid gold when it comes to drawing heat and being all-round amazing in the WWE, much like Vickie Guerrero.

Watching Jerry knock some sense into him was a sight fans all around the world were savouring.

Overall the match was thoroughly enjoyable for current Raw standards, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Lawler in the ring again.

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