WWE Survivor Series Awards: My Reaction To Survivor Series

Nick BolyardContributor IIINovember 22, 2010

This the first annual Survivor Series Awards, otherwise known as the Survivies.  I will be giving out numerous pointless awards to people who truly earned them!


Best Promo

Well, not much competition here, so it clearly goes to The Miz.  

I knew it was a matter of time before the LeBron James jokes started flying.  Teased the crowd about cashing in the briefcase and didn't follow through.  He wins because he was the only real promo segment of the night.  DEFAULT VICTORY...YES!


Most Pointless Moment

This one goes to the tandem of R-Truth and John Cena.  That whole segment was a waste of time. Seriously, need I say more?  R-Truth wants to interfere, but Cena wants to play fair...amounted to a lot of nothing from R-Truth.


Diva of the Night 

Well, this one was a toss-up.  Natalya edges out the returning Beth Phoenix.  Great win and congrats to Natalya (even though I wanted LayCool to win).  Natalya deserves the title, however.  Beth made a surprise and huge return, but that doesn't beat out winning at Survivor Series, for the title, with the Sharpshooter, for the Hart family. 


WTF Moment of the Night, Presented by AT&T 

The Survivie goes to....John Cena, for his "emotional" goodbye.  Honestly, this exit made me want to throw up.  I really could have done without it, but I was hoping someone would punch him or "attack" him.  Congratulations, John Cena!  You win the Survivie and continue to ruin my evening.


Snoozefest Match

Had to be Sheamus and John Morrison.  Not JoMo's best outing.  Sheamus pummeled him and three moves later Morrison gets the win with a running knee.  I believe this was the match where everyone went to drain their bladders.  Trust me, the tag title match only lost by percentage points.


Shenanigans of the Night

No contest here...literally.  Kane and Edge's match for the World Heavyweight Championship resulted in both men being pinned by each other at the same time.  After the spear, if you look, Edge slides closer to Kane to they can cover each other.  This ending was BS.  I CALL SHENANIGANS!


Best Match

I have to admit it, this one was tough.  However, I am going to give it to Kaval/Ziggler over DiBiase/Bryan.   Kaval did a heck of a job and we got a little blood out of Dolph.  Great job by both competitors in this match.  The reason it beats out the U.S. title match is, while I feel DiBiase did well, Bryan really carried that match.  Congrats to Kaval and Mr. Ziggles.


Manager of the Night 

Sorry, Maryse, but that jacket you were wearing cancelled out the dress.  Sadly, this one goes to Vickie Guerrero.  Her loud, shrill voice added something extra to the match of the night.


The Survivor Series Screwjob of the Night 

Well, John Cena this is No. 2 for you.  Cena, after being provoked, shoved Wade Barrett into an RKO. Cena gives the three-count, he gets "fired."  I feel the fans are truly getting screwed because we all know he'll be back tonight on Raw.


Wrestler of the Night 

So many good candidates here.  I will give this the WHC treatment and call it a tie.  Daniel Bryan and Kaval were way above everyone else at Survivor Series.  Honestly, I can't wait for these two to go one-on-one.  I predict when they do, it'll be a 5-star match.  Bryan never does the same thing twice, and Kaval does some amazing things I have never seen.  

Overall, I give the PPV a B minus.  Two really standout matches and several decent ones.  Things that brought it down were the WHC ending and Cena's walking through the crowd.  

Please feel free to provide constructive comments and discuss Survivor Series or to whom you would have given the Survivies.