Who Would be on top for the U.S Open?

Twins HinesCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2008

Who Would be on Top for the U.S Open

Right after the Olympics this year we jump into the U.S Open and a lot of the players were in Beijing to play. It was a lot of tennis and tiring up there in Beijing.

Can the Williams sisters win the doubles title together again? They did in Wimbledon having an outstanding performance and warming the hearts of America when people saw them out together. They have to stay positive with each other and work together good.

They are strong singles players so they will have a powerful serve and great shots. But don’t for get about Lisa Raymond and her partner they will be a tough match for the Willams Sisters.

James Blake played Roger Federer in the Olympic and beat him. Can James beat Federer again in the Open. It was a major upset because James has never beat Federer until now. I think James has a good chance if he stays positive with himself and not let his emotions get to him. He will have a chance of winning. Everyone knows that an non confident tennis players loses a lot by his emotions.

Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick are the sleepers. You haven’t heard about them forever. They have been in the slams for injuries or not getting far in them. Andy Roddick switching coaches and losing his touch. He used to be in the finals and the semi’s and winning but now his not even in the quarters. Maria hasn’t been doing good either she can’t play because of injuries and she hasn’t been doing good either. Like in Wimbledon where was she.

The Brian Brothers are definitely the favorite to win the doubles title. Their excellent team work wins Titles. I feel like their the strongest team in this open. There very powerful and get those aces that helps them win matches. They has a disappointing loss at Wimbledon but this is their best surface. They have won here before and then can do it again. They are a perfect team because when you see them play they talk positive and are not negative to each other. They have these connections that it takes a long time for other doubles partners to get. But they do have an advantage by being mirrored identical twins.

In the U.S Open there is a lot of younger people than you expect just in the United States there are five sixteen year old and six seventeen year old. Who all came up from the junior slams to play here. Maria Sharapova won the U.S Open when she was 19 so these people have a chance at winning. They come with powerful strokes and serves. They also came with a lot of energy always running down the balls. Like Donald Young who played James Blake and lost but the match went into 5 sets. The girl who played Jankovic in the opening round was great too. She had a real powerful serve serving at average 107 mph.

I believe that Nadal and Djokovic would get to the semi’s. I also believe that James Blake can get in the semi’s too. Also I think Roger Federer because after the lost in Wimbledon he will be a lot more determined to win. If Djokovic and Nadal play against each other I think Djokovic will win. If James and Roger play against each other I think James would win because this is James court by far. But if Djokovic and James play each other I think Djokovic would win when you watch him play look at the shots he can do. Look at the shots he get and he just makes them look so easy.

I believe that Jankovic, the Willams sisters and Wozniacki would make it into the semi’s. They all have great power and wins in those big points. Wozniacki winning her first tournament at the Pilot Pen the last U.S Open Series. She is only like 19 but she is a great player really stays in it. If Venus plays Jankovic it would be a tough match but I think Venus would come up on top. If Serena plays Wozniacki I think Serena will win because she’s very powerful. I think it will be another William’s show down but this time Serena coming up on top.