Randy Moss and the Tennessee Titans Take on the Miami Dolphins

Brandon GriffinCorrespondent INovember 12, 2010

SAN DIEGO - OCTOBER 31:  Quarterback Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans carries running back Chris Johnson #28 over his shoulders after Johnson scored a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers in the second quarter at Qualcomm Stadium on October 31, 2010 in San Diego, California. The Chargers defeated the Titans 33-25.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans are taking their talents to South Beach to play the Miami Dolphins. Although they don't have Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh, the Titans' big three of Randy Moss, Vince Young, and Chris Johnson have huge potential.

The Dolphins have nothing to show for themselves at home this year, boasting a win-less record.

Chad Pennington will bring a new feel to the offense in his first start of the season.  The Titans are at a disadvantage; being forced to game-plan without recent tape of him leading the team.

While Tennessee is buzzing with worry about Randy Moss showing up and actually playing in his first game for the Titans, I am betting he will get at least 75 yards receiving.

With Moss lining up outside, a safety will be on him with a corner, dropping to six or seven in the box for Chris Johnson. Johnson is fast enough to make a cut and hit the hole before that safety has time to get away from Moss and make a play on him. 

Along with Johnson, Nate Washington, Bo Scaife, Justin Gage, and one day Kenny Britt, will all benefit from Moss. He will help an already potent offense put points up on everyone, including the Dolphins and their crybaby Channing Crowder.

Crowder whined about being spit on last week, but instead of settling with a hard hit on the field, he waited until he was safely tucked away in the locker room to run his mouth about Ravens players.

Well, he better get ready for a tough game from one of the best offenses in the league.

Miami better have good protection schemes for Chad Pennington if they want him to find a groove, because the Titans defensive line has a second home in the backfield of their opponents this year.

Expect to see a rusty quarterback make some mistakes against a Titans defense that is making a habit of forcing turnovers.

This game could be very close or it could easily turn into a rout. Either way I think the Titans continue the trend for the Dolphins losing at home.

What do you think?

Tennessee Titans - 31

Miami Dolphins - 17