College Football Opinion: Kick the ACC and Big East Out of the BCS

Wes FreasContributor INovember 5, 2010

Pitt HC Dave Wannstedt
Pitt HC Dave WannstedtStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

Another year, another sad season for the ACC and Big East. Unranked and already with 3 losses, Pittsburgh leads the Big East with four games left to play. Meanwhile, the best two teams in the ACC could be NC State and Virginia Tech or, perhaps, Florida State and Miami. Either way, no team in the ACC has less than two losses at this point in the season.

Yet, each of these conferences will be sending a representative to a BCS game this January and is in line for a $19M payment, taking two places away from more well-deserving, one-loss and/or higher ranked programs, like (potentially) Wisconsin, Michigan State, Missouri, Stanford, Arizona, Utah, TCU, LSU, Alabama, Nebraska or Oklahoma State.

This makes no sense.

As I've said for many years, I have no problem with the BCS system except it should reward the top 12 BCS-ranked teams, regardless of conference affiliation. Each year, it's the same two conferences being rewarded for absolutely mediocre performance. The ACC is just 2-10 in BCS bowls, while the Big East is 6-6, with three of those wins coming from Miami. Meanwhile, non 'AQ' schools like Boise State, TCU and Utah are perennial winners this past decade and for the first time, all ranked in the top 5 in the BCS standings. In fact, non AQ schools are 4-1 in BCS bowl games since Utah crushed Pittsburgh in the '04 Fiesta Bowl.

While some progress has been made (see above with non AQ's), one wonders if that'll even continue. Utah is bolting to the Pac-12 next year and the Big East has announced it's intention to add two football programs in 2012, most likely Villanova and perhaps TCU.

There is quality football being played at the highest level across the landscape, and non AQ teams have proven that, given the opportunity, they can win a big BCS game against the "big boys". If you can make an argument why Pittsburgh, Va Tech, NC State, Syracuse or Florida State deserves a shot over any other one-loss team, make it.

The only way, short of a playoff (which will still leave deserving teams out of the tournament by the way), to fix the BCS mess is to forget about conference affiliation and reward the top 12 teams via the BCS rankings at the end of the year, with BCS invites. It's not about playoff vs. BCS, it's about justice.