NASCAR Sponsors Hit the Brakes On Twin Bombshells Poised To Make History

Dawn Peralli-OishiContributor IIOctober 23, 2010

Guys, If Danica Patrick and GoDaddy commercials were the only reason to watch NASCAR, watch out!  Twin blonde bombshells, Amber and Angela Cope, are here to help you have another reason to watch trucks drive around in an endless circle for 200 miles!

NASCAR Camping Truck Series returns this weekend to Martinsville Speedway after a three-week hiatus.  Cosmetology graduates, savvy entrepreneurs and speed queens, Amber and Angela Cope are set to make history at Martinsville by being the first set of twins to compete in the same nationally touring NASCAR Series Circuit. 

Although they will be starting from the back of the pack, they will be driving identically painted trucks co-primary sponsored by Odyssey Battery by Enersys.  Angela will also carry sponsorship with Koma Unwind Chillaxation Drink for Saturday's race.

Everyone knows that sponsorship is the key to success in NASCAR.  Of course, add a beautiful or buff driver and an amazing paint scheme and you have hit GOLD!  NASCAR and GoDaddy marketing gurus teamed together and hit a home run by making Danica Patrick the female face of NASCAR. 

Patrick also packs a punch with Tissot SA, Hotwheels, Alpinestars and Peak Antifreeze as a few of her power house sponsors.  With the addition of these sexy twins to NASCAR, marketing should be at an all time high. 

When I visited the site of ODYSSEY Batteries, I was surprisingly unable to find the Cope twins on the home page or for that sake, on any page!  After further review, I was able to pull up a PDF in-house news release about ODYSSEY being co-primary sponsor for the twins and their partnership with Richard Childress Racing since 2009.  No promotions, pictures or details were given. 

Next, I headed over to Bebida Beverage Companies website in hopes of viewing Angela posing with her matching race car or sponsorship logo.  I found an announcement dated 10/20/2010 mentioned teaming up with Proxi Marketing Solutions to launch new branding and a continuing partnership with Daisy Ramirez Racing.  A measly two sentences were devoted to Angela Cope.

To all you future NASCAR sponsors, let this be a lesson in NASCAR Marketing 101.  Internet marketing is one of the most effective tools to market a product.  Heck, I visited and at least ten times each to learn more about these two sensational stars.

Each of the times visited I received an error page because the website bandwidth had been maxed out.  If you would have put more campaign in your marketing for these girls, I bet your website bandwidth would be maxed too!