Roger Federer Is Done and Donald Trump Has Beautiful Hair

Agahzi GiorgisContributor IAugust 21, 2008

Saying Roger Federer is done is like saying Donald Trump has beautiful hair.  Either way, you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about.

Roger Federer is the kind of athlete that comes along every 50 years.  And just like every rare gem of an athlete, we've taken him for granted.  He's dominated tennis for the better part of the millennium, yet after failing to win a Grand Slam tourney this year, so many people are ready to write him off.  News Flash!!! The last time Roger Federer lost a Grand Slam match to someone other than the eventual champion was the 2003 US Open.  Since then, he's lost to Safin('05 Australian Open),Djokovic('08 Australian)  Nadal(French Open '05,'06,'07,'08 and Wimbledon '08).  He hasn't lost at the US Open since 2003. 

What so many people fail to realize is that Federer hasn't been suffering upsets this whole time.  During this grand "slump", he's lost mainly to a guy who's become better than he is.  Rafael Nadal has become the world's best player(the rankings finally caught up this week).  That's it plain and simple!  If you want to point the Australian Open, consider this: Roger Federer battled mononucleosis and made it to the semifinals before losing to tennis' next bright star, world number 3 Novak Djokovic.  Now, in recent weeks Federer has lost some matches that you wouldn't imagine him losing.  For me, however, I expected it.  He's almost like a machine on the court, but alas he really is human.  This is a man who wept on national television after surrendering his death grip on The Championships Wimbledon.  He is human.  It has upset him.  Forgive him, but I think he got used to winning.  He probably even enjoyed it.  Hell, it may even mean something to him.  Of course it does, that's why he's busted his tail all of his life to get to this point. 

Roger Federer is the second best athlete on the tour (Nadal), but he is still tennis' world class leader.  Nadal is the best at the moment, but Roger is still in a class of his own.  And sooner or later, and I believe sooner, the ball will bounce his way.  It may not be this year at the US Open, but it won't be far after.  If I'm a player on the tour, I enjoy this "slump" while it lasts because Roger won't be hurt forever.  Soon he'll be angry, and with that anger comes an unhealthy focus.

Do I think Roger Federer will come back? No.  He never left.