The New Captain: The Next Christian of the WWE Is...

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

I hate to be thinking to the end of a great career that has entertained myself along with millions of other people, but it is inevitable to simply shove it off.

There is no doubt that Christian is one-of-a-kind wrestler and would be about impossible to replace.

Which led me to think, while I know this can not be done, is there a wrestler out there that could compare and be the next Captain Charisma?

There is, and he is AWESOME!

The Miz, believe it or not, actually reminds me the most of Christian. While I can not remember if he was in singles before Miz and Morrison, that is the first thing I think about when I watch him.

Before his streak as of late, remember that there used to be a very successful tag-team called Miz and Morrison, obviously consisting of The Miz and John Morrison. They were a great heel tag-team, had great mic skills and were and are very good wrestlers.

Now as this team broke up, they have both had very good singles careers and are just starting. (By that I mean they have good matches, I know Morrison is not getting what he deserves, but is still extraordinary in the ring.)

The thing that really gets me about Miz is the actual resemblance of Christian and Tomko to The Miz and Alex Riley.

Christian and Miz are small, while Tomko and Riley are bigger.

There are so many similarities of The Miz right now and Christian when he had Tomko.  They're both heels (and good ones too I might add), have mic skills and love to trash their opponents, and while I don't like to say this about Christian, their gimmicks are both kind of whiny.

Even the title reigns are some what similar. Christian held every title during his career except the world title, while Miz has held all but the IC and world title. Of course, Christian also had a lot more belts to work with than The Miz, but since there is really only about four and two per show, he is doing pretty good there.

They both are recognized by the Wrestling Observer as Tag-Team of the Year. Edge and Christian in 2000 and Miz and Morrison in 2008.

So, to all the peeps out there, while there is never going to be anybody like Christian wrestling again, look to AWESOME because he is most like Christian in pretty much every way.